WTF! More Screenshots from The Cave!

Aug 30, 2012 five past nine am

Many more to come during PAX.

I'm glad they don't have PAX every week or we'd run out of screen shots.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Matt on Aug 30, 2012 twenty past nine am

That Grog machine made my day, thank you.

Posted by peter on Aug 30, 2012 twenty past ten am

Can you please give me the download link for the game? I want to play that now! Thanks :)

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Aug 30, 2012 twenty five past ten am

There won't be a download link, it comes on 720 floppy disks.

Posted by Peter.K on Sep 2, 2012 twenty past noon

Well, can you try not forget to give us those missing floppies like you did last time. I really wanted to know what was in that tree stump. xD

Posted by Peter.K on Sep 2, 2012 twenty five past noon

Oh btw, I'm not the same Peter that commented about a download link.

Posted by Peter.K on Sep 3, 2012 quarter to five am

I just thought of this, in the special edition of Monkey Island you could have changed that tree stump joke into you have to download some digitally loaded content :D hahaha

Posted by Someone on Sep 6, 2012 ten past five am

: - )

Posted by Jeff on Aug 30, 2012 quarter past ten pm

Peter, just for you, it'll be free-to-play with microtransactions.

Posted by David T. Marchand on Aug 31, 2012 twenty five past nine pm

4 different flavors and no XD.
I am disappoint.

Posted by Bill on Sep 2, 2012 ten past one am

Herman Toothrot?

Posted by Someone on Sep 2, 2012 ten past three pm

GROG!!! I'm completely sold!

Posted by bludr on Sep 3, 2012 twenty past five am

Grog machine is back!

Posted by Leonard on Sep 5, 2012 twenty to four pm

I'm pretty sure The Cave has the same building code used here in Spokane.

Posted by Lost Parents on Oct 25, 2012 twenty to six am

These are looking double plus fine indeed. Only one thing is missing for me to rejoice to the point of one sweet climax in my pants: the fact that the music will be made by some other than Michael Z. Land, no offence to that other person personally, whoever may it be.
Half of the larger-than-life experience of adventure games of old was the extraordinary, monumental, jolly but serious-minded music.
If you hired Mike for the job, I would be as giddy as a schoolgirl getting a text from the boy who owns a motorbike. Or as giddy as a thirteen year old, managing to run Monkey Island 2 on a worn-out 386, thanking his luck that the floppies, by some miracle, worked.

Or, you could hire me.

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