Jun 18, 2013 twenty five to one pm

OMG! PAX Australia is less than a month away. Good thing I've been working on my speech for the past five months. I type very slowly. I hope Australians like adventure games, because I'm going to spend an hour talking about making everything from Maniac Mansion to Monkey Island to Putt-Putt to Pajama Sam and The Cave. *SPOILERS*

I've gotten quite a few emails from people asking if I'm going to be doing anything outside of PAX since they can't attend (no, I can't sneak you in. Actually, I can, but I won't). Once I know when and where, I post it here.

I'm also going to be spending an extra 3 days in Melbourne after the show. What fun, exciting and weird things are there to do around there?

The person with the weirdest idea will win the satisfaction of know they got me to do something weird.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Melissa on Jun 18, 2013 twenty to five pm

Not terribly weird but very fun: You should (must!) go Penguin-watching, at Phillip Island. It involves a bus or drive, but it is well worth it. Get the "Penguins Plus" tickets, dress VERY warmly (blankets recommended) and be waiting for the doors to open so you can get a front row seat.

Posted by brawsome on Jun 18, 2013 twenty five to six pm

You could go to Luna Park ( and laugh at Melbourne's attempt at a theme park (or just say the name backwards, to amuse yourself and impress your friends!)

The rollercoaster is pretty scary, because it's a wooden rollercoaster built near the sea. There's a real fear you don't get with better built rollercoasters!

We have a pretty good Zoo (, and the Aquarium is great too ( Go check out ACMI (, there's always something interesting on there.

Posted by brawsome on Jun 18, 2013 five to six pm

You could also have dinner on a tram: A moving tram, I might add.

Probably the most Melbourne thing you could do.

Posted by Someone on Jun 20, 2013 ten past five am

great hint :-)

Posted by Tim Bridges on Jun 19, 2013 half past three am

The airport's nice. Be sure to attend the airport.
Also go for a night stroll around Docklands, very nice and relaxing.

Posted by raven on Jun 20, 2013 half past six am

You can choose any other proposition and do it while walking with your hands. If that's not weird, I don't know what is.

Posted by Someone on Jun 20, 2013 four pm

Try to check into your hotel as Guybrush Threepwood, or Mancomb Seepgood, or any of those other great names.

Posted by Adam on Jun 24, 2013 twenty past one pm

Are you planning any trips to the uk? I would be very interested in sitting in on one of your talks! :)

Posted by Leonard on Jun 25, 2013 twenty to ten am

Eat at Outback Steakhouse.

Posted by MariusSNK on Jun 26, 2013 quarter past one pm

Go swimming/diving with White Sharks
But not in a typical underwater metal cage. Use a cilyndrical plexiglas cage instead.
Like this one:

Most frightening thing you´ll ever do.

Posted by anon on Jun 26, 2013 twenty to six pm

Make posts about ASIO allowing Britain to use microwave weapons against Australian athletes during 2012 Olympics and then you'll get gangstalked over your 3 day Melbourne stay ... which is a weird thing to experience.

Posted by anon on Jun 26, 2013 five to six pm

Did I mention being gangstalked was also fun and exciting

"AWAKEN with bloodied sheets and the nagging feeling you've been implanted

NAVIGATE the tortuous legal system designed to have you committed

AVOID microwave weapon attacks from trucks and satellites using only foil

BE STALKED by the mentally ill, drug addicts and gasp Christian vigilantes!"

Honestly they should make gangstalking part of the tourism advertisement ... it's certainly better than "Where the bloody hell are you?" Who came up with that campaign, Chopper Reed?

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