Tim and Dave and I

Mar 13, 2010 twenty past midnight

Tim and Dave and I spent the afternoon hanging out at LucasArts.  Don't jump to any conclusions.  You'll only make yourself sad.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Whup on Mar 13, 2010 twenty past one am

It's great to see you back on good terms with LucasArts though... it gives me hope that LucasArts is heading in the right direction again.

Posted by Ciantic on Mar 13, 2010 two am

... spent the afternoon hanging out at LucasArts

Somehow I imagined you guys sneaking in to LucasArts just to take pictures, cause they would not let you guys otherwise in :)

Just PR, no news here perhaps.

Posted by on Mar 13, 2010 two am

Aw! Can't I jump to the conclusion that after the re-release of MI2 that we'll get the "real" MI3 in a year+ ? ;)

I always wanted to learn the conclusion to the secret, I'm not saying the other MI games that followed was bad, but they didn't fill out the gap behind MI2's ending :)

Posted by Andrea Serreli on Mar 13, 2010 twenty past two am

Meh... make Monkey Island 3

Posted by Alfonso Maruccia on Mar 13, 2010 five past four am

Ron, you like torturing your games' fans, didin't you? :-P

Posted by Stig on Mar 13, 2010 half past four am

IT`s HAPpEnINg!! Jump the shark! DO IT!

Posted by Demian on Mar 13, 2010 six am

You should've showed up dressed like pirates... :P

Posted by Johnny W on Mar 13, 2010 quarter to seven am

COMMENTARY!!!! (Maybe?)

Posted by Johnny W on Mar 13, 2010 quarter past one pm

Also, isn't that a scene fro Die Hard 2 in the background?

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Mar 13, 2010 five to seven am

Interesting this morning no comments were allowed in this thread!!! ha ha ha. Anyway Ron looking forward to whatever would be done. As I said somewhere else, what would be interesting is to have additional scenes in this Special Edition and bring the fans closer to understanding what the secret might be (even expanding the ending with some more playing). I think that is a wishfull thinking. If you get your version of MI3 out (or MI5 or MI6 or whatever you wish to call it) I hope it will be soon enough.

Posted by Chris on Mar 13, 2010 twenty past eleven am

Well, I'm 30 years old now and this gives my decaying body hope. Hope, that there will be a great new not episodic Title of the best game ever, done by the greatest game designers in the universe: "Pac Man Forever" ;-) Good to see you guys back in the halls of Star Arts err Lucas Wars err...what was ist called again?

Posted by Santar on Mar 13, 2010 ten to noon

My guess would be that they were doing the developer commentary for Monkey 2 special edition.
Seems the most likely answer if you ask me.

Posted by Rojasono on Mar 14, 2010 twenty to two pm

How appropriate, you fight like a cow. Wait, what? Oh yeah, you guys back at that place... well, what I'd hope for is the continuation of the real MI. What I think really happened is that you guys knocked out the security guards, disarmed the security systems, and wandered around just for kicks.

See? Tim looking down on the guard, who's out cold, and thinking,'You should have just let us in when I asked.' And Dave smiling, going,'We're so naughty.'

Erm... okay. Time to go for my meeting now.

Posted by Steven on Mar 14, 2010 twenty five to five pm

Ron knows just as much as we do if he is going to make a 'real' third Monkey Island. If a petition is made and enough signatures are gathered then maybe it might happen like it did for several other games in which Ron would have to thank each one of us personally. Hmmm that gives me an idea.

Posted by Cesar Brandão on Mar 14, 2010 twenty past seven pm

It is not like people care about LucasArts. We just want your brains. What conclusions? Deathspank ftw

Posted by Pissed off Elaine Marley XD on Mar 15, 2010 quarter to nine pm


In fact, I'm burning my homemade pillow of Lucasarts
(And redo it with Bioware's logo)

Just look, if you don't believe me:

Pc Edition of Deathspank, or the pillow dies.

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 16, 2010 three am

Whaaaat? Will it be console only... or worse, some "exlusive" deal with one of the brands?? Ack, if so, my respect for indie games in general takes a dive. :/

Posted by Stewie on Mar 16, 2010 five past five am

Everyone has a price... even Ron.

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 16, 2010 half past five am

Sadly, so it would appear. So much for Hothead's CEO and his statement about trying to support as many platforms as possible and giving people choice.

Posted by Chris on Mar 16, 2010 ten to three pm

Do it!!! Bioware is a great company!  :]  Lucas Arts on the other hand is a soulless shell compared the company that brought us classics like Monkey Island.  I never liked their new logo, so burning it might be an improvement. :o

No Deathspank for PC would only make me bitter... Well, more so.

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Mar 16, 2010 five past three pm

Hell yeee!! GGGGGR (barbarian noise)

Posted by Chris on Mar 18, 2010 half past one pm

Is the pillow dead yet?  Please say it's so, please. :o  BURN IT, before it does more harm!  I'm worried that it's already got Ron and consumed his soul. :(

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 17, 2010 quarter to one am

Hothead�s CEO, Vlad Ceraldi - "We have always said we wanted to have our games on as many platforms as possible to give choice to gamers."


And for all Ron Gilbert's yammering about games as art, signing these restrictive contracts with companies like Microsoft/Sony/EA/Whatever make it seem more like prostitution.


Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Mar 17, 2010 twenty past six am

I really think there's a huge mistake about the news of no PC edition and EA, but no clue what may be... the internet news use to be very doubtful. Ron is better source.

I saw the Keynote at PAX a few times, and worst, show it to several people :P

(Nice blog Rusty Broomhandle!)

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 18, 2010 twenty five past one am

Thanks. I hardly ever post on it though, it's just there because I am also the owner of the free blogging site it runs on. :)

Posted by Chris on Mar 18, 2010 twenty to two pm

I'm hoping it's a mistake, or just a dumb marketing move to make the console-kids happy, because even the EVIL that is EA has done some good things for PC gaming in recent years, so I was taken back by no mention of a PC release.

Prostitutes are ruining the the gaming industry! >=(

Posted by Vlad Ceraldi on Mar 19, 2010 quarter to one pm

Ron has sold his soul to the devil, he has got to eat something.

Posted by AidanM on Mar 17, 2010 half past one pm

POEMXD, you're hot. you don't need the match to make fire ;)

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 18, 2010 quarter to one am

Heh, smooth. :P

Posted by Mally on Mar 18, 2010 twenty five past six am

Just quietly, that lighter isn't the only hot thing in that photo

Posted by Lestat on Mar 30, 2010 half past midnight

That�s a "Los 3 patitos" Matchbox? r u from Argentina... Did that poster come from the 90�s Magazine "action games"???

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Apr 9, 2010 twenty to three am

jeje, lo venden a 10 pesos en Mordor Toys (la comiquer�a de Primera Junta). Pero qu� grosa la Action! ;)

Posted by Someone on Jun 12, 2010 twenty past eleven am

Fosforos Gran Fragata... I know where you are from!

Posted by Ariel on Mar 15, 2010 half past noon

So, how was it to see part of the team together again?

Posted by Arnold on Mar 16, 2010 five past ten am

Atleast LucasArt Is releasing MI2:SE on PC ;)

Posted by Chief05 on Mar 16, 2010 twenty five past four pm

What did I read? No PC edition of Deathspank?! Only for consoles? Is that true?! First Tim's Brutal Legend, and now Deathspank? Oh come on Ron! Don't disappoint us PC gamers :(

Posted by concarne on Mar 17, 2010 five past seven am

seriously no pc version?

fuck you, ron. I'm waiting for this game since i saw the first trailer, if you ever cross my path....


Posted by Finbar O'Mahony on Mar 18, 2010 quarter to three am

Thats bloody harsh
Ron is trying to create a good game for all of us, and you throw out abuse like that.. just because it "may" not be released on PC. Hey im a little beat up about it too, but what good is saying that going to do.

Ron: Oh look that fella is so upset he called me a f**ker, oh well i cant have that, i had better tell everyone at hot head that concarne on my blog is really upset and for that reason only we are going to be making a pc version..... how ridiculous is that


Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 18, 2010 twenty to six am

Nonono, you misunderstand. Fucking is an act of love. That's what he meant, really, I am sure. nod

Posted by Chris on Mar 18, 2010 quarter to two pm

LOL!  I'd hate to be witness to that sort of an encounter. :D

Posted by Eder RM on Mar 19, 2010 ten to one am

PLEASE Finbar don't be a fanboy of Ron. No one likes fanboys. They're ridiculous.

Both Tim and Ron started doing all that great PC GAMES in Lucasarts and now what they do? They just TURN THEIR BACKS to all those people who helped made them achieve some success / recognition.

It's good that Telltale folks are on the right way, they don't forgot (yet :D) its old public back in the 90's.

Posted by Finbar O'Mahony on Mar 19, 2010 quarter to two am

How exactly am i a fan boy
I havent bought a ron gilbert game since MI2

I havent played the new monkey islands

I havent even the patience to play adventure games anymore

I just dont like seeing ass-hats go ape on a forum because they are not getting their way

Posted by Someone on Mar 19, 2010 ten to five am

I have just asked this in another post...

Why you guys haven't managed to do a another game togheter during all these years?!?!?!?!
You are friends, you had wonderful time working togheter...
You are genius.. (well at least one of them.. Who???? Eh eh eh...)

Why? WHY?

Posted by BennyQ on Mar 23, 2010 twenty five past two am

I don't care about the PC version of DeathSpank, I just want a Mac version.

Macs are way better than PCs. Windows sucks.

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Mar 23, 2010 twenty past seven am

Put behind the line :P

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Mar 23, 2010 twenty five to eight am

Well, by "PC version" I am guessing it would mean Mac and Windows. Hothead's Penny Arcade games were multi-platform, and the only reason I am so interested is the very distant chance that there might also be a Linux version, like with PA.

But aaaanyway, they have not said anything yet, and I am guessing they won't make any non-console ports till at least a year after release, if ever.

Posted by Chris on Mar 25, 2010 quarter to four pm

I just want it to to come to the Mac or the PC, since that means I'll be able to PLAY IT!

Oh, and I loathe game-pads for games that require a point and click, so something like Diablo or Monkey Island as an example... -Who in their right mind would put this kind of game on a console that lacks a pointer?-

That's like taking a RTS, which plays best with a mouse and sucks big time with a game-pad - even when it's dumbed down, which adds even more suck - wrapping it in a heavy metal theme, then targeting consoles that are primarily played by guys that were in their diapers when MC Hammer was untouchable.

I swear, if this game is not released for a platform I own, I'll let out a silent scream so loud, that no one will hear me! Not even me!

Posted by F.Konkas on Mar 25, 2010 twenty five past eight am

With "conclusions" you mean "sex" right?

Posted by Nathan on Mar 30, 2010 twenty five past eight pm

Posted by Bobek on Apr 10, 2010 twenty five past midnight

Meeting about recording a commentary for MI2:SE.

Posted by Someone on Apr 29, 2010 twenty five past seven pm

Wow, is that Ron? Thought it was George Lucas, lol

Posted by Someone on Jun 2, 2010 twenty five to two pm

Ohh man, Iam so gloomy.

Whats the secret ;(

Posted by Arminator on Jul 8, 2010 ten past seven am

After having bought the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition yesterday, I'd like to use this comment to thank you (and all others) for making this commentary track!

Your insight into the meaning of pants-dropping jokes, or bugs about Dread's ship following the player around the island cursing in french made the most awesome adventure of my childhood even more awesome.

The MI2SE comments and the commentary in some Valve games make me whish there would be more games with commentary tracks.

Again, let me thank you for making a great game, and for making the remake even more enjoyable.

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