Scurvy Scallywags Android Testers!!!

Jan 18, 2014 quarter past eleven am

Beta testing is full

Whoa! You can't be reading that right!?! Is the Android version of Scurvy Scallywags nearing completion? Yes! You are reading it right! It's not a dream or a over-the-counter drug and/or Netflix binge-watching induced hallucination.

But before we release the game, we need some testers and that's where you come in.

If you're interested in testing an early version of Scurvy Scallywags on Android, contact me.

Please supply the following information:

1) Your name and email.
2) Have you played the iOS version? We need people who both have and have not played it.
3) What device or devices do you have? Please be specific as possible. Odd devices are a plus.
4) Did you play The Cave and loved it? This one is important.

We're going to start out with a small number of testers and grow from there, so if you don't hear back right away, you'll probably hear from us eventually.  The alpha/beta builds will be distributed via TestFlight.

Yar! Everyone's getting scurvy!*


* Scurvy can be prevented by eating lemons or owning a Windows 8 phone.
** For those of you wondering why this took so long, it's because I had to rewrite the entire game in c++ and wanted to poke my eyes out.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Adam on Jan 18, 2014 quarter past noon

Please please please put it on Windows Phone, or Windows 8. I swear I will buy two copies, I will also be your best friend AND get you an invitation to my EXCLUSIVE 'Kool Kids Klub'.

Posted by Hoosegow Flask on Jan 19, 2014 five past noon

I'd make a horrible tester, but I'm looking forward to the finished product!

Posted by nille on Jan 19, 2014 twenty past noon

I own a Windows 7 phone, what do I get?

Posted by nille on Jan 19, 2014 five to two pm

(Please, don't say "lemons").

Posted by Someone on Jan 22, 2014 five to five am

no no no... just one ;-)

Posted by fco on Jan 20, 2014 quarter to four am

just to make sure it doesn't get lost in the spam folder, from which email address or domain should I expect the answer?

Posted by Federico on Jan 20, 2014 six am

What's the minimum android version required? (I can't update my phone to android 4 )

Posted by Dennis on Jan 20, 2014 twenty five to ten am

Curious about the rewrite in C++ -- was the original written in ObjC? Are you keeping the two versions separate going forward or are you planning to use the C++ code for iOS as well?

Any lessons learned from the rewrite?  Would be great to hear more details on this.

Posted by Kyu on Feb 8, 2014 twenty past three pm

Also interested in this, and adding a followup question: any specific reason for not using a multiplatform engine, like Unity for example?

Posted by David Thomsen on Jan 25, 2014 twenty past seven pm

You don't have a team to write things in C++ for you? I mean, you have your own blog and everything.

Posted by thebeerdr on Jan 26, 2014 twenty five to two pm

I regret buying a Windows Phone everyday!! :-(

Posted by gudforby on Jan 30, 2014 five past eleven am

I'm too busy playing the android versjon of The Cave...

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