The Monk

May 16, 2012 ten to seven pm

Yeah.... He's all about peace and enlightenment.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Andrew Goulding on May 16, 2012 five past seven pm

That's the most devious looking monk I've ever seen.

Posted by Leonard on May 16, 2012 quarter past seven pm

I have only slightly more hair than he.

Posted by Anti on May 16, 2012 quarter past seven pm

Mhhh, he's up to something.

Posted by calapuno on May 16, 2012 twenty past seven pm

So this is not about Diablo III?

Posted by David Thomsen on May 17, 2012 twenty to one am

What is Diablo III? Also is this the kind of monk that fights better when not encumbered by armour, or the kind that performs the religion and stuff? I can't tell any more.

Posted by BigWhoop on May 17, 2012 ten past four am

Oh come on Mr. Gilbert! We're dying here to find out what your new game is about and you're giving us just little pieces of information every other month.

You like torture, don't you? Laughing diabolically behind your screen, rubbing your hands and amusing yourself about our ignorance.

Just give us at least a date or something more fleshy!

Posted by Grahamon on May 17, 2012 five past six am

Where do those monky eyes land?

Posted by Damian on May 17, 2012 twenty past noon

Will he be the guide the character's journey?

Posted by Rojasono on May 17, 2012 twenty to two pm

He's looking that way because someone told him there's a three-headed monkey in that direction.

Posted by Andrea on May 17, 2012 quarter to three pm

Ha! It just looks like the Blood Mountains Monks. "We won't fight you..."

Posted by thenox on May 18, 2012 twenty five to two pm

The Monk is my favourite at the moment

I'm sure this game's gonna rock!

And I also think that Mr. Gilbert here should be given the opportunity of making games whenever he likes.

Can't tell how many times I've played and re-played MI, MM and the great DeathSpank!

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