The Hillbilly

May 17, 2012 ten to eleven am

Oh no! It's The Hillbilly!

Other people's comments:

Posted by Aristotlol on May 17, 2012 noon

Damn it, Ron, tell me when I can buy this game already! I'll buy it twice. Just tell me!

Posted by Damian on May 17, 2012 twenty past noon

So, now we have a wise guy and a dumb guy...
Where's the strong guy?
And the lovely girl?

Posted by Flackattack on May 17, 2012 twenty five past noon

Love the look of these characters so far, the lighting and mood are just perfect. Show us more, please!

Posted by brawsome on May 17, 2012 quarter to three pm

I'm starting to get more interested in how these pieces fit together.

Posted by Andrea on May 17, 2012 ten to three pm

This looks even more promising! Do I already feel that Gilbert-ish touch of genius?

Posted by Questy on May 18, 2012 half past four am

Ron, we have to wait E3 for the official reveal?

Posted by Shinetop on May 18, 2012 twenty five to eight am

Come on! You are killing us this way! :P
When are you going to give us a release date?

Posted by web on May 20, 2012 twenty past ten am

what's that thing between his legs?

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