Tim Schafer Interview on GameSpot

Aug 12, 2004 half past three pm

Here is the interview with Tim Schafer on GameSpot.  See if you can count the number of times he mentions me.  If you were an ancient Roman, you wouldn't be able to.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Gabez on Aug 12, 2004 twenty five to four pm

Or if you were an ancient Greek. ;

Posted by Gabez on Aug 12, 2004 twenty to four pm

Numerology is fascinating...  such as all the weird maths stuff in the Bible. Like, the number of fishes in one story is siginificant mathematically for a reason I forget, but my dad explained it to me the other night when we were driving home at 2am. It's not suprising I've forgotten it, but I can remember being amazed.

Another peice of trivia is that our numbers aren't really arabic at all.

Posted by Jake on Aug 12, 2004 quarter past four pm

Or the bit about how 666 is most likely not so much numerically representational of "Satan" as it is [emperor] "Nero."

What's this got to do with Tim Schafer again?

Posted by Kingzheawbjhwkajjas on Aug 12, 2004 twenty five past seven pm

I did a Find In This Page search for ?Ron? and it is mentioned II times.

Of course that only beacuse enviRONment was mentioned twice.

Posted by Cranky Carrot on Feb 13, 2006 twenty past three am

My search for "Gilbert" was a little more robust, but I sincerely regret the extra time it took to type. Turned up a nice round figure; 0
Sorry Ron. Schafer's forgotten the little people :(

Posted by Tom on Aug 12, 2004 twenty to nine pm

You poor embittered soul :~(

Posted by peterb on Aug 13, 2004 twenty past eleven am

So what's the story there, Ron?  Can you expand on it at all?  I understand not wanting to say anything nasty, but can you talk about the split and still be circumspect?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I'd understand if you don't want to talk about it.

Also, as long as I'm commenting -- have you followed the Interactive Fiction community at all?  Have you tried any of the better games out there (like "Hunter, in Darkness" for example?)  If so, what do you think about the growing amateur movement, and its ability to provide content?

Posted by on Aug 13, 2004 ten to six pm

man, i can't read the about-page, it really freaks me out!!!
please stop the insanity before my simius-army go berserk!

Posted by Marek on Aug 14, 2004 twenty five past ten am

"New Game no sit." Oh my God, could it be code language?!?!?!???

Posted by Noel on Sep 20, 2005 quarter to nine am

Why should he mention you, man?

Posted by Oded Sharon - Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert on Sep 21, 2005 two am

I'm betting you could do it as ancient mayan !!

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