A Complete Map Of The Cave And Other News...

Mar 11, 2013 quarter to eight pm

Now that The Cave is done and unleashed on an unsuspecting world (ok, we did do a bunch of PR, so it wasn't exactly unsuspecting), it's time for me to move on from Double Fine and plot my next move.

So many games left to be designed.

I want to thank all the amazing people at Double Fine for all their hard work on The Cave.  It was a true pleasure to work with every one of them over the past two years.  So much fun.  I will miss them all.  And of course to Tim for creating the opportunity to come there and make The Cave.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to post some behind the scenes pictures we took during the game's development and stuff like this...

That's a complete map of The Cave exported from Maya by designer J.P. LeBreton.  Bonus points if you can figure out what the pink dots are.

For the short term, Clayton Kauzlaric and I have been toiling away on another iOS side project that I'm going to focus on over the next few months.  It's called Scurvy Scallywags in The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty: A Musical Match-3 Pirate RPG.  I'll post some screen shots in the next few days.

I also have that PAX Australia keynote to write.  How did I ever let them talk me into doing that.  So much fun.  So much pain.  Maybe I'll just do a 45 minute Q and A session.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Zach on Mar 11, 2013 eight pm

But if you hold a Q&A it'll just be people asking what the secret of Monkey Island is for 45 minutes.

Posted by Ariel on Mar 11, 2013 eight pm

It's sad to know that you'll not be part of the team working in the successful kickstarter for a graphic adventure, but GOOD LUCK!

Posted by DigiFun on Mar 11, 2013 twenty to nine pm

Of course pink dots are the cave paintings.

Posted by brawsome on Mar 11, 2013 quarter to nine pm

Whoa! That's a long climb back to the surface!

I think those pink dots are the backstory locations, from memory.

Posted by olanmills on Mar 11, 2013 five to eleven pm

Yeah, the pink dots are definitely the cave paintings. Now here's the real mystery. Does the shopkeeper know a secret shortcut? Does have a twin? Does each shop have a model of itself? Or a model of the other shop?

And yeah, that is a looooooooooong climb lol.

Posted by Yachmenev on Mar 11, 2013 ten past eleven pm

I must say, it seems you do seem to have some difficulties to stay in the same place for any longer time.

It's a shame that you won't try to do a sequel to The Cave with DF. It would have be interesting to see that.

Posted by Benoit FOULETIER on Mar 12, 2013 five to two am

Yeah I must say I'm a bit surprised, is there a reason you don't stick around at DF?

Posted by k0SH on Mar 12, 2013 ten to four am

Don´t see the prob with the move on thing.
Apparently The Cave was contract work.
A sequel at this early stage is not vindicated.
To sad that Ron wasn´t able to deliver/ work on a new adventure game. I still don´t agree on "The Cave is an adventure game"-story and he isn´t involved in DFA at all which you can see by watching all documentary videos available for DFA kickstarter backers.

Posted by Gonzalo Rodríguez Píriz on Mar 11, 2013 quarter to midnight

I know you'll get a lot of these, but... Please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, make the game for Android too!

Posted by Guybrush on Mar 12, 2013 ten past midnight

Any luck talking to Disney about MI, yet?

Posted by Tekyu on Mar 12, 2013 quarter past midnight

The company is lesser for your departure, but I look forward to supporting anything else you do. Keep up the awesome work, you've always had a gift for being a big part of games that made me smile as I played.

Posted by Tim on Mar 12, 2013 five to two am

I spent the last 15 minutes looking at that map, trying to remember what each spot was; funny how I already feel nostalgic for this game that only came out so recently.
Sad to hear you're leaving DF, I feel like they have a good team there, allowing you to create good stuff™ (like The Cave!).
Anyway, looking forward to your future projects, thank you and have fun.

Posted by Breana on Mar 12, 2013 five past two am

Sad to see you leave DF. It was awesome to have you together with Schafer again. I've been a huge fan of your early games since childhood and am amazed at the consistent amount of awesome that pours out of you! As always, my family and I will be watching for your next releases! (In the background of some DFA documentary shots there is a huge cave scenery print that makes me want to open my wallet and rain its contents upon whoever could get me a copy:)

Posted by jannar85 on Mar 12, 2013 twenty to three am

Hm, sad to see you leave DF, but I understand that if it's Monkey Island 3 you want to pull off, and they're not sure about it, I understand your decision. As Disney haven't decided yet what to do with the adventure games LucasArts have, maybe you've been able to pull this one off.

By the way, regarding the DF adventure game - how much of the game is yours? Can we expect the Ron Gilbert energy, when we start playing it? :)

Posted by kibertoad on Mar 12, 2013 half past three am

>how much of the game is yours

"None of it" would be a pretty accurate estimation. AFAICT from watching documentaries, Master Gilbert's involvement was limited to commenting on some of the early concepts. No direct work.

Posted by Romain on Mar 12, 2013 quarter to three am

Thank you for The Cave. It's just an amaizing game with all stuff we want to see into a good game : humor, personality, entertainment. It's the first game from you that I played, and I will rush into the Monkey Island series.

Thank for you work, and good luck for your next game.

Posted by e on Mar 12, 2013 five to four am

Posted by Noviere on Mar 12, 2013 twenty five past four am

Sad to hear that you're leaving DoubleFine, but equally excited to see what you'll do next :)

Posted by Fuz on Mar 12, 2013 quarter to six am

Wait, so this means that the "Double Fine Adventure" will not have any Ron Gilbert work in it?
If it's so, I think I'm cancelling my pledge.

Posted by Yachmenev on Mar 12, 2013 five to seven am

Cancel it? A bit to late. And a silly reaction.

Posted by Fuz on Mar 12, 2013 seven am

Yep, saw that I'm too late.

Silly, exactly, why? I backed that project because Ron Gilbert was in it, along with Schafer.
That's the whole reason for it.
And now the premises for my backing no longer exist.

Posted by Yachmenev on Mar 12, 2013 quarter to eight am

It's silly because it would mean that you would disrespect Tim and the rest of the team are putting hard work into making a true point&click adventure.

As much as I recpect Mr Gilbert and think he makes interesting games, he really isn't the magical difference betweeen a good or a bad game in this case, and if you backed the game because of Tim and Ron, you should keep your pledge because of Tim and the rest of the team, and be happy that you supported such a great project.

And since you still say that you backed it because of Ron Gilberts involvment, I take it you haven't watched the documentary (where Ron's lack of involvment is very clear). Go see it, and I think your dissapointment will vanish.

Posted by Fuz on Mar 12, 2013 ten to six pm

Yes, there is most definitely a misunderstanding from my side: I didn't quite get the scope of Ron's involvement with the game (and didn't get everything on the documentary... my spoken english is kinda not exceptional).
Got really hyped on seeing Ron's working with Tim on a new old-style adventure, and various websites' articles (like this one: http://www.gamefront.com/tim-schafer-ron-gilbert-double-fine-use-kickstarter-to-raise-money-for-new-adventure-game/) didn't really helped me much there.
So... yep, I got it all wrong.

Posted by Craig234 on Mar 13, 2013 ten to one pm

Your post that the game is still definitely worth supporting with Tim and others is a very valid opinion.

And the other poster's opinion that Ron Gilbert was the key attraction about the game for them and it's not worth supporting without him is valid.

You're wrong to tell them that the only valid opinion about the important of Ron Gilbert's role is yours. It's right for you and not for them.

I happen to have an opinion closer to yours - the game is very much worth supporting just for Tim. But the person isn't wrong who doesn't agree.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 13, 2013 twenty past one pm

That view is way too reasonable and articulate for the Internet.

Posted by Frogacuda on Mar 12, 2013 quarter to one pm

There was never really any implication that he would have anything beyond a tertiary, advisory role in the project. They were clear from Day 1 that his main project was something else (The Cave, as we later found out) and that he wouldn't be a full-fledged team member. If you convinced yourself it was anything else, then I think you got swept up in the excitement.

Just because he's left the company doesn't mean he won't continue to have that kind of advisory/consultant role, either.

Posted by SirPrimalform on Mar 12, 2013 ten to ten am

Cancelling your pledge for a kickstarter that finished over a year ago? Good luck with that. And anyway, there was no promised Ron Gilbert involvement. If you only backed it because Ron Gilbert happened to be at Double Fine at the time then you're a fool. It was always going to be a Tim Schafer project.

Posted by Bashar on Mar 12, 2013 six am

That's quite a mouthful

Posted by LevelUpLeo on Mar 12, 2013 twenty past seven am

Pink dots are cave paintings. Seems not to be the ones that are always the same (like the Adventurer's one that's always on the Hermit section) but only the ones that can change characters.

Posted by bvigec on Mar 12, 2013 quarter to two pm

Please go make a new Monkey Island ;)

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 12, 2013 quarter to two pm

It's not up to me.  I don't own the rights. Tell Disney to sell them to me and I'll happily make a new one.

Posted by LeChuck's Revenge on Mar 12, 2013 half past five pm

What about licensing given you have final say on everything? You have quite the impressive set of credentials in terms of stewarding a Monkey Island project.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 12, 2013 ten past six pm

Licensing something you created seems wrong to me. Why should I work myself to death to make them more money and make the IP more valuable.  I know that seems crass, but I'm done making stuff I don't own.

There is also no way I'm going to sit in a meeting with someone from Disney or Lucas and have them tell me how to make the game, or what Guybrush would or world not do, or even worse, what some focus group thought LeChuck should look like.

I want to make it the way I want and be true to the original and I think that's something they would never let me do.

Posted by J. on Mar 13, 2013 twenty past noon

More power to you sir.

Posted by Davide Barbieri on Mar 13, 2013 ten past four pm

Why don't you make a game set in a pirate world,
with a main character whose name is not "guybrush",
and whose name is not "monkey island"?

Disney did it calling it "Pirates of the Caribbean"!

Posted by Lechuck's Revenge on Mar 13, 2013 half past five pm

I respect that.  

As a fan, and a person who considers Monkey Island as having a major influence on my personality and sense of humor, I desperately want to see your final vision for the third act.  

Lets just say, If I had 3 wishes, I would use one of them to give the MI IP to you. Right after wishing for world peace and ensuring twinkies could be enjoyed by all future generations.

I hope you do at least talk with Disney. Maybe just maybe one of the decision makers will have been a fan of the game...

Posted by Ariel on Mar 13, 2013 twenty to nine pm

And did you thought about running a Kickstarter for the whole amount of the rights, no matter how high they'd be?

Posted by F.Konkas on Mar 20, 2013 twenty five to six pm

I can understand that. And you definitely know the people involved in Lucas or Disney better than me, but would they really interfere with the creative process like you suggest? I don't know but it seems a bit paranoid or... grumpy. They must know about the popularity of the MI and so why would they doubt your ability to continue what you started?

Posted by Peder Johnsen on Mar 22, 2013 ten to noon

Start a kickstarter to raise enough money to buy the rights back XD.

Posted by Three Headed Monkey Wrench on Mar 22, 2013 five to midnight

I think you might be wrong.  The only reason to do another MI is if it was true to the original.  No one at Disney is going to have a clue about how to give your game notes.  Even so, you're only going into the deal if you have final say.  

You have to make them believe they are better off giving the thing to you.  They have a property that is meaningless to them and they have no way to manage internally.  "Give it to me/let me have what is sure to be the most successful kickstarter ever to buy the dang thing from you, and I'll give you exclusive publishing rights for the next X years to all MI related games + a really juicy % of the revenue."  If they play hardball, throw in a clause where if they don't make Y amount of dollars off the deal in X amount of years that the rights revert back to them.  

No matter what they come out with money.  Game is a success they get the amount you paid for the rights + a profit.  Game isn't a success then they at least get the money you paid for the chance to get the rights and they get the game back with an opportunity to sell it to someone else or to make their own games.

Posted by Adrian O'Connor on Apr 23, 2013 quarter past two pm

I really would like to tell Disney. Do you know who would be best to email or write? Have you approached them yet -- would it even be on the radar if random letters of support started appearing talking about Monkey IP?

Posted by Eduardo @rurounikz Emmerich on Mar 12, 2013 twenty five to three pm

Hey there Ron. Just wanted to wish you a great ride on your next adventures (sorry for the lame pun, though). I recently finished The Cave alongside my girlfriend and we had a blast. Thanks for that and for being awesome.

Take care! :D

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 12, 2013 ten past six pm

Thanks for playing!

Posted by Steve on Mar 13, 2013 quarter past six am

Hi Ron. Just a quick post to say thank you for the Cave, I thought it was fantastic, loved every minute of it. I was wondering if you were planning on releasing more finished artwork from it, like you did with the Hillbilly carnival level? I'd love to see some more completed 'levels' in high res. Thanks again!

Posted by Chris on Mar 13, 2013 five past three pm

This excites me!  I don't know why, but it just does.

Posted by WiredFromJava Jason on Mar 13, 2013 twenty past eleven pm

Oh no!  You've left DF!   One of the bees has left the nest!  (those are bees, right?)

I guess they'll only be SF in SF (Single Fine in San Fran).

Next, are you getting a motorcycle, a couple tatoos and touring the country? LOL

Actually read you might be working on another game.  Best wishes Sir!

Posted by Shinetop on Mar 20, 2013 half past eight am

Come on Ron it's time to blackmail Disney with some vodoo dolls and get the rights for free.

Or option 2, become EA's president and buy the IP, sell it to yourself and then destroy EA for good.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 20, 2013 twenty to nine am

I like option 2.  I'll start putting that in motion.

Posted by Erik Veland on Mar 20, 2013 ten to five pm

So does that mean they're only Single Fine now? Just Fine?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 20, 2013 five pm

They were Double Fine before I got there, so they were Triple Fine when I was there, so they are back to Double Fine now. Hope that clears it up.

Posted by Berke on Apr 23, 2013 four pm

Dear M(aste)r. Gilbert,

I am quite sad to hear you're leaving, I enjoyed the Cave truly, bought three different copies for all my gaming platforms (I dunno why), plus gifted another for my best friend, and finished three runs so far on my PS3. I would've loved for you to stay at Double Fine, which now without you feels like Double Coarse to my soul.

I will keep following your works. All the best with your future.

Posted by EssThree on May 20, 2013 twenty five to eight am

Oh pants! You're doing the PAX Australia keynote?! Suddenly became twice as excited! :D

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