More Caveshots

Aug 31, 2012 twenty to eight pm

The Double Fine artists and world builders continue to amaze with even more Caveshots!

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Posted by flakitosoft on Sep 1, 2012 twenty five past seven pm

i wantit nowww

Posted by yeah on Sep 2, 2012 five to nine pm

Can't wait to watch someone playing the entire game as it looks like it won't run in my computer. Really amazing, congratulations, especially for the last screenshot: it's beautiful!

Posted by Someone on Sep 4, 2012 twenty to two am

Ron, can you explain me why I love this screenshots so much?!?!?!

Posted by EDU on Sep 5, 2012 ten to four am

Amazing,and i just noticed that will be availible for Wii U so i will buy it.

And now, i would LOVE to know if are you thinking or there is ANY posibility in the next years to see you making another MONKEY ISLAND,maybe the one you didnt show as.

If someone knows something pls tell me! i dont want to die without feelling the magic of MI by ron gilbert again,and probably Ron  you dont want to die without making one LAST monkey island.

Posted by can't do on Sep 5, 2012 five past four pm

Lucas Arts has the rights to MI so it's up to them, not Gilbert. And we'd collectively raise the money to buy those rights from them faster than they'd decide to produce another MI.

Enjoy The Cave now.

Posted by you can't spell on Sep 7, 2012 ten past three pm

Why not raise it then?

Posted by Addendum on Sep 7, 2012 ten past three pm

Hmm my name was supposed to be 'you can't spell "can't" without "can"'.

Posted by Meathook on Sep 7, 2012 quarter past three pm

Ron has said many many many times before, the rights to MI are "not for sale".  George doesn't need anymore money and has no reason to sell them.

Remember, George sold Pixar for Steve Jobs for less than $100,000,000 and Jobs sold it for $6,000,000,000. That had to hurt.

Everyone is fooling themselves if they think the community can raise 5 or 10 million dollars just to buy the rights to MI and that doesn't include the money to make the game.

Posted by Edu on Nov 11, 2012 five to one pm

But if theres another MI maybe they can call Ron? the graphics of the new game would look amazing in a point and click adventure,expecially MI!

Posted by true on Nov 21, 2012 five to noon

I totally agree, The Cave graphics seem to fit the genre pretty well. I remember how Grim Fandango was amazing, but it was far from what I knew as adventure games. Not that I'm an orthodox, but if it's not in this pseudo-2d perspective, I have a hard time thinking it's an adventure game. Of course, just a personal problem.

And apparently there actually will be a Beneath a Steel Sky 2. Who'd have thought this would finally happen? I'm thinking that if it turns out to be a proper sequel and remarkable game on its own, maybe the industry will think twice about ignoring this genre and someone may consider giving Ron his well deserved chance to make MI3.

Posted by Samuel Fonseca on Sep 6, 2012 five to ten am

Man, the art style in The Cave is so beautiful. I hope it have the strenght to amaze the generation of FPS and MMORPG players. I hope they can discover how rewarding an adventure game can be and how unique the experience is.
Well, congratulations.

Samuel fonseca (webcomic)

Posted by F.Konkas on Sep 7, 2012 quarter past three pm

The screenshots look awesome Ron! How about posting a joke-shot too please?!

Posted by monkey island 2? on Sep 10, 2012 twenty five past nine am

monkey island 2 on android? don't think so...
better download scummvm

Posted by thenox on Sep 11, 2012 ten past noon

Cool screenshots! They're HUGE :)

I still wonder how could it be possible to have no in game-download once started! :)

Just powered up my PC to be ready for The Cave!!

The Twins are my favourites at the moment

Posted by thenox on Sep 11, 2012 twenty five to one pm

Ron said:

"I like fun experiences, not getting hit over the head and punched in the face. We spend all day failing at work; we don�t want to come home and fail at our entertainment."

For me this statement means that he perfectly understands what I'm looking for in a game and I'm sure I'm gonna get it with The Cave!

Posted by Tansel on Sep 25, 2012 twenty five to three pm

Looks fantastic! Especially the third screenshot has  perfect "dark" mood.

Posted by art on Sep 26, 2012 ten past eleven am

If my calculations are correct, there are 35 possible teams. There has to be a BEST TEAM and a WORST TEAM, and a MOST AVERAGE TEAM. I will keep playing until I find all three of these super-teams.

Posted by thenox on Sep 26, 2012 quarter past noon

Good idea!

Posted by Lord Q on Oct 15, 2012 ten to two am

Uhmm.. is this that type of game that you do one step wrong and you die ? Brrrr I hate those :)

Posted by art on Oct 31, 2012 twenty past eleven am

I see "New Grog" and now I'm thinking oh no, here come the Disney lawyers...

Posted by ohmygod on Nov 1, 2012 ten to two pm

The secret of mickey mouse island

Posted by Knightsaab on Nov 4, 2012 ten to ten am

Hey Ron,
I just finished Monkey Island 2 SE and actually I don't know why I did do this to me. Old wounds are torn open. As you mentioned in the audio comment I belong to the group of people that hate the ending.
Now that George Lucas sold his company to Disney is there any way for you to get the rights of Monkey Island and do your "Monkey Island 3a"???
In great awe

Posted by Murray on Nov 12, 2012 ten to eight am

Hello, Ron.
I've been having a throught that's been brewing for a while; If you ever had any free time (considering you're probably busy making The Cave/Doublefine Adventure/Osso Buco) I'd love to see a documentary series where you talk in great detail about the games you've made over the years.

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 quarter to two am

Ron, sorry for the OT but I have just read your comment about Diseny-Lucas affair...
And I just come here to say that if you want to go for a Kickstarter please think something to Europe !!! Because here in Europe we are not allowed to use kickstarter and here you have a HUUUUGE fan base.

I think million of people would be at your side in the struggle to take back Monkey & MM (and Zak ? Think also to Zak...) !

Posted by thebeerdr on Jan 21, 2013 five past six am

I love Monkey Island. Always have, always will!

That said, I'm really looking forward The Cave!
I have been known to bang-on (just a bit) about the old adventure games of my childhood, how good they were, how kids thesedays need to play them, how they need to be revived! All that jazz!

But I think we can leave that behind us with The Cave!

The humour you can bring to the game and the graphical style of tim will always be a winning combo and for people like me, it brings a grin to my weathering face!

But The Cave, as pictured above, looks simply BEAUTIFUL and seems like a really awesome platformingy adventure! In fact it has so much to it, I don't quite know how to accurately categorise it.

It's exciting, it's new, and looks as a tasty as a steaming plate of chops!!

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