20 Years of SCUMM

Apr 27, 2007 ten am

It seems like only yesterday that I was cranking out 6502 code slowly building up what would become the SCUMM System.  OK...that's a lie...it really does feel like 20 years ago.

IGN has a quick interview with me helping to commemorate 20 years of a development system that no focus group in the world would have liked the name.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Falthorn on Apr 27, 2007 twenty five past eleven am

The nostalgia only further pushes open the gap separating my idealistic childhood and the yawning maw of spirit-crushing adulthood.

Were you a grumpy gamer back then, Ron, or has the industry squelched it out of you?

Posted by Stranger on the Site on Apr 27, 2007 twenty five to noon

The best SCUMM I've ever had in my house...

Posted by Ogni on Apr 27, 2007 five past one pm

A good point regarding replayability for adventure games. Back then we spent forever trying to figure out how to solve every kid-combo in Maniac Mansion. All the kids in our neighbourhood joined forces to play through the game. The different combos really added a lot of replay value.

Btw. I still remember every puzzle to MM till this day (and we are currently playing the Dave+Michael+Wendy combo in our forum since most people only know the Bernard+Syd puzzles)

Posted by Kroms on Apr 27, 2007 five to two pm

I can't believe Mojo beat you in reporting news about, well, you.

Sad to know you're still shopping around for a publisher, I'd kinda hoped you were all ready working on a game. Umm, I was wondering if you'd tell us which companies you'd advised, etc?

Posted by Ludwig on Apr 27, 2007 ten past two pm

If only scumm where enough to fill our youth minds with the good old days of point-clicks !!!..  (Not that I can really call them "youth" since I'm only 20! But played even Project Firestart..)

I reached a theory about story+games/point clicks trainwreck .. It does give some credit to the evil publishers, but I think it's fair to look from their side.

As a form of media, every single one has dif atributes no other have: Writing can have narrations, descriptions of feelings, smells and sensations.

You don't have that in movies, where you can only use image and sound to express everything. But you have an unique power of "control" over the media from frame to frame.

In games, what can they offer movies/books/music/etc. can't? interactivity .. that is why most people won't ever go to all the hassle of buying a computer/console - learning to play - etc .. just to have the same experience they can have for much less in the cinema.

So, as a aspirant developer, I'm really excited about the idea that if "my game" without story and graphics/etc .. don't really play as fun/deep as possible .. I'd better go make a cheap movie or book .. beucase I will have a much larger audience as it is.

(Final Note: Not saying games can only offer interactivity .. Interactivity is actualy the game "weapon" to enrich even more the storytelling craft.. not to discard everything else!.)

Posted by kyusser on Apr 27, 2007 ten to three pm

No man, 100 years of bra's! (really!)

Posted by Ben Fox on Apr 27, 2007 twenty past eleven pm

Man, you should write a book. Would be great to read the whole story.

deep bow,


Posted by Bashar Abdullah on Apr 27, 2007 five to midnight

Well I loved the SCUMM name always :)

Posted by David Thomsen on Apr 28, 2007 quarter to three am

&PThat IGN website displays an annoying red and black background to prevent you from reading the text until all of the advertisements are fully loaded; then the background reverts to plain white.

Obviously this is to prevent people from reading the page who want to stop the page from loading when all of the text is there but the adverstising isn't ? an ingenious scheme in theory, but what it doesn't take into account is the most basic tool in any computer literate person's arsenal: C.


Posted by David Thomsen on Apr 28, 2007 quarter to three am

That was supposed to be abbreviation for 'copy and paste' but the internet obviously had alternative preferences for the ampersand symbol.

Posted by Tosus on Apr 28, 2007 twenty past four am

Or alternatively, Ctrl+A.

Posted by Someone on Apr 28, 2007 quarter to four am

What i dont like is the feeling of  "hey kids, you know who is this guy? yada yada", slowly explaining how this guy did games without 3d mayhem and double core processing to the target audience.
They not even had an image loaded for the game in the right little window.

Makes me feel as if we were the Lugosis of game industry.


Posted by gnome on Apr 28, 2007 five past eight am

Having touched Maniac Mansion only 17 years ago, it definitely doesn't feel as if 20 have passed...

Posted by parrastaka on Apr 28, 2007 twenty to three pm

I will invite my friends for a round at the SCUMM bar TM tonight.


Posted by Simon on Apr 28, 2007 four pm

Does that image show actual SCUMM System 6502 assembler code?

Posted by Rob on Apr 28, 2007 quarter to five pm


I must know...HOW did Chuck the Plant come about? The rumor mill has turned for years, but I have never found out the truth!!!!


Posted by Kroms on Apr 29, 2007 quarter past two am

Dude, stop doing that. It's a simple story: The guy who used to manage LucasArts at the time really liked the name "Chuck," so they named the plant "Chuck". "LeChuck" comes from the same thing. Look it up at Wikipedia.

Posted by David Thomsen on May 2, 2007 half past nine pm

The problem with the Wikipedia entry is that it's full of doubt: "The origin of the name is not clear"; "Reportedly"; "There are rumors"; "a lot of fans think that..."

I think Rob is looking for a definitive answer, and I don't blame him ? I never trust anything in Wikipedia unless it's linked to a verified external source. Which it never is, so I don't know why I bother.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on May 2, 2007 quarter to ten pm

The wikipedia article is basically correct (as of may-2007):

Reportedly LucasFilm general manager Steve Arnold, told designer Ron Gilbert that he really liked the name Chuck and would like to see it appear in more games, so maybe the name was given to the plant because there was no room for an additional character name in Maniac Mansion.

This was a long running joke with Steve trying to get everybody to add a character named Chuck to their game.  Gary and I were the first to cave in.

Posted by Bland_Boy on Apr 29, 2007 twenty five to five am

scumm with the double m is cool. as is my spelling of blog(blogg).

Posted by Ender on Apr 29, 2007 quarter to five am

I guess the best thing about moving from 6502 to 'real code' was the wonderful ability to invent even more ridiculous and rude subsystem names? :P

Posted by V on Apr 29, 2007 half past five am

This is truly a remarkable day for the history of gaming. Rest in peace SCUMM, thou shall be missed.

Posted by telarium on Apr 29, 2007 twenty past three pm

Posted by Jonathan Silber on Apr 30, 2007 five to four am

It seems like only 20 years ago I booted up Monkey Island and thought it was calling me names.

Posted by ATMachine on Apr 30, 2007 five to six pm

There's something about Maniac Mansion I've always wondered.

What was Dr. Fred's original last name?

It wasn't "Edison." The high scores for Meteor Mess in the original C64 and PC port say "DFS" "NES" and "WES" for the initials of Dr. Fred, Nurse Edna and Weird Ed.

In the enhanced PC version they were changed to "DFE" "NEE" and "WEE." Obviously the E is for Edison.

But what was the original last name? Was it "Strange," perhaps?

Posted by lorenzo on May 2, 2007 twenty to five am

wow, now that's a real nerdish comment :D

anyway... yes, what was the original dr.fred surname?

Posted by Dimitri Bitu on May 2, 2007 quarter past three pm

Why no one talked about Monkey Island?

Posted by Bayless on May 5, 2007 nine am

I just stumbled onto your site - its good to fine someone else who like bad horror movies and eh...  ba.., uh.  games.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 6, 2007 ten past nine am


If you imagine your Guybrush in Monkey Island 3a,would it look like the one in 3?

I assume,that the transferation of your old guybrush into cartoon-style should have resulted otherwise

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 7, 2007 twenty past three am

Please answer me,despite its off topic,im dyiing for your opinion since about 10 years

Posted by Robby on May 7, 2007 ten to four am

Ron should write a book: "1001 scumm secrets" and explain all those little gimmicks from chainsaw fuel to the secret of monkey island. It's time, Ron! Your scumm-mysteries made more people insane than the rubics cube!!! =)

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 7, 2007 half past eleven am

please tell me:
what would your guybrush in Monkey Island 3a look like?

Posted by Sergio on May 8, 2007 twenty past six pm

"The thing I think adventure games have suffered from over the years is that lack of replayability. Every other game genre is something you can play over and over and over. Eventually you kind of work through the systems or you get bored with it, but it has a lot of replayability. But you play adventure games once, and you're just not going to play them again. You might play them several years later, kind of like you watch a movie a second time. I think that's kind of their Achilles heel, in a way."

I usually play the entire Monkey Island series at least once a year

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 9, 2007 ten past one am


Is the Guybrush in MI 3 the one,you created?

Would he look the same,if you'd make a cartoon-Monkey Island?

Would he be that thin and all?

My Imagination of a cartoon-guybrush is totally different.

Posted by Sven on May 9, 2007 twenty to eight am

Is that a piece of Assembler code I'm seeing there? My eyes, oh GOD MY EYES!

Posted by Daniel on May 9, 2007 quarter past eight am

Did I ever tell you Ron that I once downloaded Monkey Island 2? Ahh, those were the days; my original 3.5" floppies no longer wanted to work for me (I got the game for my birthday, back when I turned... hmm, umm 11 or 12 I guess), and at some point of the old 486's life I'd deleted the game to save space. I hadn't been able to play it in years... until the internet! Hey the Monkey 1 disks stoped working too, but lucky I'd gotten myself the ENHANCED CD-ROM version.

Now I have the floppy version, again - and the disks actually still work (for Monkey1). I own several copies now (and by copies I mean original licensed stuff), disks, CD's, etc. You know that the Kixx version of Monkey2 (the first copy I owned) cracked your "DRM" for their release! I reversed it and compiled it into a patching-file, using some program I no longer have:


DeCSS had nothing on me, all it took was a 2-byte patch (ie a single line of code). Makes me think back to the days of loosing certain code-wheels etc and having to play different games (or find ways to crack the DRM)! Much to my disappointment, I never received angry letters from LFL lawyers for hosting those patches, their SCUMM-interpreter files, or Monkey Island 4 part 1 and FOMI which they put a stop to. Anyway, all the files are still there if any of you scurvy SCUMM(tm)-bags wish to explore them.

I also put the original MS-DOS demos there, as well as some other crap. It's amazing, you still can't right-click "save" on that stupid fanspace website!

Posted by lone on May 9, 2007 twenty to two pm

is there any chance that you will attend the games convention in leipzig this year, ron?

it would be a good place to promote the penny arcade adventure and generate interest globally.

ok... honestly, the game won't be in a stage to show it publically anyway, and i just want to meet you and waste some of your valuable time asking you the same, old questions...

Posted by fabian on May 10, 2007 quarter to eight pm

i can't believe you never asked steve jobs for money to make a game ?

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 12, 2007 quarter past ten am

couldnt you please do me that great favor and give me a simple information?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on May 12, 2007 twenty five to eleven am

I have no idea what my Guybrush would have looked like.

Posted by Daniel on May 14, 2007 twenty to five am

LOL, didn't Jackbrush work out the Contact page? http://grumpygamer.com/contact. On a related topic, I think it's fair to say that a draft of Monkey3 would have had to be written before any artwork and animation would begin to take form.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 12, 2007 quarter to one pm

but if you imagine a cartoonversion of this guy here,doesnt it totally differ
from the result in CMI?

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 12, 2007 ten to one pm

cant get the link in here...
Was the endsequence of the first MI (Guybrush and Elaine)
Did you design the Characters on the Covers and in the Photorealistic cutscenes yourselve?

Posted by Gastón on May 12, 2007 ten to eleven pm

Its funny, but this year i read the "Arabians night" ,and guess where Simbad arrives on his 3rd journey?
To Monkey Island!
It was a great and funny surprise. And it doesnt end there. When they arrived, a bunch of monkeys caught them, leave them on the island , and stole their ship! Sound familiar?
I just wanted to comment it with the mi fans. Guess someone got there much before guybrush; and old Herman wasnt the only jerk fooled by the monkeys. :-D
Maybe Ron know this Simbad adventure? otherwise its just a funny coincidense.
good luck!

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 13, 2007 twenty five to nine am


This comes near to my imagination.
Isnt it a lot cooler than the CMI-Idiot?

Posted by Frisenette on May 13, 2007 ten to three pm

I don't know if this has blipped in on you radar yet mr. Gilbert, so here:
Treasure Island Z

Looks pretty... shall we say "inspired" ;-).

The Wii is shaping up to be a real chance of reinvigoration for the point and click genre.
Maybe you should take a look at the possibilities of downloadable games on the Wii (if you haven't already).

Posted by Gastón on May 13, 2007 ten to three pm

No it isnt.
CMI graphics were great, dont know why keep bothering with the subject.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 14, 2007 twenty past two am

Graphics yeah,Guybrush no.
Simply isn't guybrush.Everything is too long

Posted by Joe Davison on May 16, 2007 twenty past seven am

I thought the look suited Guybrush, characters often comment on how tweedy he is.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 14, 2007 twenty five past two am

I never bothered the graphicstyle.
But look at the old hi-res screens like this one:


In CMI,Elaine is a perfect cartoon version of her former self,but Guybrush is out of proportion.
That problem could have been solved with exactly the same graphic-style.

That's it.Ill stop now,before Mr.Ackley gets angry

Posted by Shadee on May 15, 2007 five to five am

Happy 20th anniversary! :)

You deserve lotsa cake for something that's still loved and used by people 20 years later.
I'll have to confiscate half of said cake and stuff my face with it now though.
20 years?..... was it really that long ago?...  am I really that ancient?.... :'(

Posted by Fandi on May 15, 2007 quarter to seven am

20 years. Oh, my... am I that old? I remember playing it on my C64.

When is exactly the birthday of the Maniac Mansion?

Posted by Joe Davison on May 16, 2007 twenty past seven am

Congratulations Ron, the writing on the wall must be read a SCUMM dev has to continue... seriously.

Have a party... Go on...

Posted by Joe Davison on May 16, 2007 twenty past seven am

Grr no edit button >.<
Is it true SCUMM is Open Source nowadays?

Posted by Grant on May 17, 2007 half past nine pm

Unfortunately no, the original SCUMM engine is still the property of LucasArts (grrr) and as such the source is locked in some forgotten safe at the bottom of a well deep, deep within the bowels of of a system of catacombs found underneath the Temple of Knos... I mean the Lucasarts building :P
Fortunately the new re-implementation of the SCUMM engine: ScummVM, is :D ScummVM is a completely different entity and has no connection to LucasArts beyond the games supported

Posted by Joe Davison on May 18, 2007 five to four am

I know about ScummVM :P

Thanks for clearing that, just heard somewhere that since Version 8 SCUMM became Open Source. Someone threaten George Lucas or whoever the big boss man is at LucasArts, if he doesn't make Monkey Island 5, release SCUMM source, give the rights of MI and SCUMM to Ron and make Ron owner of LucasArts, kill him, become the owner of LucasArts and do all that anyway.

Posted by Alain on May 18, 2007 ten past four am

One unsuspected legacy: in the japanese role playing game "Valkyrie Profile 2", by Square-Enix, you have to get your way around a forest protected by a magical mist. Guess how? Yep, follow the flowers (in this case white ones).
Ron, your work really reached every corner of the world :)

Posted by Daan on May 18, 2007 twenty past nine am

I've noticed quite a few 'you should make...' comments. Try typing those three words in Grumpy Gamer's search engne on comments mode.

That's right; 987 results!

That's quite a to-do list... on the Grumpy Gamer 7 to 10 scale I rate it at 9.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 19, 2007 ten past one am

Posted by Joe Davison on May 19, 2007 twenty five past three am

Things to remember about MI3:
a) Timespan, Monkey Island 2 and 3 have a long time between them, Guybrush was a child for most of that time, trapped in Big Whoop
b) Lost at sea, Guybrush has been lost at sea for a while, no food or water, he's bound to get a bit... lanky.
c) Age, Guybrush has aged since MI2, I have pictures of me just a few years ago and I noticed a huge change, the same goes for cuddly adventure game characters.

MI4's Guybrush is perfect, minus the 3Dness. So my vote for MI5 (if it's done), is that it should be a Doom 3 style sequel, a remake of an original in a rich new world.

And SCUMM should enter development again, even if it's not Ron leading it. SCUMM made adventure games, it's a shame to have it forgotten really.

Posted by Daniel on May 21, 2007 five past four am

SCUMM should re-enter development? All SCUMM was was a scripting language; Sierra used their own engine, and then there were many different engines for say, 3D shooters like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, etc. SCUMM didn't "make" adventure games, and it's now old and out-dated. BTW, Guybrush has apparently only aged 1 year between MI2 and CMI - how much do you expect someone to age in one year?!

Posted by Kroms on May 21, 2007 twenty past one pm

The way Guybrush was designed in CMI made him easier to animate in 2D. That's about it.

We should close this subject, now.

Posted by doofis on May 20, 2007 ten to ten am

Posted by Joe Davison on May 20, 2007 ten past ten am

Get that crap away from us, ABANDONWARE!!?? No thanks.

Posted by Joe Davison on May 20, 2007 ten past ten am

Oh my god. You posted that on this site, where Ron will see it... I see Maniac Mansion under Abandonware you sick freak...

Posted by Daniel on May 20, 2007 twenty five past eight pm

I don't think Ron cares, since he can't profit from it anyway (and nor can LEC until they re-release it)! Not all abandonware sites are bad, Home of the Underdogs has a policy not to distribute games when its copyright holder requests that they don't. I suppose you're going to say "Maniac Mansion Deluxe" is for sick freaks as well? (I should note here that I've not downloaded or played MM Deluxe... I wonder though if Ron has!)

Posted by Joe Davison on May 21, 2007 twenty to nine am

I over-reacted then ^^
Yeah I just found out that MMD is actually fan made, but I need a reliable citation. That site is still sick...

Posted by Daniel on May 21, 2007 twenty five to midnight

The only way to get those older SCUMM games is to buy a 2nd-hand copy or to download them. Australia isn't the biggest market in the world, but with 20Mil people or so you could probably find a few of the more common games; but many people in smaller countries (where the game may have never been released) will find it very difficult to get the old games.

I once downloaded Cannibal Holocaust (which was, at the time, banned in Australia). The download wasn't very good quality, but I liked it. So when it was released in America on DVD I bought it (it had been un-banned in Australia too, so I didn't need to worry about customs getting their grubby hands on it! The same DVD is now released in Australia, but I didn't wait for it to be released here!) I've downloaded very few movies, as a matter of fact I'm struggling to think of any other movies I've downloaded (I have a large DVD collection). Now if I'd never downloaded Cannibal Holocaust I may never have bought it. It's not like it's a popular title I can find to hire from VideoEzy.

The other thing about these older games is that it can be equally as difficult to find the shareware or demo versions, and also that people often want to know the game is going to work for them on their computer before they'll pay for it. I'm not saying that abandanware is all positive for copyright holders, but it would certainly have its advantages as well as its disadvantages. I mean I once downloaded MI2 because one of my installation disks was unreadable, I can't possibly see how that was bad for anyone.

Posted by Joe Davison on May 22, 2007 quarter past seven am

I only ever download games due to damaged media or if I've tried for too long to get a new copy.

But I have never, and will never, download a SCUMM, and I'm not saying that just 'cause this is the creators site, I've grown up with that engine.

Posted by YAAYA on May 20, 2007 five to ten am

Posted by Gastón on May 22, 2007 ten past six am

I  agree with that.
Im from Argentina wich isnt an small country, but anyway even today in the 21 century, there are very few places to buy original games. Not to say that in 1990 there werent any. I live deep in the ssouth of the country, in the patagonia, so when i was a child there werent any places to buy original games. All lucas games up to Full Throttle i played them as copies, (There was one guy who was like a gamers-oracle, who sells all the copies of the games). And piracy here on Argentina although illegal as well, isnt as persued as in other countries. There are tons of places that sell copies of games, or music cds, and every one knows them, they are like legal.
Here one 1 us$ is equal to 3 of ours $. So if you think it on the economic side, its even hard to buy original stuff.

Posted by LeChuck86 on May 22, 2007 ten to ten am

Even though this is offtopic...

Ron, are you going to "Pirates of the Carribean 3:At World's End" on the first day or will you wait a while before you go?

Posted by Photographer on May 22, 2007 eleven am

Does a forthcoming pro-fotoshooter need a Mac?Has Vista shrinkened the advantage?
HERE essential conversiation!

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 22, 2007 twenty past eleven am

Posted by Paul Veverka on May 22, 2007 twenty five past two pm


Thought i would leave a comment about EVO (Project eplay). In case you dont know about this yet, this is due to be launched on 15th July 2007 and will change the way casual gaming is thought about online. Large incomes will be made. I?m one of the Group leaders and direct frontline to the company and offering big names in casual gaming (such as yourself) a ?heads up?. If you?re interested , please visit the website at www.e-playnow.co.uk and I?ll forward you the most recent news instantly as it happens. Project eplay is the ONLY thing gamers online are going to be talking about for the next few years!

Posted by Freax on May 23, 2007 quarter to three am

If SCUMM isnt under the open source agreement then how is it that SCUMMVM is able read the games?

Posted by Joe Davison on May 23, 2007 quarter past eleven am

I beleive LucasArts let them borrow code. I'm not really sure... Let's ask

Posted by Mancomb Seepgood on May 23, 2007 seven am

Get over it Jackbrush.  I know that I (and several other younger gamers like myself) played CMI before playing any of the others.

I personally love the Guybrush in CMI, he is goofy, he is clearly far too scrawny to be a "mighty pirate" and above it all he manages to do some cool stuff as a result of it all.

Like it or not, thats how they took the character when they tried to animate him in a non-realistic manner.

I think that as gamers we should be thankful that people will occasionally veer away from the ultra-realistic soulless games that most consumers demand.

It was fun, funny and drew me towards the delights of the earlier games.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 23, 2007 twenty past eight am

I agree with almost everything and do like the cartoon-style,like i told several times....
But he could have looked funny and goofy and all,without changing his whole appearance.
Apart from that,i also like CMI.

Posted by Daan on May 23, 2007 five past noon

Jackbrush, please understand that your very outspoken views are no more useful than a single theologian's opinion on how the Ten Commandments should have been written.
He can say, "It would have been more sensible if God had told Moses about abortion and euthanasia in his commandment 'Do not kill'"
but the fact is; the commandments have been written, everyone has their opinion on how they should be interpreted and they aren't going to be changed. Similarly the MI3 Guybrush was made, everyone has their opinion on his looks but it is not going to change anything.
Please stop posting your opinion on Guybrush's MI3 look, I assure you that everyone is aware of it and has taken it into account.

Posted by Daniel on May 24, 2007 three am

Yes, but you must realize the Ark held two copies of the 10 commandments - not one as most people assume. I'd explain why, but that'd be off-topic.

EMI was the most unfaithful/blasphemous sequel ever to be made in the history of computer games. CMI was a rather faithful sequel - but of course I don't think they wanted to pretend it had been created by the same team behind the first two; and to do so would have been disrespectful.

On that note I'll note that MI2 used SCANNED art and MI1 used DIGITALLY PAINTED "art". Yet I don't hear Jackbrush complaining about that!

Or what about the fact that the text item inventory was upgraded to a graphical one (and don't tell me about MI1 CD-ROM - that came AFTER MI2)

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on May 24, 2007 twenty to ten am

Hi Dan,
you misunderstood me,in one essential point,like jonathan ackley did before:
I never expected the quality of the hi-res pictures,i like CMI's cartoon-style.
But why did the transfer work on all the charakters but the main charakter?
You recognize Stan,Wally,Elaine,LeChuck and every damn Monkey as their Cartoony Alter-Egos,but Guybrush looks totally different.
A charakter hasnt to have a long nose and face,to look goofy and fit into a cartoon-adventure.

Now i'll stop to go on Rons and everyones nerves,i only wanted to make clear,that i never compared or critizised any graphic-styles.

Posted by Pirates of the Caribean 3 stunk on May 25, 2007 ten past three pm

I caught PoC3 the other night and I gotta say I can't get rid of the damn headache I have now from all the different plotlines I had no memory of from the last film >.<.  Needless to say Ron needs to call George Lucas on the phone and get the movie rights to The Secret of Monkey Island (I just don't trust Lucas with em...).  A monkey island trilogy would have people going, pirates of the wha?!  I'm sure they can find a lead actor that could compete with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom put together, although it might be harder to cast an Elaine Marley that can looks as good as a Kira Knightly did in skimpy pirate threads.  Hell I got the perfect cast for the Voodoo Lady...Miss Cleo!! you remember?... the crazy telephone psychic :P

Posted by PanchoX on May 26, 2007 twenty past six pm


i haven't realize this until i read it

Posted by Gastón on May 26, 2007 nine pm

The bone dance  isnt a monkey island song, its really old. I dont know it  origin cause english isnt my natural tongue, and we dont have an spanish version of it :)  Although y remember it from a lot of different places. In games, a think in King quest 6, when you have to enter hell, you ve to play this song on a bone-xilophon, so the guards should move.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on May 27, 2007 ten to seven am

Dry Bones

It's called Dem Bones in the states.

Posted by Dani, from Mallorca Island (Spain) on May 27, 2007 twenty five past three pm





Posted by Roman, from Cordoba (Spain) on May 31, 2007 ten past eleven am

DO OF ALL FORMS...damn, that was spanglish!

Posted by Freax on May 30, 2007 half past three am

Joe if lucasarts let the SCUMMVM developers borrow code of the SCUMM engine/language then that would mean that SCUMM would be under the open source agreement aka Gnu General Public License.

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Jun 1, 2007 ten past one pm

Hey Ron,
what do you think about "At Worlds End"
Sorry for interrupting your topic with Guybrushs Look

Posted by Jackbrush Threepdagnac on Jun 2, 2007 quarter to eight am

Hey man,
the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie deserves a topic....
ok,maybe it doesn't

Posted by Joe Fante on Jun 2, 2007 twenty five to midnight

Hey Ron,
Have a look at this game!
I think they have played for sure all your classics and they did an excellent job!
I found this small review on Jayisgames:

"More than 3 years in development, The Terrific Menace of the Invaders from Audiogalaxy is much more than a mouthful. Created by a group of dedicated authors and aficionados of the classic graphic adventure games from the nineties, they pay homage to these games of yesterday through a brand new adventure in a style very similar to Day of the Tentacle.

A charming experience filled with colorful characters?some humorous, some ironic?that takes you on a journey through time, visiting musical legends and destinations of Turin, London, and even Woodstock."



Posted by Federico "m3rlino" Belli on Jun 3, 2007 quarter past ten am

I'm Italian and i played the title you mentioned in italian, quite a nice job, there are many inspirations from Ron games, plus inside games like ron's games, quite interesting for sure.
It was also quite difficult puzzles and not boring ones. Unfortunately it didn't manage to have the right outcome in italy. I don't know why, maybe because it was free?
Greetings everybody

Posted by shay on Jun 4, 2007 quarter to six pm

Do you have examples of the SCUMM language available?

Posted by James Urquhart on Jun 7, 2007 twenty past two am


If you are looking for an example of the original language, i'm as mystified as you are, though perhaps could have looked something like this:

10 TITLE "Monkey Island"
30 GOTO 10

... then again, maybe not :)

On a more serious note, there is actually an open source Scumm compiler & linker which uses a C-like syntax.

Posted by m3rlino on Jun 7, 2007 twenty five past three pm

Another interesting instrument to build monkey like games is adventure game studio, thank to it they remade Maniac Mansion with a brand new style and i was able to play it.
I don't know why i was so willing to play it, that i read the solutions. Really a nice game...
Where has ron been all this time? Maybe soon some new game will be produced? Maybe they will soon release monkey island 2.b?
I'm waiting for that :)

Posted by Jack Shandy on Jun 8, 2007 ten past five am

Sorry for interrupting as always,but i heard that Gore Verbinski mentioned Monkey Island in an interview and the "monkey island Movie" thread is down.
Is that true?Has anyone heard of it?
I Think he avoids it because of copyright issues and the big check,he awes to Ron.

Posted by m3rlino on Jun 8, 2007 twenty five to one pm

If that's true i will watch it when it will be shown around in theaters. I'm waiting for that. But, will it be Ron to be storywriter or Lucasfilm? I hope that it will be the first, or maybe that the second will accept that the first will write   the story.
Let's keep informed about it. Bye

Posted by Jack Shandy on Jun 9, 2007 twenty past midnight

If at all,he only mentioned it as source of inspiration for "Pirates of the Caribbean"....
but i never found such a comment in any interview....

Posted by Gastón on Jun 9, 2007 five to four pm

Well,  the inspiration of Pirates of the Caribean  was the Disneyworld atraction of the same name.  The same with Monkey Island, i rembember reading that Ron took inspiration from the same atracction.
So, Pirates... and Monkey Island came from the same idea, sort of....
Thats i thik, why i see so many coincidences between both (ghost crew and ship, a secret island,) and Geofrey Rush character makes me think on  Le Chuck,

Posted by Jack Shandy on Jun 9, 2007 quarter to one pm

By the way,
Ron,what do you think of PotC3 ?

Posted by fajerkaos on Jun 9, 2007 quarter to five pm

Have it finally happen'? Have all people who were whining about Monkey Island at last bored our dear Ron to death?

It remains to be seen...

Posted by Jack Shandy on Jun 10, 2007 twenty five past nine am

Yeah Gaton,that all has been said,but i wonder,if verbinski ever admitted it

Posted by Jack Shandy on Jun 11, 2007 five to six am

Yeah i just finished MI 1&2 for the 139th time.....
I nearly forgot,HOW awesome they are.
It was the enhanced version of MI2 with Roland sounds and the second part with MIDI
A wholy new experience.
I'm flashed away........


Posted by NatsFan on Jun 15, 2007 twenty past two pm

I never really liked the MT-32 music for LucasArts games.  Sure, they were more realistic, but the Adlib music was a bit more pleasing to the ear.

Posted by Abelone on Jun 12, 2007 quarter to six am

Hey Ron, there are rumours about MI 5.
I hope you're going to be involved in this (theoretical) project!

Posted by m3rlino on Jun 12, 2007 twenty past one pm

Is that true? Can you post some link? Some web site? Some hint? Shall we know which is the mystery of monkey island? Will it be expensive? Will i be able to buy it?

Posted by eobet on Jun 13, 2007 ten to one am

Kotaku had a report of a fansite which had concept art sent to them by Steve Purcell himself apparently.

Posted by Daan on Jun 15, 2007 twenty past eight am

That would be World of Monkey Island- they recently received piratey pictures from Purcell and also (I believe) posted a rumour about MI5.

Posted by NatsFan on Jun 16, 2007 twenty five to four pm

We do NOT need another MI game that has not been made by Ron.  CMI was teriffic, but EMI was awful.  I don't trust those idiots at LucasArts to make adventure games anymore, especially now that Dave Grossman is at Telltale.

Posted by Itamar Schefi on Jun 17, 2007 half past two am

I don't know, I think that EMI was much better than CMI. CMI wasn't funny at all. Another game will do only good for MI series.

Posted by MightyPirate on Jun 21, 2007 twenty five past two pm

Might be worth noting that CMI was not by Ron Gilbert either.  And EMI, while probably the weakest of the Monkey Island games, still had its charms.  It wasn't wholly bad, it just didn't quite live up to the games that preceded it.

Posted by Neo on Jun 12, 2007 twenty to two pm


Posted by Rachel J. Morris on Jun 15, 2007 ten to two pm

I totally had a dream last night that a new Freddi Fish was made, and I was really excited to play it, even though I'm way over the age "limit" now. @_@;;  Forget Monkey Island 2.5 or 5 or 3000 or whatever, do you have the rights to the HE games? XD

Sorry for dumb post, just got tired of reading same-old-same-oldish posts. :3

Posted by NatsFan on Jun 16, 2007 twenty to four pm

I played the HE games when I was a kid, I really liked Spy Fox.

I think that Infogrames has the rights to them.

Posted by Rachel J. Morris on Jun 16, 2007 eight pm

Awf.  Ehe, I still play SpyFox 2 for the minigame shmup.

Posted by spanishgirl on Jun 19, 2007 quarter to ten am

I miss your adventure games,the SCUMM BAR,Threepood and other genius things creatives .... when my baby grown I will put your games in his computer.... it's time to return to work in a new cool really funny adventure that crash the industry,don't think?
xs for those about to rock we salute you!
pd. I think I have see a tree heads monkey....

Posted by Errrr...hello? on Jun 21, 2007 ten to two am

Is Ron still updating this site?

Seems like it's been forever since a post :)

Posted by Mightypirate on Jun 21, 2007 quarter past three am

I still hold out hope for an episodic Monkey Island series in the vein of the new Sam and Max games.

Even so, ScummVM works well, and lets me play LeChuck's Revenge as much as I like.  I love my nonlinear piratey adventure games.

Posted by Gastón on Jun 21, 2007 five past eleven am

Can you explain me how that episodic series work?
I heard a little about that, but im not sure.  
Is it one game just released in episodes, or every episode has a differnt plot line? And where is the game available?

Posted by max on Jun 21, 2007 ten past one pm

i would expect each episode would be one of the parts of the game... so something like 4 - 6 episodes/parts would be one full game... i don't think the episodic struckture would work well with MI unless they do it this way...

Posted by MightyPirate on Jun 21, 2007 twenty five past two pm

The episodic content is how the new Sam and Max adventure game was delivered.  Basically, the duo of crimefighters would puzzle through a game that was about two hours long, chock full of humor and puzzles.

There was an overarching storyline which tied all six episodes together, but they are each standalone episodes.  One can play only a single episode, but one has a more satisfying experience playing through the entire thing because all the little hints throughout are explained, and the plot is tied together.

I think Monkey Island could lend itself well to this style of gameplay.  Especially considering how popular the Sam and Max games have been, I can't help but wonder if there's a market for a Monkey Island episodic series.

Posted by James Grebmops on Jun 21, 2007 quarter to ten am

The secret of Monkey Island is a game.

Posted by Beto on Jun 22, 2007 five past eleven am

Hello mr. Gilbert.

It's just to thank you for Monkey Island 1 & 2. It was great growing up playing them. It was a "cult" (note: LOL) as well in my home Portugal. Always inspirational.

That is all.

Posted by Kning on Jun 24, 2007 twenty to two pm

There is a german bloke who made a nice effort in putting a MOnkey Island Flash movie together...
Although the language is german, some of you might what to risk a look: It is based on Monkey Island One, so you know the story anyway. Just have a look here:

Posted by MightyPirate on Jun 25, 2007 twenty five past two pm

That is one of the best things I've ever seen.  Absolutely hilarious!

I need to memorize "Look, a three-headed monkey" in German so I can repeat it to my German step-cousins this summer.

Posted by Mttu on Jun 26, 2007 quarter to four pm

"Hinter dir, ein dreik�pfiger Affe!" = "Behind you, a three-headed monkey." or so. My english-skills are terrible^^

Posted by Mr Gilbert on Jun 27, 2007 five to seven am

I love Space Quest!!!


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