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Dec 19, 2012 five to ten am

If you missed the carnival this summer, all is not lost...

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Posted by Girl of Low Moral Fiber (Mighty Pirate Tumbler Gamer™) on Dec 19, 2012 ten to three pm

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'm really really excited for The Cave.

Oh la lá! Exotic Clothed Dancers... I would pay a Ron Dollar for seeing them to dance Never Gonna Give You Up. Yes. I would do it.

Posted by SalvadorWiiU on Dec 20, 2012 twenty five to four am

Hiii Ron:

I love all your games, you make my childhood very fun and charming. I think Monkey Island (1&2) are my favorite games, I love the humor and the crazy puzzle I found there. Thank you for it.

I am waithing your Caving game and the other Graphic Adventure financiate by Crowfounding. See you :)


Posted by Ossobuco on Dec 20, 2012 quarter past noon

Super cool, I hope when the game will be out we'll have all the cave areas like this! Or maybe it's possible to zoom out during the game?

Posted by Johnny99 on Dec 22, 2012 seven pm

I think this picture gives the best impression yet of how the game will be like. You can see that it's more adventure and less j'n'r style. The carnival is on first sight somehow build like the mansion in Maniac Mansion (different rooms and levels) and maybe in the final game there will be a meta level where the carnival is also just ine "room" in a large "mansion". If it is so, then the game will be epic. To me an instant first day release buy.
Unfortunately it's just downloadable, so I can't buy it twice or a third time. Really, I would!

Posted by thebeerdr on Jan 21, 2013 quarter to six am

This carnival level/imagery looks so Monkey Island-like that it brings a warm glow to my insides... but that could easily be gut rot!

I'm looking forward to this game so much; there are echoes of the old and much-loved that we all know about, but it also has a sheen of newness and something different! It's exciting!

Is it the 23rd yet!?

Posted by Marcus on Jan 25, 2013 ten past four am

Wow! Do you have this kind of image map for all the other stages too? Can we get them too, pleeeeease? This is something I would hang on my wall. It's beautiful!

Bought the game on launch day via PSN. I love it! Esp. the toonish design and the love of detail that went into it. I'd definitely like to see more games of this kind :)

Posted by onclebk on Jan 25, 2013 half past six pm

Can we have more of artworks like this ???
We need all the maps !

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