London Meet-Up

Dec 6, 2012 twenty five past midnight

It's been quite a while since we did a meet-up in London, so what they heck, let's do one this Saturday Dec 8th.  If you're interested in hanging out, talking about adventure games and playing a little of The Cave, drop an email to [REMOVED] so we know how many people are coming.  It will be fun.  Or maybe not.  I have no idea!  But that's the thrill of not knowing!

Other people's comments:

Posted by Alex on Dec 6, 2012 half past eight am

Can't wait or this game, its very beautiful!! Im looking forward to The Cave event at London!

Posted by Saebaryo999 on Dec 7, 2012 twenty past five am

Oh, too late :( It's quite far for me (Belgium) but I will miss this event! Long live the Cave!

Posted by George32027 on Dec 9, 2012 five past ten am

Ron Gilbert nearer than ever to me (just 1185 km) and I couldn't be there, damn!! :/

Posted by Roman Pessarov on Dec 9, 2012 twenty five past four pm

HI! London-based film student over here! I missed the meet-up because I'm an idiot. I really want to do an interview with you; I sent you more details as PM.

Posted by Leo on Dec 10, 2012 half past two am

I could not resist to post this to your comment : D

(no, I do not get any money from sony)

Posted by Leo on Dec 10, 2012 twenty five past two am

why London, when you can freeze also in Luxembourg... : )

Posted by Roger H├ągensen on Dec 13, 2012 quarter to two am

Wrote a blog/article about the future of Monkey Island, if anything the post might help stir up some dust and support for you. And yeah. it's only a Gamasutra "blog", but of the last 8 blog posts I've made, 6 of them have been "Featured Blog" on the Gamasutra frontpage, and with any luck, this will hopefully be featured as well (and stay there for a day or so).

Oh! And although I forgot to mention it in the article/blog/post, I first played Monkey Island on the Amiga and was one of my most valued games, so it (and Monkey 2) has had a special place in my heart since then.

Posted by Graham on Dec 13, 2012 twenty five to eleven am

Fiddlesticks. I was in between-train limbo in London that day.

Posted by PeterLane on Dec 13, 2012 ten past seven pm

I can't believe I didn't visit THE Ron Gilbert when I am mere hours away in Canterbury I have failed my gaming roots as a lover of Monkey Island and all thing Humongous too! I am ashamed! Oh and thank you 'Roger Hagensen' for the interesting link about Monkey Island, that was the first thought I have when Disney bought Lucas, I was thinking "I don't care if they make more Star Wars I want to here about to giving of all old adventure game rights to Tim and Ron!"

Posted by softdrinkviking on Dec 17, 2012 twenty past six pm


Are you based outta London now?

Sorry I couldn't be there.

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