Sofia giotidi
Hi guys,

Yeah, i kept working on MOIA because i thought "yes double fine uses it, they know something better".

But in fact Oliver franzke from Double fine has written TONS and TONS of code on top of MOIA, it is not MOIA anymore. In fact MOIA was more used as a good, let's say, starting C++ project template. There is no support for MOIA, its own community struggles with making sense of the very sparse and incomplete code releases.

Btw i think Ron you are looking for a thing that doesn't exist by definition. You say "modern" 2d point and click engines are disappointing in terms of their features. This is oxymoron. "Claimed" 2d point and click engines were to serve the creation of games that have that old, nostalgic feeling in terms of functionality,etc. Do not expect more from that.

Moreover, you COULD create a 2D classic point and click game in an engine like Flash, Unity, even  Unreal 4 and CryEngine (why not?) with tons of modern state-of-the-art features.
So the evaluation of "modern" 2d engines should not be limited to engines like AGS, Wintermute,etc.