Ron Gilbert
Yeah, I think I am coming to that conclusion. The big problem I see with some of the adventure game engines (or engines like Unity) is they try and integrate a general purpose programming language, like Lua or C#.

While it's powerful, it does mean the tasks that should be easy, now take more code or hacked in constructs. One of the advantages of SCUMM was that it was built specifically for adventure games. Some very complex tasks (that you'd only need in adventure games) could be accomplished with one line of code. It also had a wonderful multi-tasking system that I have yet to see in any other language. Yes, you can get a similar result in Lua, but to my earlier point, it takes way more code.

That said, SCUMM had it's issues if you strayed outside of the adventure game. At Humongous Entertainment, we used SCUMM not only for the adventure games, but also for the Backyard Sports games, and it was a pain in the ass. We were taking a non-adventure game and twisting it into an adventure game. Lua and the like didn't really exist back then, but we would have been better off.

General purpose tools are great, but sometimes you want use a tool built just for the job it needs to do.