Maybe he would like to write born again SCUMM :P

I would like to ask:
What's wrong with something like

guybrush.SayLine("Mmm, bananas...");
guybrush.SayLine("Wish I had a banana-picker");

with all actions that internally fill an action queue like a stream or something like that?

I mean, can't you recreate your desired framework modules (e.g. your Entity Component system, your IoC container, integrate your favourite tween engine, etc. at a base layer, then you adventure games framework on top of it) using a general purpose language, and then program the game at higher level, using your own design?

In this way, when needed, you have the flexibility to add features that your framework didn't provide and directly use your modules at a lower layer.
I think these kind of exceptions would be hard to be managed by an application-specific language.