The Cave E3 Coverage Recap

Jun 11, 2012 five past noon

In celebration of me surviving another E3 I'm going to post a piece of very very early concept art done for The Cave by Double Fine artist Mark Hammer.  Like most caves found in nature, this one also has a carnival.

Now on to the E3 coverage for The Cave:

"The Cave is a smart game that reminds me what's so great about adventuring."

"We couldn't help but giggle through the entire experience and I'm looking forward to trying it myself."
Girl Gamer

"Once you see it, you'll wonder why every adventure game isn't exactly like this."
8Bit Envy

"I can't shake the feeling that this living, breathing cave is just biding its time, waiting for me to show up and explore its mysterious depths."
Adventure Gamers

"A clever, charming puzzle adventure filled with humor and interesting characters."
USA Today

"The Cave appears to have everything I love about adventure games wrapped in a fun, accessible package."
Gaming Zone

"It may just be my favorite game I've seen at E3 so far."

"It's almost as though Gilbert is trying to remove as much frustration as possible from a genre well-known for...well, frustration."

"The Cave looks like a fantastic treat for adventure fans wanting more control over the onscreen riddles."
Game Informer

"I only got a brief glimpse of The Cave at E3, but I'm already intrigued by the game's 3D comic stylings, puzzling platforming and occasionally dark humor." 15 of the Best Games at E3

"If this game doesn't make you laugh, give yourself a pinch to make sure you're still conscious."

"The Cave had me smiling all throughout the demo, and I have a feeling that adventure fans are going to be totally won over by the game's welcome nostalgia and charming humor."

"Much as The Cave compels its eclectic cast of characters to search for their innermost desires, the E3 demo got its hooks in me, and likely won't let go until I have a chance to do some exploring of my own."
Shack News

"You don't want to be in this head," Gilbert promised."

Game Informer's Best Adventure Game and Best Downloadable Game at E3
Kotaku Best Idea of E3
Machinima E3 interview

If I've missed any please let me know.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Landon Robinson on Jun 11, 2012 twenty five past noon

Posted by Luke on Jun 11, 2012 ten to one pm

And the best game of the e3 award from

Posted by Alien426 on Jun 11, 2012 twenty five past ten pm

"The Cave had me smiling all throughout the demo."

Posted by Jonathan Arnold on Jun 12, 2012 quarter past nine am

Posted by CamembertEater on Jun 13, 2012 twenty five to two am

Few words on GameOne (french TV) about it.

What they told : it is an action-adventure game (?), with THREE (??) playable characters but they were not allowed to show any content (???).

No picture or video from the game, just the guy talking in front of a large cublicle whith the "cave" logo on it...

Posted by carlos on Jun 13, 2012 twenty to three pm

Huh, don't know if you noticed, my dear Mr Gilbert, but USA Today seems to think that The Cave is a puzzle adventure game. I find it a bit presumptuououus of you to presume you know better than USA Today does.

Please accept my kindest regards.
Yours, sincerely

(Sorry, I lost count of my o's an u's there.)

Posted by Leo on Jun 14, 2012 twenty past four am


Posted by Bert on Jun 14, 2012 quarter to noon

Ok, Ron - you've got me. I want to play this. So can you please release it for Mac OS X?

Posted by Lightprayer on Jun 19, 2012 five to noon

"You don't want to be in this head"

Posted by DC on Jun 29, 2012 twenty five past one pm

Carnivals can be found in most all caves, as well as in jungles on Caribbean islands. Awesome. And FACT.

Posted by softdrinkviking on Aug 7, 2012 quarter past ten am

Looks Great Ron! Totally looking forward to this. :)

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