DeathSpank is not...

Jul 29, 2008 ten to seven pm

Despite what 1UP said, DeathSpank is NOT a superhero.  I hate superheroes.  I'm one of only 5 people on the planet brave enough to admit the new Batman movie was a big pile of poo.  Come on people.  Think about it.  There was only one superhero movie worth more than the vomit of plastic it was printed on and it was pure genius:  Unbreakable.

To recap:

  • DeathSpank: Not a superhero.
  • Batman: Big pile of poo.
  • Unbreakable: Pure genius.

You are all now better people.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Ruzom on Jul 29, 2008 seven pm

Thanks for your wisdom, Ron :']

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jul 29, 2008 five past seven pm

It's why I'm here.

Posted by Zripwud on Jul 29, 2008 twenty past seven pm

I like Batman ... :I

Posted by The_Raven on Jul 29, 2008 half past seven pm

Does this make Ron a superhero now?

Posted by Robert 'Groby' Blum on Jul 29, 2008 twenty five to eight pm

Stick to games ;)

Unbreakable was a pretty large pile of crap. A one-trick director, and a one-trick camera guy, combined with a story told so transparently that you'd know what's coming withing 15 minutes?

The only worthy superhero movie is clearly "Batman & Robin" ;)

Posted by DAGO on Jul 29, 2008 twenty to eight pm

But Guybrush is a superhero, you can't hate them, I mean, who else but a superhero could face the most dangerous evil zombie pirate and not pee his pantaloons?

Posted by JSW on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to eleven pm

320x200x256 hides a lot, you know.

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 11, 2008 quarter past seven pm

Best comment ever.

Posted by raydancer on Jul 29, 2008 eight pm

I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked Unbreakable.  And I hope you're not being sarcastic.

Posted by Nando on Jul 29, 2008 ten past eight pm

Like there's only one true pirate movie...

Hey, I also think Unbreakable was pure genius!

Posted by MarioColbert on Jul 29, 2008 twenty five to nine pm

You know why Dr. Gilbert makes video games rather than review movies for a living?

Well, I guess we do now. :)

Also, from HotHead Games website:

"Players will follow the thong-tastic adventures of a misguided hero named DeathSpank, a character that first appeared on Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer web site in a series of animated comics."

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jul 29, 2008 twenty to nine pm

It says "hero", not "superhero".

And yes, I don't review movies because I am not a tool of the movie industry and can think for myself.

Posted by Nacho on Jul 29, 2008 five past ten pm

Why being able to think for yourself means you don't get to write movie reviews? I myself would take account of your opinions, since I respect you as a storyteller.

Posted by MarioColbert on Jul 31, 2008 twenty past five pm

Yeah, they got "hero" from the press release, and "super" from "creator of Monkey Island" bit, all I was saying is that their mistake wasn't that far off from the truth.

I'm super, though. And a hero. (Mostly because I recognize that opinions are irrelevant unless you own the website which hosts such, as such is the power of the last word, and its mighty mighty might.)

Posted by Aridi on Jul 29, 2008 ten to nine pm

Oh, great!  Crying about Dark Knight.  Just as bad as all these losers who think TDK was the greatest movie ever.

Posted by Sqorgar on Jul 29, 2008 twenty five to ten pm

Maybe they meant that he is super AND he's a hero. 1up is not known for their grammatical prowess. They still think a lighthouse is a house which glows in the dark. The time they discovered that peanuts are completely unrelated to peas invoked such terrifying rage that I still fear them as I fear clowns, spiders, the outdoors, words beginning with the letter 'q', and small men with large hats.

Posted by Graham J on Aug 14, 2008 eight pm

Actually.. peanuts ARE peas... they are not nuts. :D

Posted by Lightwalker on Oct 1, 2008 twenty five past five pm

Actually, peanuts aren't peas. Both peas and peanuts are part of the legume family along with many types of bean.

Saying a peanut is a pea is like saying a car is a motorbike, it's not, it's just that they're both forms of transportation.

I'll take my pedant of the year award now thank you! :oP

Posted by Lenny on Jul 29, 2008 twenty to ten pm

That's how we love you, Ron! You grumpy thing.

Posted by eli on Jul 29, 2008 quarter to eleven pm

Thanks for the reassurance. Incidentally, I wonder who the other 3 people are.

Posted by David Thomsen on Jul 30, 2008 twenty five past seven am

My girlfriend is one of them. I have no intention of seeing the film ever. This is because I cannot remember a single thing that happened in Batman Begins, except that some kid fell in a hole and then there were some bats. Indy Jones 4 may not have been that great, but at least I can more or less remember everything that happened in the film.

Incidentally, why does everyone think having aliens is such a great departure from previous Indy films? It's not like there's any more suspension of disbelief required to believe in aliens than to believe in holy relics.

Posted by Barf on Jul 30, 2008 five past nine am

Though of the day.  Go see the movie, come home, and THEN start fucking around with the lady.  You'll tend to remember movies better that way.

Posted by foobar on Jul 30, 2008 quarter to one pm

I remember the first one. I think there's a synopsis here. :)

I felt it was to Batman, what Casino Royale was to 007. Don't invent something new, and put an old name on it for the sake of marketability. Batman is about cheesy costumes, carefully labeled equipment and the Batmobile. 007 is about witty remarks, unrealistic situations and Q. If you think it's been done to death, create something new, don't try to "fix" it by taking it seriously.

What were we talking about? Oh right, superheroes... they suck...

Posted by Lightwalker on Oct 1, 2008 half past five pm

Well for me at least I'm a christian so I've got a lot of belief in holy relics.

Doesn't mean I have to believe in aliens too, just in the power of god.

By the way I'm not bible bashing I'm just pointing out that to many these ideas are mutually exclusive. Believing in God doesn't mean you have to believe in every theory going.

I'm also not saying I don't believe in aliens I'm just saying you can totally believe in one and not the other.

Also regardless of them having magic powers I believe the ark of of the covenant to still be on this earth somewhere. I don't see that massive alien temples exist on earth when we have no evidence of alien contact. We at least have evidence that a man called Jesus existed and was crucified etc.

Posted by D on Jul 29, 2008 twenty five past eleven pm

I am one of those. I wonder who the other two are. :)

Dark Knight is basically a police thriller slash drama story which could also function if you take away all those costumes and masks and gadgets. There is nothing comic book related in the movie and even less Batman stuff. Although story is complex and deals with moral and ethical degradation, I just couldn't feel it or care for it. All in all, boring movie, way overhyped.

As for superhero genre ... well, obviously Ron hasn't read Watchmen. :)

Posted by Jimmy_D on Jul 30, 2008 five to one am

Considering that Batman is a product of 1930s noir pulp-fiction I thought the movie was the epitome of batman.

Posted by Dick tracy on Jul 30, 2008 five past eleven am

And what did you expect from batman? He is a fucking detective that likes to dress up like a bat

Posted by Lightwalker on Oct 1, 2008 twenty five to six pm

"which could also function if you take away all those costumes and masks and gadgets" - errrrm how exactly when the crux points of the film are all about batman being blackmailed to reveal his true identity, something he wouldn't have to do if he wasn't a costumed superhero, cops don't generally have to reveal their identity, not run around in a mask.

Also what would be the climax? Harvey dent turned into a psycopathic coin flipping mutant with two faces, like that happens all the time in realistic gritty cop dramas right?

Posted by Lightwalker on Oct 1, 2008 twenty five to six pm

Sorry I posted the above gibberish, it's late, I'm drunk, the OP annoyed me with his blatant textual garbage.

I should have said that were batman a cop then cops DO have to reveal their identity, not run around in masks.

I also should have capitalised the first letters on peoples name and the beginning of a couple of sentences...sue me :oP

Posted by DarkArmada on Jul 29, 2008 twenty five past eleven pm

Oh noes, u have dissed teh DK, to arms fellow internetarians!

So he's not a Superhero but he is a hero, how about "Quazi-Superhero"? Or maybe "Diet Superhero"? :P

Posted by Alice on Aug 1, 2008 five to nine am

Superhero Lite

Posted by ominousorb on Jul 29, 2008 half past eleven pm

LIES!!! I won't hear any of it!


Looking forward to DeathSpank btw :-D

... but seriously, I guess The Dark Knight just isn't your thing -- won't stop me from loving it

and yeah, really looking forward to that DeathSpank there ... I'm really antsy to just see how it's gonna look!

Posted by Roboto on Jul 30, 2008 five past midnight

so you like Watchmen stuff?

Posted by GORBA on Jul 30, 2008 quarter past midnight

Ron is one of those guys that think that if anything is being too hyped or aclaimed by the media it has to be bad.
ts ts ts ts...

If you didn't had fun watching Dark Knight you were obviously not wanting to let the movie be fun. You were probably sitting in the cinema grumpying around and bitching about every silly detail....
Sure the movie is full of incosistencies and doesn't feel much like a comic book. But it sure is fun, and feels batman.

Posted by newt on Jul 30, 2008 ten to one am

+1 for pure genius of Unbreakable. Feels good not to be alone on this one.

Posted by ninomojo on Jul 30, 2008 quarter past three am

Yep, Unbreakable was grand. Which makes it very weird that Lady in the Water and The Happening happenned...

Posted by Ninomojo on Jul 30, 2008 ten past three am

So, the Ron Gilbert doesn't like the Dark Knight but thought Indiana Jones 4 was awesome.

I love you. Very much. I do. So why do you do this to me ??

Posted by Guy on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to five am

But Batman is not a superhero. He's just filthy rich and knows some ninjitsu.

Posted by Brush on Jul 30, 2008 twenty five to seven am

xDDD That's right!

Posted by Gorba on Jul 30, 2008 five to eleven am

See Gilbert? Learn with the words of this Guy

Posted by JSW on Jul 30, 2008 quarter to eleven pm

Batman's superpower is the ability to make everyone else in the room's IQ drop by 50 points whenever he's around so that he looks smart. The Joker has the same power, plus the ability to recruit an inexhaustible supply of henchmen despite the fact that he keeps killing them.

Posted by Nollie on Jul 5, 2011 ten am

Thanks guys, I just about lost it looinkg for this.

Posted by Baman on Jul 30, 2008 ten to five am

I guess not all opinions have to be coherent. Sounds unbelievable, but I was told it's true.
For all superhero haters:

Posted by dflock on Jul 30, 2008 five to five am

How can you not like The Incredibles?

Posted by Chalito on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to six am

I liked the batman movie. I also liked Indy 4 (awesome!)

But while I admit I haven't seen Unbreakable (so I won't comment on it), I can't stand most movies from Night Shyamalan.. I liked 6th sense, but then the village and signs were utter garbage.

I mean, geez, "Signs".. WTF? little grey men that come traveling all across the universe to take over the planet, and don't realize before getting out of their flying saucers that the planet is made in 80% of the substance they have a deadly allergy to??? and they can't even wear a RAINCOAT??? I mean, you could just kill those things by spitting at them!!

yeah, I felt kinda insulted by that piece of trash.. but The Dark Knight was fun, I especially enjoyed the Joker, very nice interpretation.

Posted by FBiarriz on Jul 30, 2008 six am

There's water in the air as well... so imagine they went to the Amazonas...

Posted by Elaine Marley on Jul 30, 2008 twenty five past two pm

Obviously you don't understand nothing about clasics sci-fi plots, and nothing about life in general. I bet you run Linux and that kind of stuff.

SIGNS is a delicate ode (!) to books like The War of the Worlds, when a very simple thing can destroy the "superior" life forms. That idea it's also present in the new movie of Shyamalan (The Happening), and it's been taken in greats movies like The Body Snatchers.

Unbreakable it's the best movie of superheroes that a person who hate yankicomics can take. ��But Batman of C. Nolan is the second!! Both films have realistic and logical screenplays.
So... maybe Ron saw the George Clooney's film, I don't know what happened to him... but he's a little wrong... but, Indy 4 it's awesome!! Sure, cof-- :P

Posted by Chalito on Jul 31, 2008 twenty five past nine am

You're actually comparing Signs to War of the Worlds? The original work?

Ok you just lost all credibility :)

And btw, keep criticizing me for using Linux. But don't come later asking me to master a cyberpunk or call of cthulhu adventure for you (just to show you're as nerd as I am.. only that =I= don't have a problem with it :))

Posted by Bizarro on Jul 30, 2008 ten past six am

Ron, dude, i didnt like Batman either. So make me part of the 5 who didnt like it. Regards from ARGENTINA (the place where the Secret of Monkey Island is)

Posted by Alex on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to seven am


Posted by anon coward on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to seven am

doesnt stating hate for superheroes make you reasonably unfit to judge a superhero movie?
biased opinion sounds biased.
anyhows, cant wait for deathspank

Posted by jinger bread on Jul 30, 2008 eleven am

He is Grumpy... That makes him uncapable of judging anithing that is not obscure and unknown

Posted by theparticleman on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to seven am

Count me in.  I didn't like Batman either.  I didn't read all the comments, so I'm not sure on the count.  Are we up to five yet?  Is there still room for me?

Posted by blombo on Jul 30, 2008 seven am

For all superhero hat... lov... whatever:

Posted by Chris on Jul 30, 2008 five past seven am

I guess it takes all-sorts, as like Groby (above) I found Unbreakable to be an overwrought, utterly predictable pile of hyaena offal.

But I haven't seen the new Batman movie, and am prepared to believe that this is also hyaena offal, or the offal of some similar animal. :)

Best superhero movie ever... erm... ah... oohh... s'a toughy... Maybe the new Watchman movie will be good... >:)

Posted by ndimucci on Jul 30, 2008 five to eight am

When you're wrong, you're wrong.


Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jul 30, 2008 half past three pm


Posted by JSW on Jul 30, 2008 five past eleven pm

Well, you're certainly right about Batman, but I thought Unbreakable was merely mediocre. I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man, though. Probably the only superhero movie since Batman '67 that really worked.

Posted by john steinback on Jul 31, 2008 eight pm

Wow... I forgot you were god, and knew the ultimate truth... I'm sorry about that...

Posted by blombo on Jul 31, 2008 twenty to five am

Fact is, he's right about being wrong and you're wrong about being right.

Posted by brett on Jul 30, 2008 twenty five to nine am

What a "deathspank?" I don't remember this superhero movie.

Posted by brett on Jul 30, 2008 twenty five to nine am

er... "what is..." Sheesh.

Posted by Bangbang on Jul 30, 2008 nine am

It's a videogame about a Superhero. ^^

Posted by Barf on Jul 30, 2008 ten past nine am

I bet if Deathspank was violating Jack Keane, you'd call him a superhero.

Posted by Greg on Jul 30, 2008 ten to ten am

Ron, when you talk about Batman.... I do admit that the only thing that made that movie for me was the joker. Batman's voice was ridiculous, some of the writing was stupid, and yes superheros SUCK. I like my heroes to be mortal men. This post has no direction or point =D

Posted by blombo on Jul 30, 2008 twenty past ten am

I love the new Barman movie. Here's a superhero that has many cocktails up his sleeve.

Posted by Seraphan on Jul 30, 2008 five past noon

Anyone that has read the Dune novels by Frank Herbert may have an idea why Ron deslikes heroes.

Posted by Batman on Jul 30, 2008 quarter past four pm

I'm Batman!

Posted by Matt on Jul 30, 2008 twenty to five pm

Just updated the 1UP story -- apologies!

Posted by Sparrow on Jul 30, 2008 five to five pm

I hated Batman too! Seriously, I cannot understand why people are so nuts about it! Superheros are tediously boring!

Posted by toothrot on Jul 31, 2008 quarter past two am

I like Xmen-1 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the silver surfer. I was relieved that they didn't have a really big guy who gobbles planets but went for something different.

The recent Batman movie lacked sets with cool architecture so Gotham city was boring.

Posted by Turmoil23 on Jul 31, 2008 ten past six am

unbreakable rocked!

dark knigh was... ok, nothing more, i believe that the events surronding the movie made ppl see more than it was actually happening in the movie

-batman�s voice sucks a lot
-I think there was only one brief joker (trade mark) laugh, i belive that mark hamill has the best joker voice/acting (from the batman animated series)
-harvey dent was great, i wanted to see more of him as two face
-i like this bruce wayne, he is annoying, and you hate him everytime he is one the screen, thats how i always saw bruce

Posted by killuah on Jul 31, 2008 twenty to one pm

I think the new Batman is doing what the joker hates: It takes itself too serious.

The Figure Batman himself was always the best "superhero" for me.

He is just one rich motherfucker who has this mental problems about bats and his parents.
The old Batman movies used to look in your face with this special "wink" in their left eye.

The new 2 are just...general movies.

Posted by Bravopunk on Jul 31, 2008 ten to one pm

I'm a Ninja Turtle!

So, am I a superhero ?

Is Batman really a superhero? Isn't he only a hero? I mean, he has no superpowers.

Who cares. I don't judge movies because of their genre.

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 7, 2008 ten past ten am

Is Batman really a superhero? Isn't he only a hero? I mean, he has no superpowers.

Well that's the hole point of Batman, isn't it? Show the world that normal people can also be superheroes if they only have unbelievable amounts of money to squander on it.

Posted by CordableTuna on Jul 31, 2008 ten to two pm

Random internet person is about to give you his opinion, so listen up:

- The new Batman was indeed crap, especially the bit where Batman hacked everyone's cellphones and turned them into 3D sonars. However, the Joker made me moist in my special places.

- Also crap: The demo of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. It had grinding.

- Unbreakable: slightly crap. I liked Mr. Glass, though.

- I suggest you try to make Deathspank non-crap.


Posted by Max on Jul 31, 2008 five past three pm

The "I hate superheroes" part made me giggle inside for some domestically reason.

Posted by someguy on Jul 31, 2008 five past three pm

But do you like super villains?

Posted by person a on Jul 31, 2008 twenty past eight pm

I just can't handle it when people have differing opinions from me! Everyone that I respect should like the same things I like! That's how the world is supposed to work, and I'll make comments here until Ron changes his mind for me!

That said, if I wrote a blog that was widely read despite being seldom updated, I would probably devote a rare post to disparaging something popular in order to ostracize my simpleminded yet otherwise loving fans.

Posted by petekan on Aug 1, 2008 ten to two am is already registered, by you i hope...

Posted by RandomGuy on Aug 1, 2008 quarter past nine am

Registrar: DOTSTER
   Domain Name: DEATHSPANK.COM
      Created on: 07-SEP-04
      Expires on: 07-SEP-08
      Last Updated on: 18-AUG-07

Could it be that Ron started DeathSpank in September 2004 already?
Interesting. Also, he's changed his mail account from gmail to another provider. Is google mail too sneaky, Ron?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Aug 1, 2008 half past nine am

I have been working on this game idea for 4 years.  The URL proves it.

Posted by URL Fan on Aug 1, 2008 twenty five to seven pm

The URL is God.

Posted by petekan on Aug 1, 2008 ten past eight pm

iuj!!! is near to expire!! remember to pay the bill Ron ;)

Posted by petekan on Aug 1, 2008 twenty past eight pm

Do you realize that many expectation is being created around the game? aren't you afraid?

I'll pay for that game... albeit it was the last thing I done.

Posted by naketep on Aug 1, 2008 quarter to ten pm

Nice grammar, my man. I think games like Half-Life and Halo evoke far more expectations from people than this fine small (?) game. It's not like Ron Gilbert is trying to create another Monkey Island.

Posted by Cartman on Aug 1, 2008 ten to ten pm

Ron do you realize that your comic alter ego looks like a Canadian from Southpark?

Posted by someguy on Aug 2, 2008 ten am

Just what are you trying to say, buddy? Eh?

Posted by Cartman on Aug 2, 2008 quarter to one pm

I�m not your buddy, guy!

Posted by Terrence on Aug 3, 2008 three am

Even the mentality is the same: "World Unfair!!!", "It's About Time!"... ;-)

Posted by Retodon8 on Aug 2, 2008 twenty to five am

That's funny, I was just thinking about Unbreakable last night.
My memory of the trailer popped up again for some reason, and I never saw the thing itself.
I didn't even know if it ended up being any good, but now I'll definitely look it up.

Still need to see the new Batman too, but my expectations just lowered.
Oh well!

Posted by bodhisattva on Aug 2, 2008 ten past six am

Ron is a superhero.

Posted by Iwannabeaberliner on Aug 2, 2008 five to three pm

Hum, hey, this has absolutely nothing to do with the current conversation, but I wanted to point out the following fantastically interesting news: tonight Monkey Island is in Berlin, Germany:
(Yeah, it's a local rock festival)
If I knew how to use google maps, I'd put a marker to it. It's actually a small island.

Posted by someguy on Aug 2, 2008 ten past three pm

Damn! The Germans really like them some Monkey Island.

Posted by Someone on Aug 2, 2008 quarter to five pm

Whoa, you messed with Christopher Nolan's Batmans? I won't play your next game Ron! :(

Posted by Abelo on Aug 2, 2008 ten to five pm

Whoa, a legend has fallen today. I'm removing GrumpyGamer from my faves :(

Posted by MarioColbert on Aug 4, 2008 quarter to noon

After seeing these messages, I'd like to apologize to yourself, maestro Gilbert. I did not realize that this was but a clever ploy to clean house. Congratulations on a job well done, sir. I am sorry that there'll still be a douchebag reading and posting comments on GrumpyGamer (that'd be ME).

Posted by Cyrus on Aug 3, 2008 nine am

As previously said, DeathSpank is "Monkey Island meets Diablo". Well, would you rather compare it to MI1 or MI2?

Posted by BigDog Beta on Aug 3, 2008 twenty to two pm

Hey Ron! I couldn't make a comment in the general section, so I thought I'd post it here. There is a video of the beta version of BigDog, check it out, it's worth it:

Posted by somguy on Aug 3, 2008 twenty past four pm

Lol. It's so lifelike. You could almost say it's two guys in suits holding a motor if you didn't know better.

Posted by BostonDynamics people on Aug 3, 2008 twenty to nine pm

Oh, fuck! He got us!

Posted by pananag on Aug 4, 2008 ten to six am

They are not carrying a motor either.They just have copied the SFX from
the original BigDog video

Posted by Iksbob on Aug 3, 2008 quarter past nine pm

I agree DeathSpank isn't a superhero...he's a DeathSpank

Batman is a stylish film that cynical people won't like because they are conditioned to think most Hollywood films are a pile of crap (which is true), normal people will love it.

Unbreakable...reminds me of plastic soap that won't matter HOW many times you you run hot water on it.

Posted by Will Turner on Aug 3, 2008 twenty past eleven pm

Unbreakable - Not so hot.

Ron what were you thinking when you put that statement up there??

Posted by Greg on Aug 4, 2008 ten past one am

Says the man who idolizes Will Turner.

Posted by LuckyGuy on Aug 4, 2008 five past four am

Hey Ron, here's a winning lottery ticket:

It's not mine, it's not yours, it's from last year... but IT IS a winning lottery ticket.

I expect a reply now.

May I remind you: "Do not expect a reply in less your message involves a subpoena or winning lottery ticket."

Posted by AngryCanadian on Aug 5, 2008 twenty past four pm

I guess Ron doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Posted by Dante Kleinberg on Aug 4, 2008 five past ten am

Sorry Ron, normally I agree with you, but I have to say I think you're wrong on one point here.  The new Batman movie is just as excellent as everyone says it is, and is certainly the best movie of 2008 thus far.  

I agree Unbreakable is a good movie, but it's no The Dark Knight (or even Iron Man, for that matter).

Posted by SmellyFarter on Aug 4, 2008 twenty past ten am

Maybe Ron just wrote that to stir up some appalled reactions. I think he secretly loves Dark Knight and just goes for controversial statements.

A recent study by scientists at MIT has concluded that The Dark Knight is a top-notch movie. So it's proven now. Debate is useless.

Posted by Elaine Marley on Aug 4, 2008 ten to noon

Amen, Dante. But, I liked much more Batman Begins. I admit there's too much thriller and dramatic scenes in the new one... :/

Batman maybe is the "worst" SUPERhero of all, remember he has not any superpowers, an he is not an alien, or a mutant. Maybe he's just a "hero", like DeathSpank (ok, ok!! don't trow me that, I'm a lady!! :P).

Posted by rado on Aug 4, 2008 five past eleven am

mystery men (1999) is the only worthy superhero film, i thought everyone knew this much...

Posted by Guido on Aug 4, 2008 twenty past two pm

I miss Jack Nicholson.

The only worthy live action super hero is the "The Tick" live action series.

Posted by Emailmeformore on Aug 5, 2008 five to seven pm

DeadSpank is based on "The Judge" everyone knows that, and he is clearly a superhero.  And Ron didn't wrote this post. Isn't him. The publisher is writing the last four posts inside this blog.

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 5, 2008 ten to eleven pm

All you people FAIL. Instead of bashing try a little empathy, a little effort to ask WHY he doesn't like the damned movie. I repeat YOU ALL FAIL

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 6, 2008 quarter past three am

Oh and you're not bashing? You're not asking why he didn't like the movie either. Ergo YOU FAIL TOO! Haha!

Posted by ChildishBuddha on Aug 6, 2008 twenty to six am

ZOMG! Haha!

Posted by BadassNinja on Aug 6, 2008 ten past six am

Buddhas don't get pissed off, so stfu.

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 6, 2008 twenty five past noon

WRONG AskMeAboutLoom! Not only does your comment make no sense, because ummm you know if I'm encouraging other people to ask why he didn't like it, it's really easy to assume I asked myself the same question. You guys are just THAT ridiculous that you actually managed to PISS OFF BUDDHA. Good job guys.

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 6, 2008 twenty to one pm

The only one who's writing comments that make no sense is you, my man.
Asking yourself is not the same as asking Ron Gilbert. I'm glad to point that out for you, I know it can be challenging for some people to differentiate between self and others. Escaped from the looney bin? You assuming you're buddha kind of strengthens that assumption. And buddhas don't get pissed off, that's their whole point, innit?

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 6, 2008 twenty past three pm

If you seriously think I think I'm Buddha you are a sad sad person. You are also unable to comprehend the irony of buddha being pissed off. Do I really need to ask Ron personally? I mean he TOLD US, he hates superheros! The point is to not bash someone for an opinion (I'm bashing the bashers not their opinion that the movie sucks)

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 7, 2008 five past midnight

Yes you would have to ask Ron personally, because - again - asking yourself is not the same as asking Ron, regardless of how much you would like to think so. Also, you proposed to ask him WHY he doesn't like Batman, not IF he does. The point you're trying to make is a catch-22, as you're bashing the bashers, and therefore you are bashing yourself. Which is kind of funny.

Posted by BadassNinja on Aug 7, 2008 twenty to one am

Yes, you really need to ask Ron personally if you don't want to lose our respect for you. And the opinion of the bashers is not that the movie sucks, but that it is in fact quite good.

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 7, 2008 twenty five to one am

No my good sir i did not say that asking myself is the same as asking Ron himself. Regardless you're missing the point. Also do you hate racists, sexists, rapists, murderers...etc...? I'm making a stand  against the act by using the act itself to show how ugly it really is.

Posted by BadassNinja on Aug 7, 2008 ten to one am

Uhm. So let me get this straight. You're saying when you want to make a stand against the act of raping, you're "using the act itself to show how ugly it really is"?

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 7, 2008 quarter to two am

LOL. That's a tough one to defend.

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 7, 2008 twenty five to noon

YES, I would so absolutley!!! (No you idiot!)

Posted by PlayingKarrde on Aug 7, 2008 twenty five to ten am

Lot's of talk about what DeathSpank is not, but what about what DeathSpank is?

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 7, 2008 ten am

The fight between Pissed off Buddha & AskMeAboutLoom is so fucking funny I'll just have to comment again on this blog!

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 7, 2008 quarter past ten am

I'm glad you think it's funny. To us it's deadly serious, teeth on teeth, ashes to ashes, an' all that. Sadly he has not responded yet. Some observers say he already pooped in his pants and doesn't know how to defend his ridiculously offbeat statements.

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 7, 2008 quarter to noon

and you my good sir, do you even know what idea you're arguing against?

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 7, 2008 half past noon

No, and that's the problem: I have no idea what the fuck you're trying to say. It just doesn't make any sense at all.

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 7, 2008 twenty to three pm

No, it's ok. It was just good fun. Nice arguing with you.

Posted by Pissed off Buddha on Aug 8, 2008 two am

I was just trying to say don't bash people for their opinions, instead try and think why they would feel that way. That's all :D
It was nice arguing with you as well.

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 8, 2008 quarter past noon

Oh my fucking god! I've unpissed Pissed off Buddha & AskMeAboutLoom at the same time with just one comment! Behold, World! Here is the Peacemaker!

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 8, 2008 quarter past noon

I knew you were just two nice guys!

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 9, 2008 ten to one pm

I don't even know what the fuck bash means!

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 9, 2008 half past one pm

bash |ba sh |
verb [ trans. ] informal
strike hard and violently : bash a mosquito with a newspaper.
? ( bash something in) damage or break something by striking it violently : the car's rear window had been bashed in.
? [ intrans. ] ( bash into) collide with : the other vehicle bashed into the back of them.
? figurative criticize severely : a remark bashing the Belgian brewing industry.

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 11, 2008 quarter past seven pm

I am now a better person.

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 7, 2008 five past ten am

Oh, pardon me. Did I say fight? It's more like an argument to me.

Posted by Johnny W on Aug 7, 2008 five past one pm

You're a superhero to me, Ron :'/

Posted by derula on Aug 7, 2008 quarter to five pm

Vomit of plastic... sigh

I'm currently playing Day Of The Tentacle on my Wii. Hooray to ScummVM!

Posted by Yoshi on Aug 8, 2008 quarter to three pm

I completely agree with you.

Unreakable is a masterpiece.

Posted by Dimitri on Aug 8, 2008 ten past six pm

Great Scott!!
I would never believe the day that I lose respect for you. And it's today!!
I understand that you don't like a superhero with mask and all but you must not deny the plot, cinematography, acting, etc... It's a great movie despite the Batman and all what this bring.
I love Unbreakable.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Aug 8, 2008 quarter past six pm

Yes, I will deny two (2) of those things.

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 9, 2008 ten to six am

Which two (2) do you mean? I'm guessing the plot and the acting. Cinematography is top notch.

Posted by Hannah on Aug 10, 2008 ten to eight am

Well yeah, Ron is absolutely qualified to judge acting performances, being a veteran character actor himself! I stumbled upon a nice interview with him on the subject on UTube:

Posted by Ijustwanttosaysomething on Aug 9, 2008 quarter to one am

I hate Batman (and Superman etc.)

Posted by Dimitri on Aug 9, 2008 quarter to eight am

It's funny how suddenly appear a looooot of people who don't like Batman...

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 9, 2008 twenty five to two pm

Well, a lottttttttttttttttt of people here said they DO like Batman.

Posted by Superman is a dick on Aug 9, 2008 twenty five past nine pm

Posted by Henry on Aug 10, 2008 five to two am

OMG! It's porn!! Take down that filth, this is a gaming site!!

Posted by xavi on Aug 10, 2008 ten to noon

Why do you think the new Batman movie was a big pile of poo? I'd love to hear your reasons.

Posted by Guido on Aug 10, 2008 ten to eleven pm

why can't nobody understand that not everyone in this world has to like the same things? Not everyone gets hyped by the same things. Not everyone is 15 years old.

Posted by Sadyv on Aug 11, 2008 quarter past three am

"Not everyone is 15 years old."

Judging by his review of Dark Knight as a "pile of poo", I'd say Ron is.

Unbreakable was a poor film. The acting was quite poor. The role for Samuel Jackson in particular emphasized all the bad things about his acting. The script was  simple, unoriginal fare. It was something that could have been taken (and judging by Shyamalan's other films and liberal "borrowing", likely was) from any number of late 80's/early 90's comics trying to portray heroes as grim and realistic. Like all Shayamalan's film, plot and internal logic inconsistencies become more grating on each subsequent viewing. The twist in Unbreakable is transparent, and anyone who has read a superhero story in their life (and give your moronic blanket dismissal of them all, Ron, I assume you have) can see coming from at least the half way point of the film.

Its hack work. Hack work glitzed up with some fake edginess, terribly old and cheap tension building devices, all designed to attract the popcorn munching masses looking for the "shocking" twist, and those who feel guilty about their low brow tastes, which films like Unbreakable they can point to in defense as being deep and cerebral without actually being so.

Posted by AskMeAboutLoom on Aug 11, 2008 five to four am

Well said.

Posted by Alper on Aug 11, 2008 twenty five to three pm

I loved the new Batman movie but it doesn't mean that I won't respect Ron. I respect him for his contribution to video games not for his movie taste.

It's all about personal taste, sth beyond good acting or cinematography etc. Even though I have studied film making in college yet I hate the movies of Stanley Kubrick, so what!

Posted by Itamar Schefi on Aug 11, 2008 twenty five past three pm

Ron, you are wrong.
Batman is a GREAT movie, and you just don't need to deserve what is not deserved to be needed. It's all very simple.

Posted by J0e h3rb on Aug 12, 2008 ten past midnight

I thought TDK was an ''ok'' movie, the irony is that the main character was the worst part of the movie for me.

i thought heath ledger played really well, and it should've been called ''Joker: The Movie'' in my opinion.

also, isn't it the creators right to label their own creation? If Ron doesn't think Deathspank is a superhero, but a Rubber-clown-shoesniffer (just an example here), then he can do just that.

Posted by Bozo Bob on Aug 12, 2008 five past two am

I'm a Rubber-clown-shoesniffer.

Posted by Shadee on Aug 12, 2008 five past five am

Make that 6 people.

The only god thing about Dark knight imo was Heath Ledger's version of the Joker. The guy who played Batman (I can't remember and cba to find out what his name is) annoyed the hell out of me throughout the movie. His poor attempts at throwing his voice whenever he was in costume, his Jim Carrey facial expressions...

So I'll leave you with this to make up for it:

Posted by Shadee on Aug 12, 2008 five past five am

*good thing.

Posted by Karl on Aug 18, 2008 seven pm

BTW, that video was AMAZING! I want a Batman who won't throw a bomb at ducks. I bet Christian Bale would throw a bomb at ducks. Where are the ducks in Gotham anyway? I mean, yeah it's mostly slums, but what city doesn't have a park somewhere?

Posted by AngryCanadian on Aug 12, 2008 twenty past one pm

If I saw a movie make $708,870,695 in three weeks alone I'd be grumpy too. Wrong business Ron?

Posted by Felix on Aug 13, 2008 one pm

Yes! Someone else who doesn't think Batman TDK is particularly good.

The acting: Batman was awful. His stupid voice is just horrible. The Joker: I know I'm supposed to love the dead guy (And I love his other movies) but why was I watching a joker who never laughed? The Girl: HORRID. Two Face: Great! And the one redeeming thing about the movie.

The Cinematography: That director can't do an action scene to save his life. Its shaky cam galore. if you could figure out exactly what happened in the last action scene, let me know, cause I know the plot points but the action shots are just to shaky for logic. Compare to Batman the first where the action shots make sense.

The Plot: So I did like the fact that the Batman was totally outmatched by the Joker's layers upon layers of tricks. But that cell phone bit? Come on!

Unbreakable: I HATED Signs with a passion. Stupid religious propaganda movie. The worst rendition of War of the Worlds that I have ever seen. Never saw the Village (Sounded stupid to me), but really liked the Sixth Sense if only because the twist totally got me (They usually don't fool me - I was bored in The Usual Suspects).

So with those comments in mind, I thought Unbreakable was awesome. Even after knowing what the plot trick was, I very much enjoyed it.

Oh and just because I'm no schill, I sadly, did not enjoy Precipice of Darkness. A little too much grinding for my tastes.

Posted by Martin on Aug 13, 2008 ten to ten pm

The Dark Knight is like a sparkling diamond when compared to Indiana Jones (that dude is pretty much a super hero).  Plants grow from poo.

I used to like Unbreakable.  But Signs was so bad, what ever "genius" unbreakable posessed was the same that drove the creation of Signs; therefore, tainting Unbreakable forever... water wtf?!?  So, was Bruce Willis an alien in Unbreakable?

Posted by Dora on Aug 14, 2008 twenty five to two am


Posted by Journeyman on Aug 14, 2008 twenty past eleven am

Ehi Ron, if you hate superheroes so much, get yourself an hour to read Alan Moore's Masterpiece "Watchman"; is the apotheosis and the apocalypse of the superhero genre.

Posted by Captain Carnage on Aug 14, 2008 twenty five past one pm

Hell yes! Watchmen is incredible!

Posted by murderous_tree on Aug 15, 2008 ten past ten am

Wonder how much Ron can get away with saying before he reaches the limit?

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 15, 2008 five to noon

Next post on Grumpy Gamer:

"I'm one of the few persons on the planet brave enough to admit democracy is a big pile of poo."

Posted by Ron on Aug 15, 2008 five past two pm

To recap:
- democracy is a big pile of poo
- monarchy is hip again
- i should be the leader
- i dictate what's hot
- i like saying controversial things

Posted by Santiago on Aug 15, 2008 twenty five to one pm

I totally agree with you FELIX!

I`m glad somone else realizes the obvious mistakes of the last Batman movie, not to mention the psychological twists the characters take which are quite unbelievable. The same goes for the Indiana Jones sequel (the last one is even a joke to any person who heard what archeaology is).

I must just add that I did enjoy other superhero films, like the first two Batman movies which have nothing to do with the following sequel.

Other movies like Superman or Spiderman really stink, not to mention that they don�t carry the original superheroe�s spirit they caracterize.

Posted by King Louis XIV on Aug 15, 2008 ten past two pm

Give poor Ron a break! He should be free to express his opinion on his blog. Even if he's wrong.

Posted by Ives Castagnino on Aug 15, 2008 twenty to five pm

Alright, alright, we're just bad people, I admit it.

Posted by Karl on Aug 16, 2008 twenty five to noon

I liked the Dark Knight, but I admit Batman's acting wasn't great. The gravelly voice was done a bit much. And the elaborate cellphone machine was rather contrived. It is by no means a triumph of cinema production. But it is the best Batman movie we've seen in a long while. Haven't seen Indy 4.
If you hate superheroes, you should have no reason to like the Dark Knight. Haven't seen Unbreakable, but one of the defining characteristics about it seems to be how un-superheroic it is.
At any rate, I'm sure Deathspank will not be very similar to Batman. Could Ron have said so in a less grumpy way? That answers that.

Posted by Leave Batman alone!! on Aug 16, 2008 ten past noon

Why is everyone talking about bad "acting"? Batman didn't act! The producers of this documentary film followed him around with cameras in his daily life for some time and then cut together a narrative version with some music in it. And leave the poor man alone, he has enough crime to fight to additionally be criticised for his skills.

Posted by StupidIdiot on Aug 17, 2008 seven am

Let's make this 200. Come on people.

Posted by Dissapointed on Aug 18, 2008 five past seven am

Indy 4 - an insult to the art of moviemaking and audience's intelligence. Someone should write an essay on everything that's wrong with this move, for the sake of future filmmakers.
Unbreakable - abysmal. But still better than Indy 4.
Dark Knight - not excellent, but still very, very good.

I cannot understand how a person who created a timeless classic like Monkey Island could actually have such an incredibly bad taste in movies. I'm unbelievably dissapointed.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Aug 18, 2008 ten past eight am

That's because I look for something very different in movies and you do.  That doesn't make me right or wrong, it just makes me different.  The more we strive to understand the difference we have, the better we all become.  Rent unbreakable again, watch it and try to understand why I like it.  It's a very good movie.  People get caught up in the "twist at the end", which is immaterial to why it's a good film and a great telling is a superhero story.

Posted by Dissapointed on Aug 18, 2008 quarter past eleven am

Ok, I overreacted and forgot my own personal guideline: respect other peoples opinions. But the state of the movie and gaming industry (which I was a part of few years back) makes me wanna cry.
Many of us come here to read your blog because we appreciate the design philosophy you established in your adventure games. Unfortunately, your choice of movie favourites made me feel like your philosophy somehow changed, that it possibly became addapted to new industry conditions. It reminded me of the George Lucas downfall: the author of original Star Wars now seems to have lost every trace of his talent - just take a look at the latest Star Wars sequels and Indy 4.
That being said, I did like the idea in Unbreakable, but I think the movie was extremely poorly executed. I too generally dislike superheroes, and that is why I was so captivated by the new Batman movie: the bad guy in this movie is absolutely brilliant. I would as well suggets that you try watching Dark Knight again, trying to think of it as "The Joker" movie, but I know people's oppinions do not change easily.
One thing that really surprised me is that you liked Indy 4, while you (understendably!) found Pirates: At Worlds End to be one of the biggest dissapointments.
I found those two movies incredibly similar!

Posted by Elaine Marley on Aug 18, 2008 twenty to seven pm

God, stop smoking weird stuff and accept that there's a review for each person who see a picture...
And George L****s??! Please.

Posted by lolwut on Aug 19, 2008 five to five am

Ron you're a genius troll. Its a amazing how people get upset just because the creator of something they enjoyed in their youth doesnt share every single of their thoughts. GET A LIFE NERDS.

Posted by Sparrow on Aug 19, 2008 quarter to two am

Oh Ron, I love your links! ^_^

Posted by Scorbutman on Aug 19, 2008 twenty five to eight am

hello ! je suis scorbutman un superhero fran�ais ... je voulais dire que je vous aimes tous ! batman , vous , Ron et monkey island rules!!

au revoir !

Posted by Herman (no, is not for the MI character, thats my name) on Aug 19, 2008 five to ten am

Hi, ron

Im agree with you,

Batman: Bad

but, im really here to say my opinion about something. I know im only a Uruguayan kid, and  probably you wont read this, and Im shure you dont have any idea where in the world is Uruguay.
Well, the thing is that I think you must do quick as posible a Monkey Island game. look, you maybe will be hit by a car the day of tomorrow, or maybe a psycho-killer will kill you in the next week (maybe it will happens to me, I dont know, jaj) and, if that happens, the entire world, never, never, will understand how monkey island ends, what happens in the MI2 finale, and what is the damn Secret.
Im not saying you must do it with lucas arts... what a fuck, if you want to do it in power point do it, or in the macromedia flash. but just do it.
Think if a Uruguayan kid, loves monkey island, you have to realize that your creation is really something big.

Posted by Interstate78 on Aug 19, 2008 ten to three pm

Ron, I need to know

You say Batman is a pile of poo.

I'm all for a good ole argument, but only when there's actual <i>argumentation</i> along with it. So please, tell me

Why is it a pile of poo?

Posted by Interstate78 on Aug 19, 2008 five to three pm


Posted by Goncalo on Aug 19, 2008 ten past four pm

So... Ron have you watched Wall-E yet? best sci-fi movie i'v seen in ages

Posted by eurofragger(Ger)[DE] on Aug 19, 2008 quarter past eight pm

re to topic:
Unbreakable. I'll be looking out for that one. Though your taste for movies can at times be slightly biased, usually you're not wrong when you actually praise one!

re to Interstate78:
I'll give you some arguments.
It is a pile of poo because it is:
. A pile of dung
. A pile of feces
. A pile of scat
. A pile of muck
. A pile of excrement
. A pile of shit
. A pile of turds
. A pile of what-you-left-behind-in-your-underwear-last-time-you-stood-in-a-queue

Though to me it seems that at this moment I've clearly made my point, you will probably still want more and more arguments. Now, I don't know Ron personally, but from a certain point of view I would assume he means poorly constructed or plainly boring storyline, poor dialogue and a wasted budget on overdone graphics. I hope that's enough for you.

re to Goncalo:
Wall-E is great, amazing graphics! Pixar animation studio are some of the best 3D guru's out there and they've proven it. At times I couldn't even make out whether landscapes, effects and models were the real deal or pre-rendered 3d graphics!

Slightly off-topic:
Ron, some guy on this gamers' website wrote a blog and made a reference to a Monkey Island 2 quote - just thought it was funny - check it on !

Posted by Karl on Aug 20, 2008 quarter to eleven am

So Deathspank probably won't be a "dark knight" figure... Eh? Eh? Well, I'm amused.
This is my idea for a superhero game. You don't play the heroic moments, you play the alter-ego, who, through dialogue, manipulation, etc., has to maintain your alter-ego. Let's say you're at a birthday party and you get the Hero Signal. You got to MacGuyver your way out of the birthday party, so you can save the day. (Other locales include work, dates, school, church, theatres, etc.) And if you fail, you see the villains kill your loved ones. You would have different characters, the millionaire, the news person, the millitary guy,  the alien in disguise. As I imagine it, it could even use the SCUMM engine, because it would primarily be dialogue and puzzles. But I'm not a programmer/game designer, so what do I know.
Sorry if this is kinda hijacky. I tend to just follow my thoughts down rabbit holes.

Posted by Publisher on Aug 21, 2008 five to three am

Brilliant. Give this guy 10 Million Dollars for a demo.

Posted by Publisher on Aug 21, 2008 ten to four am

Will there be any helicopters? And maybe some shooting?

Posted by Karl on Aug 21, 2008 twenty five past three pm

Not in any direct-action sense. It's won't have any FPS or flight sim aspects to it, but I mean, if helicopters and shooting in general were dealbreakers, I don't see why not.
Oh wait, you were making a joke. I feel kinda silly.

Posted by Alex on Aug 22, 2008 twenty five to two am

You are a too old-fashioned guy for the modern world, Ron.

Posted by Henry on Aug 23, 2008 half past two am

I've watched The Dark Knight yesterday evening. Why is it a big pile of poo?

Posted by Peter Lord on Aug 26, 2008 quarter to two pm

I don't like Unbreakable because he isn't ;)

Posted by Bashar on Aug 27, 2008 five past three am

Well that makes me know 2 who said BATMAN is no big deal.

I think they got sympathy for the passed away Joker. I am yet to see it though. Not a batman fan, but thought it would be good

Posted by Guido on Aug 28, 2008 five past three pm

It's a fun to watch action/superhero movie, but it's not very "batmanish". Only the Tim Burton ones feel "gothic" enough.

Posted by jack Shandy on Sep 26, 2008 twenty five past two pm

Oh nonono...,
The Dark Knight is the best Movie i've ever seen.Monkey Island ruled my whole life,i missed my first girlfriend for it,but now...dark knight changed things....forever.

Posted by Jack Shandy on Sep 26, 2008 twenty five past two pm

Posted by Someone on Sep 26, 2008 half past two pm

Posted by Durang0 on Oct 24, 2008 twenty five to ten am

I would just like to say that YES, Ron is right, and I'm glad finally someone has the sense to say it.

Dark Knight was made with the hollywood formula, there is basicly nothing that seperates it from the masses of other superhero movies. At the end of the day, a man dressed as a bat beats the crap out of hordes of bad guys. Then there is the joker who is supposedly an intriguing character with "deep" thoughts and ideology. But really, how is he different from any superhero movie villain? Except that he utters random aphorisms about chaos and at the end of the movie puts lots of innocent people to a gunpoint test of moral .. which sounded alot like something you would find in a highschool ethic study book. But apparently these things make everyone think the movie is clever and that it "has a good plot".

And why does it have to be 2h 40min long? Enermous amount of silly side characters is what I think is the reason. For example, do we absolutely need to see Morgan Freemans character so much? Basicly the only thing he does is trying to explain why batmans fancy toys work.

Then there's Gary Oldmans character and his family, with the blue eyed innocent kid brought in just to be a victim for the nro 2 bad guy. These are just stereotypical devices to advance the meaningless plot.  Nobody cares about the drama in these kind of movies because there is no time to build any of the characters. Basicly these scenes just try to justify the inevitable asskicking between the superhero and the villain and his gang of loyal sidekicks.

Another thing that contributed to the 2h 40min waste of time was the way they had to advance the plot with a massive amount of unoriginal events, enough to fill up two movies: blowing up a hospital, car chase nro 143, blowing up ferries, blowing up [name here], capturing chinese bad guy (villain nro 4 or something), and the list goes on. The movie has so many climaxes that I wonder how anyone is able to get excited about any of them.

I'm afraid they will do alot more of these movies. Because they make money. Really the only thing I wonder, what will people expect to see in the future that would be so ultra cool? When will people grow tired of the same old formula? There is so much more to movies than what the flashy blockbuster stuff offers.

Posted by PeteSahat on Oct 24, 2008 twenty past four pm

I don't quite get your point. You are watching Batman and you're tired of action and explosions? Did you expect an arthouse movie?

Maybe the Dark Night uses a little of the Hollywood formula, but I'm glad they got rid of that neon-stlyled city, "funny" Schwarzenegger-villains in stupid dresses and Joel Schumacher who couldn't catch up with Tim Burton. Yeah, Jack Nickolson would have been cooler but quite possibly he hadn't survived the stunts until the movie was done.

Posted by Durang0 on Oct 24, 2008 ten to midnight

Yea Im not saying it's a terrible movie, I'm just saying there is nothing special about it and it was painfully long.

"Best movie ever"? I guess this year it was for some.  Nr. 3 on imdb? Not that the list ever had any credibility but still.

Judging from the outrage and astonishment in this board, you'd think Ron just confessed being a child molester.

Posted by Yamaha Fairings on Dec 14, 2008 twenty five to two pm

Uff I though the list of comments here was never going to stop. lots of opinions here.

Posted by Mexican Breakfast Food on Mar 16, 2009 twenty five past seven am

Is there a list of games that we can check in this blog. I'd like some if possible.

Posted by Yes on Apr 14, 2009 ten past eleven am

y so grumpy?

Posted by Martyn Cooke on Sep 7, 2009 ten past five pm

Potentially what Ron is referring to is that Unbreakable tried to break with traditional conventions (I'll decide later if the pun was intended).

The "super-villain" in the movie is actually just some poor sap who's really into comic books, and theorizes that if he is so fragile, there must be someone out there who is nigh-invunerable - just like in the comic books he reads.

There's a human element throughout the whole film that regular superhero movies only touch upon (best example I can think of is Spiderman).

Though I think Ron is wrong on one thing - Batman isn't a superhero, unless you count super rich as being a power. If so I eagerly await the Scrooge McDuck movie coming soonerish.

Posted by Compro Oro on Mar 13, 2010 half past six am

I honestly don�t see clear where this conversation is going

Posted by Dreadjaws on Mar 18, 2011 quarter to nine am

Ron, Ron, Ron.  I know you probably won't be reading this, since it's more than two years after it was relevant, but I'm extremely dissapointed.

You thought Indy 4 was awesome and TDK was crap?  I honestly was about to buy Deathspank but I didn't because now I'm worried you're not the same person who did Monkey Island.  You already dissapointed me with this, I don't want to be dissapointed again.

I really thought you were great, but it looks to me like you're one of those persons who go determined to love or hate a movie and they do as expected, regardless of how the movie turned out.  I was determined to hate TDK, but I loved it.  The opposite happened to me with Indy 4.  And no, I'm not a person who ends up always with the opposite opinion.

All I would like is to know the reasons you didn't like it (I don't believe you're one of those people who hate something only because everyone loves it).

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