Australian Adventure Game Meetup!

Jul 6, 2013 five past ten am

If you're going to be in (or can make it to) Melbourne on Saturday July 20th, then join me and the Double Fine Game Club for a BBQ/Meetup!  Click Here for details!

You don't need a PAX pass to attend.

I was promised there will be shrimp on the barbie, Vegemite, exhibition kangaroo boxing and at least one person will die from being bitten by a Red Back Spider. Australia!!

Hope to see you there!

Other people's comments:

Posted by Cheeseness on Jul 6, 2013 twenty five to two pm

Woo! Very exciting :D

Posted by brawsome on Jul 7, 2013 twenty five to five pm

Kinda sucks that MacGuffin's Curse is in the Aussie Indie showcase, because I can't come to your keynote AND this BBQ! (Yes, I do believe I have my priorities straight).

Posted by Frank on Jul 7, 2013 quarter past eleven pm

Wikipedia'd Redback Spider. Regreted it.

Be smart, don't click the link.

Posted by Cheeseness on Jul 8, 2013 five past four am

They're quite small and not very aggressive ^_^

Posted by Johnny99 on Jul 9, 2013 twenty past six am

I just played Deathspank TOV and really loved a lot of puzzles in that game. Especially that one, where you have to find out the birthday song. It was really monkeyislandesque.
But that proved to me, that creating puzzles and adventures is really your bag, baby.
So pretty, pretty please make another adventure. Just for me!

Posted by Someone on Jul 16, 2013 twenty to two am

Deathspank is never off topic ;-)

Posted by Leonard on Jul 9, 2013 twenty past seven am

Vegemite is awesome. If left in the jar.

Posted by Mr. Genius on Jul 11, 2013 quarter past midnight

The purpose of your life is to make Monkey Island 3. And you know it.
The Monkey Island 3a described in your article is just as I had always dreamed.
From Monkey Island 2 I have not got interested in video games.
Please do. Thank you.

Posted by Fandi on Jul 12, 2013 quarter past two am

Off topic.

Mr. Gilbert,
It seems that your twitter box thingy on the right doesn't refresh.
(Which is a little bit of a good thing, because this way I could read your tweet about the SCUMMVM in browser.)

Posted by Whup on Jul 12, 2013 five to seven pm

It's a shame PAX is sold out (as far as I can tell) - my wife was happy enough with me heading over for a few days worth of stuff, but just looked at me strange when I suggested I'd be making the 1000km trip for a BBQ.

Posted by Registradus on Jul 19, 2013 ten to one am

Awesome. so bummed that I missed out on Ron's keynote this morning

Posted by SALMAN on Jul 25, 2013 twenty five past three pm


Posted by Peter.K. on Jul 27, 2013 quarter to midnight

Ahh, if it were in Sydney I would have attended to see the great Lord Ron Gilbert, but alas it wasnt.

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