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Posted by paul on Aug 2, 2010 quarter past eleven am

Yeah you missed something!


PC Version of DeathSpank

Posted by Chris on Aug 2, 2010 twenty past one pm

And the sooner they remedy it, the sooner my jealous rage will subside and I'll no longer think angry thoughts towards those that game on a controller colored  like a toddler's PlaySkool toy.


Posted by Ciantic on Aug 2, 2010 twenty past eleven pm

Posted by Kolzig on Aug 3, 2010 twenty five past midnight

Good that everyone seems to be liking it.
Not hopefully long before I can enjoy it too. :-)

Just watched a bunch of videos yesterday to get excited again.
I really can't wait to play this on my PC. The first new Ron Gilbert game in ages.

Posted by Johnny99 on Aug 6, 2010 twenty five past midnight

I really ask myself (and Ron) how much of the game and gamplay is really based on him. Some of the dialogues seem to be from him, but the rest of the game isn't even close to be as brilliant as his other games. It is also strange, that Ron is mentioned very late in the credits and I think only as "Charakters based on..."
But I liked the game and achieved 200 gamescore with it during one loooong weekend, but for me "Deathspank" is as much a Ron Gilbert game as "From dusk till dawn" is a Tarrantino movie.

Ron, you are a true adventure game maker, so please stick to your calling and make a new Monkey McMansion.

Posted by Jimbo on Aug 6, 2010 ten to nine am

Maybe that's why ron left Hothead. They were screwing up his game like they screwed up penny arcade.

Posted by Kolzig on Aug 9, 2010 twenty five past midnight

Well, they did make some changes to the game without him knowing after he left Hothead, like apparently the equipment/weapons not showing up on Deathspank's back when not in use?

Posted by fred on Aug 3, 2010 twenty to two pm

Great game, one of the best this year!!!
Many compliment Ron!

Posted by Fealiks on Aug 3, 2010 ten to seven pm

As someone who doesn't know his alphabet, I really hope you weren't lying about them being in no particular order. I'd hate to have been cheated.

Posted by MarioColbert on Aug 4, 2010 quarter past ten am

So, DeathSpank has been reviewed by Zero Punctuation alongside Limbo today....


I have no comment.

Posted by Meristation on Aug 4, 2010 half past six pm

update deathspank with a spanish translation!! pretty please!!!!

Posted by jman on Aug 5, 2010 ten past seven am

ron man, wikid game. just finished it then. id give it 9/10 easy. I cant figure out how to get to the pirate haven area that i saw in a preview of DeathSpank tho. Also itd be better if there was an element of customization to 2 player mode, and I cudnt find enough ranged weapons (I had like 3 the whole game and couldn't buy any from the weapons vendors). Truly amazing game tho, I hope the 2nd is just as good.

Posted by Riffola on Aug 6, 2010 twenty five past one pm


I just wanted to drop a note and tell you I play this game with my 8 year old daughter as Sparkles and it's perfect.  We have spent many hours adventuring for JUSTICE and laugh along the way.  Terrific value and great fun. Congrats, and thank you!


Posted by Werner Schramm on Aug 7, 2010 noon

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but is there a return policy for DeathSpank? Thank you.

Posted by Phredreeke on Aug 11, 2010 twenty five to seven am

I loved it. Will there be DLC for it?

Posted by Fishybob on Aug 14, 2010 ten past eleven am

Now that the console tards feel all special, how about releasing the HD version of Deathspank for [Redacted] so that real gamers can play it?

Posted by Bruno Almeida on Aug 14, 2010 ten past two pm

Does anybody know when it'll be released the PC version?

Posted by CWRiedler on Aug 14, 2010 ten to three pm

Ok, so what is the story with another episode? DON'T LEAVE US LIKE THIS!

Posted by Darky on Aug 16, 2010 ten past ten am

Posted by theosk on Aug 17, 2010 twenty to four am

I'm quite sure "redacted" means "cancelled".

Posted by mocosfritos on Aug 18, 2010 five past six pm

so when is the pc version coming out? dont make me write a post all grumpy about it. [angry emoticon face with pentagram on the background surrounded with the burning fires of hell]

Posted by Jumpy on Aug 19, 2010 ten to seven pm

I am sad about the PC-Version and or a Linux-Version.
Wait for month and tell some friends that there is a really nice game coming. And then... no pc-Version.

Now i thnik i will not bought it anymore, even if a pc-Version exists. I feel cheated. Or as a second-class User.

Sometimes i think about to bought a ps3.. but every time i feel cheated it just say.. wait! They are the reason for this, not the pirate's.

I hope the Music or DVD/Blueray Marked never come to a state like this. That apple is the only one who can sell music and WB, the only one with blue-ray Films.

Damn 1984.

Posted by Kolzig on Aug 20, 2010 one am

I wonder who owns the rights to Deathspank. Is it you Ron or did Hothead purchase/get the rights from you?

Posted by derula on Aug 23, 2010 twenty five past nine am

Posted by GaN on Aug 23, 2010 twenty five past ten am

PC version PLEASE!!!!!

Posted by Metro on Aug 23, 2010 five past three pm

So... a sequel in under two months?  I thought it wasn't going to be episodic, Ron?  Not like it matters to me since EA is apparently refusing/disinterested in making a PC version.

Posted by Spank-o on Aug 23, 2010 twenty past three pm

Why do you assume it was EA? Maybe Hothead didn't want to go to the trouble.  Maybe the Penny Arcade game taught them not to make a PC version.

Posted by Metro on Aug 23, 2010 twenty to four pm

Well, if that's true then just chalk that up as another strike against French Canadians.

Posted by Metro on Aug 23, 2010 quarter to four pm

...or a strike against guys like Gilbert and Spector who rail/parody the industry then turn around and make nothing but console and iphone games.  Ron, you've turned into a walking parody -- I get it!  Brilliant!

Posted by Cordelia on Aug 23, 2010 half past six pm

I'm terribly dissapointed with the whole thing. I feel betrayed, waiting anxiously for the game, following the blog, supporting the project and saving money to buy it. No one ever told us there won't be a Pc version released. Sad, but it's all about the money, even with former cult games developers.

Posted by Jande on Aug 23, 2010 five to eleven pm

I bought it a few weeks ago on XBLA and, man... you nailed it on the head. Nice piece of work. The "round world/pop-up storybook" style is amazing, the dialogues are excellent and the weapons are funny as hell. I believe it's the second funniest game I've ever seen!

Posted by Finbar O'Mahony on Aug 24, 2010 quarter past two am

I assume you wont be taking any part in the sequel that i just got an email about?

Posted by Chris on Aug 24, 2010 quarter to three am

So the console-dwelling-lint - I means this in the nicest way - are getting a fallow-up to DeathSpank ALREADY and us PC guys are still left licking our keyboards, as we have NOTHING?!

RAGE!!!  I really don't get the decision to IGNORE the PC, when it was initially listed for this platform.  EA stated that 50% of their digital sales are on the PC and that the consoles make up the other half, so why are they ignoring their largest digital platform when it's more than safe to say it contains most of your core fan-base?

One thing that bothers me, is that I have to go out of my way to avoid reviews. I really want to play this game for myself - on my PC, or my Mac, or even my Nexus One - and I'd rather not have someone else's OPINION taint mine - even in the slightest - of this game prior to playing it.

I had an optimistic thought.  Maybe there are several fallow-ups planned and the reason the PC is being ignored, is that you guys are going to take those console-dweebs-guys for every cent, THEN turn around and release the DELUXE PC version that contains it ALL for one low-price.

Anyways, I really hope the PC version isn't far off, but until then(fingers crossed) expect more griping!

Posted by Jonny on Aug 24, 2010 six am

Round two already in September?

"In T.O.V., we're taking action RPG fundamentals and adding loads of new creatures, environments, weapons and characters, while continuing to push the envelope with our signature humor"

Wasn't that mainly your humor? oO


Posted by Kelly S. on Aug 24, 2010 ten to eight am

Wasn't that mainly your humor? oO

What do you expect from Hothead? Anyone that knows Monkey Island knows Ron's humor. Don't let them get a way with this! Shame on you Hothead.

Posted by Joe on Aug 24, 2010 ten past one pm


Posted by Ron Gilbert on Aug 24, 2010 ten past one pm


Posted by Metro on Aug 24, 2010 ten past one pm

[Redacted] version = iphone, right?

Posted by MarioColbert on Aug 25, 2010 five to three am

...nothing. sorry.

(Doods, go holla @ hothead about the pc version, srsly. Ron isn't going to port this, and if he IS the one porting it all (han) solo, it's going to take a while.)

Obligatory w00ts for DeathSpank 2 here.
Promises to purchase here.
Praise for fish and plankton here.

Posted by CordableTuna on Aug 26, 2010 one pm

I have this sneaking suspicion something went horribly wrong with Ron and Hothead. Ron left early and he's hardly mentioned in the credits. I like the game though.

Posted by Lost.in.tears on Aug 26, 2010 twenty past one pm

Remember the time when he used to make games for pc? How we thought it was funny that he used the [REDACTED] to mention the release of pc version, and that even filled our hopes? Well, maybe, just maybe, it was all our fault to wait, and we should have realized that we got cut out of the chance of playing Deathspank.
At least we could get a straight answer. Oh, no, surely he doesn�t know. Yeah, right.
[REDACTED] you Ron.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Aug 27, 2010 quarter past six pm

I have no idea when or if the PC version is coming out and I have no say in the matter.  When I left Hothead there was a PC version.  That is all I know.  Don't know if I can be any more clear than that.

And please don't use [REDACTED] on this site again.  It's OK to say [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED] or [REDACTED], but not [REDACTED].  That's over the line.

Posted by pananag on Aug 28, 2010 half past two am

At last, a straight answer about the PC version.

Do you think it is wise to use the [REDACTED] No 2 in this site?

Posted by Bangbang on Aug 28, 2010 twenty five to four pm

Well, that's all I wanted to know. You must be as pissed off as we, pc users, are with Hothead games.

Posted by theosk on Aug 29, 2010 quarter past eleven am

I'd say it's more EA's fault. They already stated in the past that they were not sure if they wanted to release new games for PC because of poor sales. It makes sense with sports games, since no one wants to play FIFA on PC if you have any console to do so. But well, I already promised I wouldn't ever buy a game from EA or Ubisoft again, so whatever.

Posted by Rachel J. Morris on Aug 29, 2010 half past eight pm

There's a video review of DeathSpank on Gametrailers:


Posted by Metro on Aug 30, 2010 quarter to five am

First, finally appreciate the straight answer.  Second... when you left Hothead the game was basically finished so you're saying there was essentially a working PC build that hasn't been released/put through ESRB review?  Guess I'm back to blaming the Frenchies.

Posted by Fei Wong on Sep 5, 2010 quarter past one pm

Ron, i always loved your SCUMM games, my first one was Maniac Mansion on NES and PC and i loved it, later i played Monkeys and i have to say....

I think the world needs it....

PD: sorry if my english is not good, im spanish :P

Posted by Skyguso on Sep 8, 2010 twenty five past three am

Posted by Jumpy on Sep 14, 2010 ten past eight pm

Thank you Ron Gilbert for your answer. Its not your fault.. you made a nice game!

Every month i think about to buy a ps3 or something else, but this way of publishers to smash the gaming marked is so bad. I understood why they act like this. Its a shame that some people still copy and not buy games.

Posted by Baldr on Nov 1, 2010 twenty past five am

Posted by Someone on Dec 8, 2010 quarter to six am

I did not know where to comment, so I'll just comment here.

Thank you mister Gilbert for the epic games, I've spent hours and hours in the past playing them. You are legendary.

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