Thanks! We Made It!

Apr 2, 2013 half past nine pm

Well, we pulled together and made it through another April Fool's Day with minimal damage.  I did manage to stay off the Internet for the whole day with the one exception being to pop on to look up some bash shell information, but that site hadn't been updated in 2 years, so I felt safe.

The good news is that I got a lot done on Scurvy Scallywags.  The current plan is to keep adding stuff until April 15th, then the game will go into lock-down for two weeks with the only changes being bug fixes.  Then submit to the App Store on May 1st and 7 to 10 days later it should be out.

Follow @ScurvyGit on twitter for the latest automated git commit messages, but be warned, git commit messages are not for the weak.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 3, 2013 five past five am


Posted by Anique on Apr 3, 2013 quarter past six pm

I kinda like the comics on this site. Any chance for new ones :P

Posted by George32027 on Apr 3, 2013 twenty to six pm

Looks like LucasArts is being shut down. I'm 28 now and I grew up playing their games, this is terrible news indeed. Feel to share any comment Mr. Gilbert?

Posted by Anique on Apr 3, 2013 ten past six pm

Check his twitter?

Posted by George32027 on Apr 3, 2013 twenty to seven pm

Check the time I wrote that and his first tweet about it?

Posted by JM on Apr 3, 2013 quarter past six pm

Wouldn't this make it EASIER for Ron to get license to Monkey Island,
and Tim / Grim Fandango? (*not necessarily worth the money or time, still, but just for the fact that there will no longer be an internal team to develop the title)

Posted by oznerol on Apr 3, 2013 five past eight pm

even if Lucasarts shuts down I'm afraid the rights for the games will remain property of Disney :\

plus, I'm not sure Ron will ever want to do MI3 (or 5 or whatever).
it's too late anyway, the real magic would have been playing Ron's MI3 back 20 years ago, now that we all are in our 30s and 40s it would be simply nostalgic

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