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Sep 27, 2007 five past eight am

I've spent the last week in Canada consulting on the Penny Arcade game.  It's always intimidating to be in a foreign country with the language barrier and all.  I'm always adding "eh" to the end of the wrong sentences and no one knows what I'm talking about about.  I can still point and grunt to order food off menus with pictures.  I'll survive.  Thanks for asking.

Jerry from PA is up here as well doing the writing and it's a thrill to see him work.  He's a top-shelf writer, right up there with Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman.  The industry need more writers like these guys.  The PA game's going to be funny as hell and I'm excited to be helping out with the design.

I also just wrapped up a year long full-time consulting job working on a yet-to-be-announced MMO.  That was an incredible experience.   There were more designers on the project then there were total team members on MI1 and 2.   Everyone of them an excellent designer.  I learned a lot from working on that project.  It's always great to work on a game and know you came out of it a better designer then you were going in.

Good news is I'm going to be working full-time on my episodic RPG/Adventure game, wrapping up the design and finding a publisher.   Wish me luck...and send me $5,000,000.  I take AmEx.


Anyone know when this Halo game comes out?  I've been hearing a lot of "buzz" about it.  Can't seem to dig up any information on the web, tv, radio, newspapers or magazines.  What's it about?  Sounds religious.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Keko on Sep 27, 2007 quarter to nine am

Your episodic RPG/Adventure game? Are you serious?
I can't belive this, eh!

Posted by tratch on Sep 27, 2007 ten to nine am

Episodic RPG/Adventure!

The more I hear about Penny Arcade Adventures the more excited I get, it looks like it's going to be pretty great.

Posted by kendoll on Sep 27, 2007 five to nine am

Master chief dies

Posted by LipeCau on Sep 27, 2007 nine am

Worry not. Master Chief fights like a cow.
Now, please tell me that this RPG/Adventure has something to do with Monkey Island. PLEASE!

Posted by Jack Shandy on Sep 27, 2007 ten past nine am

VERY good news,
does your Threepwood-Guild still exist?

Posted by Ben Fox on Sep 27, 2007 twenty past nine am

Huh? You went to Canada without an USAian<->Canadian dictionary?

Greetings fro Yurop,


Posted by Nibit on Sep 27, 2007 twenty five past nine am

I left PC gaming behind when I moved away from Windows, but when I heard that the PA game would be available on OS X/Linux AND you were somehow involved I... errr, I can't remember exactly what I did because I passed out. But I'm sure it was a suitable display of unbounded joy.

PS. Just sent you $5,000,000 via courrier pigeon. There could be a delay since the weather in the north Atlantic is choppy this time of year. Also, unfurl a blue and purple duvet outside your house or he'll miss it. Have some water standing by. He likes to be scratched behind his ear. Don't ask where he carries the money, he's a professional.

Posted by LKM on Sep 27, 2007 half past nine am

I don't have US$5,000,000, but I'd preorder the game and put down 100 bucks if I could. Or maybe a bit more. I guess there aren't 50'000 people who would do that, though :-(

Posted by Kroms on Sep 27, 2007 twenty five to ten am

Good luck Ron. It's great that you haven't compromised artistic vision at a publisher's request.

Posted by Edmundo on Sep 27, 2007 five to ten am

How exciting! All this time I was thinking you were just gold farming in WoW and reading (er... consulting for) Penny Arcade... I'd try to guess which company you were working for, but all companies are making MMOGs these days. Let us know when it's announced!

I think Halo 3 is out already because yesterday I was watching some overly cinematic cut-scenes featuring new zombies (or NPCs, same difference!) and a BLOOMy master chief. It all kind of reminded me of that Final Fantasy movie that was made...

Posted by gnome on Sep 27, 2007 twenty five to noon

What's a Halo? You don't mean that massively modestly online reviewed game, do you?

Posted by Alex Whitington on Sep 27, 2007 twenty five past noon

I'm afraid I don't any money to send to you. I will, however, be happy to perform rent-boy services for you and anyone else connected to the project who may requre it.

Posted by DAGO on Sep 27, 2007 quarter to two pm

Halo? they might be talking about a new Nine Inch Nails album, but what the hell do I know?

Posted by César Brandão on Sep 27, 2007 twenty past two pm

good luck!

Posted by Stewart on Sep 27, 2007 quarter to three pm

If the MMO wasn't yet to be anounced, I would guess Tabula Rasa, just because Richard Garriott is pretty awesome and Ultima 7 was ahead of its time.  All hail Origin.

Posted by Gus Fune on Sep 27, 2007 half past eight pm

Hell yeah!
Better luck with the RPG/Adventure game, will it have pirates? Yarr!

Posted by Bashar on Sep 28, 2007 ten past seven am

You are the only one making me consider MMO Games again. I don't have time and never really seriously played them.

Nice to hear such news from you :)

Posted by graeme on Sep 28, 2007 twenty five past eleven am

just code a game and flog it over the internet.

As for halo 3 it's a crap game so don't bother playing it.

Posted by JSW on Sep 28, 2007 twenty to seven pm

I think Halo is about the space marine from Doom running around on the Ringworld from the Larry Niven novels. Personally, I preferred the old Tsunami Ringworld games.

Posted by Ninomojo on Sep 28, 2007 twenty five to eight pm

It's very hot to hear about a new project by Ron Gilbert, but I4d really rather experience something fressh from him than something Monkey Island related.

I would send US$ 100 to Ron to help fund its game, if I wasn't certain to then feel like a pathetic useless geek for not sending them to a charity instead.

(or I could send $50 to Ron and 50$ to a charity... Sound good. Or maybe 80/20 ?)

Posted by Whup on Sep 29, 2007 ten to two am

It's very hot to hear about a new project by Ron Gilbert, but I4d really rather experience something fressh from him than something Monkey Island related.

Its safe to assume it won't be Monkey Island.

(or I could send $50 to Ron and 50$ to a charity... Sound good. Or maybe 80/20 ?)

If the question is proving too much of a burden for you, send the money to me and I'll take care of it for you =)

Posted by Johnny W on Sep 29, 2007 quarter to seven am

Lol! Glad to see you're back on good form! Look forward to hearing the announcement for the MMO and your upcoming episodic game.

Posted by Johnny W on Sep 29, 2007 quarter to seven am

PS - I think Halo is a sequel to Quake or something.

Posted by God on Sep 29, 2007 twenty past eleven pm

Halo is boring! I have never played anything more stale and uncreative in my life. If you want multi-player fun, play unreal. Ron don't waste your money! Buy BioShock instead!

Posted by Roderick on Oct 1, 2007 ten to five am

Good show, Ron! Looking forward to the Penny Arcade game and your own thingamabob. With your major consultancy work done, can we expect more Grumpy Gamer updates again?

Posted by Ron on Oct 1, 2007 five past eight am

Hi there!
Hope you're reading these comments...

Gabe (or Tycho?) wrote about your first consulting session with them. He said something like "it was an hour and it opened my eyes on how adventure games work". Is there anything to read about this? Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the blog? Or have you ever written a book? Or will you?

Damn I'm curious!
Regards, Ron.

Posted by Jeff Freeman on Oct 1, 2007 five to three pm

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