An Excerpt

May 23, 2013 ten to two pm

An excerpt from the novel I'm not writing:

Victoria and I sat in the outdoor cafe for over an hour and didn't say a word. People and traffic blurred by and never made a sound. Of the five of us recruited for the job, three were dead and all killed by me. That left Victoria. My mind puzzled what would happen next in this bizarre series of coincidences that seemed to be going south faster than we could grasp how bad it had become. But the people who hired us seemed happy and that worried me the most. When would I be told to kill Victoria. When would she be told to kill me.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Breanahope on May 23, 2013 two pm

I think you have a bright future in writing! ;)

PS. Kill Victoria.

Posted by Kyu on May 26, 2013 twenty past two pm

It'd be funny if the novel was actually called "I'm not writing" in the end, then "An excerpt from the novel I'm not writing" would have been accurate all along.

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