First Concept Art

Nov 28, 2011 twenty past one pm

Here are a couple of fine pieces of concept art from the game I'm making with the amazing folks at Double Fine.  I'm so excited.  This is an idea that has been in my head for a long long long time.  It predates Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island.  It's a game that needed to be made.

These are two of the playable characters.  That's all I can say right now, but more will follow later.

*UPDATE:* I just want to clarify, these are not from the kickstarter adventure game, these are from the game that is the real reason I'm at Double Fine.

*UPDATE 2:* The Mobster was cut from the game a while ago.  It's why it's called concept art.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Pananag on Nov 28, 2011 quarter to two pm

You totally made my day.

Posted by George on Nov 28, 2011 five to two pm

The first one is totally cool. reminds me of Marty from Monkey 2

Posted by Jon N/A on Nov 28, 2011 two pm

Wooooo!, "said" the human Bender.

Posted by Jon N/A on Nov 28, 2011 five past two pm

Who's the artist? I don't recognize the style ...

Posted by Kroms on Nov 28, 2011 twenty five past nine pm

Probably Nathan Martz.

Posted by Jon N/A on Nov 30, 2011 five am

Hm. Nathan Martz. Never heard of him. Will check out his work ... I like that style ...

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Dec 1, 2011 twenty to five pm

Both of these were done by Derek Brand, one of the excellent artists at DF.

Posted by Jon N/A on Dec 6, 2011 half past four am

Thanks for the info!
I think I found 2 of his blogs;

Posted by Elaine Marley on Nov 28, 2011 ten past two pm

The first one reminds me of the librarian on MI2

Posted by EmmaC on Nov 30, 2011 ten to seven am

Me too!

Posted by brawsome on Nov 28, 2011 quarter past two pm

If this is for an adventure game, you're going to make a lot of people very happy.

Posted by George on Nov 28, 2011 twenty five to four pm

what the guy above me said

Posted by webtax on Nov 28, 2011 ten past four pm

ok, now i'm pumped

Posted by Fuz on Nov 28, 2011 quarter to six pm

Oh god, I can't wait.

But please, please, PLEASE don't forget the PC version.

Posted by Matrinka on Nov 28, 2011 ten to six pm

Agreed;  my first thought was the Phatt Island librarian from MI2.

Posted by David Thomsen on Nov 28, 2011 twenty five past ten pm

What the guy above the guy above the guy above the guy above me said.

Posted by gnome on Nov 28, 2011 eleven pm

Excitingly exciting! And that must be Nurse Edna back in her late 20s, right?

Posted by Jonathan on Nov 28, 2011 quarter to midnight

What the guys above me said about an adventure game and about a PC version :-)

Posted by DavidA on Nov 29, 2011 half past midnight

High heels are acts of oppression and pain inflicted on women for the sake of a fallacious stereotype. The first character seems to be a laboratory/science worker perhaps, so heels would not be appropriate anyway methinks. She might fall over and cause some industrial accident, allowing aliens to invade Earth from another dimension (but maybe that's going to be a plot point in the game).

Posted by Sedia Simo on Nov 29, 2011 twenty to two am

the man absolutely needs more belly.

Posted by TheBearPaw on Nov 29, 2011 ten to three am


Posted by ed on Nov 29, 2011 twenty five to four am

The thought of you working with Double Fine was exciting me before it was even a reality. That you're working with Double Fine to make a game you've been imagining for something like 25 years is entirely awesome :)

One request (not that I'd want you to listen to requests anyway..), I'd love to see some ambiguity in the plot. It's so boring how most people seem to deliver their plots to us as though we're total vegetables. Having some things open to interpretation can make the whole thing so much more evocative and deep.

Best of luck! May the project be widely loved and lucrative.

Posted by Sarah on Nov 29, 2011 five past four am

Cool. Now make MI3!

Posted by Fuz on Nov 29, 2011 twenty five to one pm


Too bad he doesn't own the rights. sigh

Posted by Arun on Nov 29, 2011 five past five am

Can't wait can't wait can't wait! :)

Posted by Diduz on Nov 29, 2011 twenty five past six am

It's about time! :-P

Posted by tom jones on Nov 29, 2011 five to ten am

the first character looks promising, there is lots of potential there..

but the second one is probably going to be sooo shallow and stereotypical, i hate that.  please stop if you are making either 1) a classic mafia tough guy, or 2) a brute with a soft side/heart of gold..

that's sooo boring..

Posted by EmmaC on Nov 30, 2011 ten to seven am

I don't think you have any right to tell Ron what to do with his characters.

And if you've played ANY of his games you'd probably have noticed that his characters are all brilliant. Have a little faith.

Posted by tom jones on Nov 30, 2011 ten am

don't i need to play all the games to know what all the characters are like?

btw, really? literally all the characters are brilliant?  

btw2, i didn't tell him anything, i "politely" asked..  ;)

Posted by Adventurer on Nov 29, 2011 five to eleven am

How Amazing! I am thrilled, and I pray it will be a Point N Click Adventure !!!!!!!!! :D

Posted by Darkkahn on Nov 29, 2011 five to noon

You're the Mighty Game Creator.

Posted by Min-o-tze on Nov 29, 2011 twenty past noon

Looks like they're ready to be pixelated! =)

Posted by Hiomi on Nov 29, 2011 five to one pm

An adventure game ?
The evolution of the adventure games?
A modern old adventure game ?
From Ron "The Great" Gilbert ?

Hope we do not have to wait too long!!!!!!

You will have my money. As always.

Posted by Fred on Nov 29, 2011 quarter past one pm

Thanks for sharing! Good work!

Posted by Nokill on Nov 30, 2011 ten past two am

love the style, very old school. Can't wait for more ^_^

Posted by Dualnames on Nov 30, 2011 three am

As a fanboy that I dare not be otherwise since Monkey Island 2, I hope this is as dark and weird as monkey island and maniac mansion were. EVEN MORE PLEASE.

Posted by Ken and Roberta on Nov 30, 2011 twenty five past eight am

Keep trying...

Posted by bruno on Nov 30, 2011 quarter past four pm

PLEASE! make it 2D! just like those concepts! 2D gaming rules, for the old times!

Posted by Mr Dimp on Dec 1, 2011 quarter past four am

The milk just right now has ceased trickling from my nose at this instant,can't wait till I play this and it starts allover again,plus I need to feed my baby cow.

Posted by Mr Dimp on Dec 1, 2011 twenty five past four am

And please get Michael (mt Roland ) land,Clint (bean burner) bajakian and pete(ow me foot) mc'onnel for the soundtrack using those midi sounds that they laid down for MI2 (amiga version o course) it's never off my iPod that soundtrack and I have lost friends through playing it so much :(

Posted by Tramb on Dec 1, 2011 five past eleven am

Praying for something more interesting than usual DoubleFine productions.

Posted by brawsome on Dec 1, 2011 twenty five past four pm

I have no doubt that this game will be Ron's game.

The whole adventure game movement is a testament to the fact that if you give Ron the appropriate resources, genres can be redefined, and magical things will happen.

Posted by Joe momma on Dec 2, 2011 half past noon

No hint on the game? Not even a tiny one? 2d, 3d, both? Console or PC? Disc or download? Please, Ron?

Posted by Noah Falstein on Dec 2, 2011 twenty five past four pm

Tomorrow Never Came?  :-)

Posted by Fedexior on Dec 3, 2011 quarter to two pm

Excellent! Great work!

Posted by piep on Dec 3, 2011 quarter to nine pm

Awesome mastah!

Posted by Juan Carlos on Dec 5, 2011 midnight

The lady resembles a lot to the librarian from Phatt Island of MI2.


Posted by Mr Dimp on Dec 6, 2011 five past noon

I just hope it's an adventure game in the 2d of old lucasfilm/arts style,adventure games have never been the same since that period was dominated by the lucasfolk,never has one company making games of the same genre created so many different universe's with tons of atmospheres specific to each game.before the Internet existed I had to use my own imagination as to what Ron Gilbert could of looked like,and I imagined him as a man with a big White beard who lived in the clouds.

Posted by BelÚn on Dec 7, 2011 twenty five past nine am

I'm so looking forward to playing it!

Please, Ron, make my day and tell me it'll come out on PC too.

Posted by Fabio on Dec 22, 2011 five to two am

Hi Ron,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Posted by Light Switch on Dec 22, 2011 five to ten pm

This better be an adventure game.

Posted by F.Konkas on Dec 23, 2011 five past six pm

Happy Festivus!

Posted by Metro on Dec 31, 2011 twenty past ten pm

I'd be excited if I didn't know it will be a console exclusive for about a year -- good ol' Double Fine.

Posted by Old School Game Blog on Jan 7, 2012 twenty five to four am

Here's hoping it will be out for the PC! :D (or perhaps a retro-platform like Amiga or Atari.. hehe)

Posted by LIOS on Jan 26, 2012 half past four am

First,this game and then you MUST MAKE ANOTHER MONKEY ISLAND before we all die! PLSEAAAAA

Posted by Louis on Jan 29, 2012 ten to four am

God, I hate when someone announces a game, because after that you have to wait 5 years to see it come out...

But I'm so glad you're making another game ! I can't wait !

By the way, I think I heard somewhere you were supposed to work on Diablo 3 ? Is that true ?

Posted by Rando Evans on Feb 8, 2012 five to three pm

Mysterious - could be anything, but if it's Ron Gilbert it's going to be good. Also, I have about 40 pounds of raw fish stuffed down my pants right now - I needed to share that with the world.

Posted by Gorba on Feb 9, 2012 twenty to seven am

You didn't!

Is this concept art for the Kickstarter project of Double Fine?!?! You naughty Boy.
I can't believe this is happening, Cause this is simply an unspeackably awsome idea! This shit is gonna be the Shit!

Good look mr. Gilbert

Posted by Ledreppe on Feb 9, 2012 five past one pm

The first character reminds me of Nurse Edna from Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle! Hope it's just as good, or even better.

Posted by George on Feb 10, 2012 half past eleven am

''these are not from the kickstarter adventure game, these are from the game that is the real reason I'm at Double Fine.''

Wait, what? I assumed those images were concept arts for the kickstarter project.

So you're involved in TWO distinct games at Double Fine?? Awesome!!!

Is this game an adventure game too? I hope so.

Posted by Strayth on Feb 10, 2012 quarter to eight pm

Well, I guess the Kickstarter Adventure game was taken seriously by Tim, but not really by Ron. I mean, I guess he was ok to help them but that is it.

Though, now that the project is an INCREDIBLE success, with unexpected funds, they can probably offer Ron something that suits him better, concerning the project, and hopefully he'll be a bigger part than just "advise", and he can join the game design team ! That would be incredible.

(and let's be fair, people mainly donated because they read Tim and Ron's name in the same paragraph ah ah)

Please Ron, implicate yourself in the new project, it's so worth it ! It's already a success !

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Feb 10, 2012 five to eight pm

Why would you ever think I wasn't taking it seriously or not going to be working on it?

Posted by Strayth on Feb 11, 2012 twenty to seven am

i thought you were busy with other projects, and by stating what was "the real reason" I also thought you weren't considering the new project as something that would require the same amount of work from you.

My bad. I am sorry. Though I'm even more hyped about it and am glad to be part of that new adventure with so many fans out there !

Posted by Theowne on Feb 15, 2012 ten to eight pm

I think Ron was invited by Tim to do his game at Double Fine.   So I'm guessing that's what he means by "real reason for being there".

Posted by Chris1980 on Feb 11, 2012 five past three am

Great artworks. I'm really lokking forward to this. Best of luck for this game.

Posted by Mekal on Jun 27, 2012 twenty five to one pm

Too bad the mobster was canceled, I love his concept art!

Is there a hope of seeing him back via DLC ?

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