Screw April Fool's Day

Apr 1, 2013 twenty to nine am

There, I said what everyone is thinking.  April Fool's Day is an idiotic tradition and Grumpy Gamer is proud to report that it's been completely April Fool's Day free for nine years running.

Please enjoy this cute picture of a puppy and a kitten while you seek refuge from the stupidity of the day.  See you back on the Internet tomorrow.

Other people's comments:

Posted by YoDawg on Apr 1, 2013 half past four pm

Dogs and cats hate each other. This is pic is obviously an hoax. I thought I could trust you ;_;

Posted by Shinetop on Apr 1, 2013 twenty to five pm

I knew I would find a post like this coming here today, you never disappoint me Ron

Posted by Alja on Apr 1, 2013 ten to seven pm

MI3 confirmed

Posted by Ralph on Apr 1, 2013 seven pm

The one day in the year when the internet is completely rubbish. Thanks for not disappointing us again Ron.

Posted by Leonard on Apr 1, 2013 quarter past eight pm

I can only tolerate seeing kittens when they are falling off of TVs in funny home videos. And then, only maybe once.

Posted by SacredSpud on Apr 1, 2013 twenty five past eight pm

Can we at least agree that the only April Fool's content worth a damn comes from Google?

Posted by Ralph on Apr 2, 2013 seven am

Agreed. Their stuff is usually quite funny. I also enjoyed the Mars Rover thing this year, to be honest.

Posted by rockmik on Apr 2, 2013 half past six pm

It's a trap.

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