The Cave Is Out! The Cave Is Out! The Cave Is Out!

Jan 23, 2013 half past eight pm

I can't believe The Cave is out and people are actually playing it.  You thought I was joking and it was all an elaborate prank that involved making all these fake trailers and a big fake European press tour, but you were wrong.

...or were you.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Psicraft on Jan 23, 2013 twenty past nine pm

Excellent, I'll buy it right after this dungeon raid in some MMO I am currently playing.

Posted by Psicraft on Jan 25, 2013 quarter past six am

I changed my mind after remembering that Steam has a 25% markup when selling to Australia.

[imagine a long rant here about how much I hate price gouging bastards]

Posted by Santiago on Jan 23, 2013 twenty five past nine pm

Yay!, yay!, yay!

Posted by J on Jan 24, 2013 ten past midnight

C64 link is broken :(.

Posted by arensb on Jan 24, 2013 ten to six am

Perhaps he meant to say "Amiga" instead of "Commodore 64"?

Posted by George32027 on Jan 24, 2013 ten past eight am

omg nobody realized he was joking? come on

Posted by Mauricio E. Silva on Jan 26, 2013 half past five pm

Some of us realize it was a joke. But if they release the C64 version in 3,178 floppy disk (double size, of course) i´ll but it.

Posted by Francisco Ortiz on Feb 8, 2013 five to four am

I realized. Then I checked comments to see if someone already did the joke of the  C64 link being broken, and looks like "J" did.

Posted by Phlip on Jan 24, 2013 twenty five to eleven am

Also waiting for the Deep Thought Version :(

Posted by arensb on Jan 24, 2013 half past four pm

You're still playing on Deep Thought? I've found that all of the versions that have already been release play quite well on Earth (boring name, great computer).

Posted by Jasper on Jan 24, 2013 twenty five to two am

Working on the PSN Store myself, I stumbled over something interesting during QA this morning... THE CAVE IS FRICKIN' OUT!!

Awesome, Ron. This totally messes up my evening planning.

Posted by Headwuend on Jan 24, 2013 quarter to two am

Congrats on the release, probably gonna check it out this weekend. :)

Posted by RonFan on Jan 24, 2013 five past three am

Ron, I still have to buy The Cave...
But I have heard great things !!!!

On week-end it will be mine!!!

Thank you for your awesome materpieces!!!

Posted by Francisco on Jan 24, 2013 twenty five past four am

Congrats! Just bought on XBLA! Will be playing it tonight. Why can't the day go faster? Can the time traveller help?

Posted by Fandi on Jan 24, 2013 ten past eight am

Ron, will it be available in DRM free format also?
I'm thinking about GOG.

And, as J posted it earlier, the C64 link is broken. :)

Posted by Darius on Jan 24, 2013 quarter to nine am

About C64 - think deeper, man. It's a puzzle :)

Posted by Fuz on Jan 25, 2013 twenty to three am

Yeah, please release it on GOG.

Posted by Tim Clemons on Jan 24, 2013 quarter past eleven am

Will you accept a virtual hug for supporting Linux?  You don't know me, so it's cool if you want to maintain some virtual distance.

Posted by Pad on Jan 24, 2013 ten to one pm

You will be supporting Linux? Now I will buy this for sure! Thank you very much.

Posted by Phlip on Jan 24, 2013 quarter to eight pm

Hey Ron,
great game! Just finished my first round and really enjoyed it. Who knew that it runs so smoothly on my Deep Thought (OK... it runs an Atari ST Emu). My favorite part so far is definitely the dragon enjoying a meal. I'm absolutely lining up for virtually hugging you!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Grog,

P.S.: Since I could't find a bug report site, here comes a little glitch: You can lure the beast down a ladder where it gets stuck and one must restart the game to continue.

Posted by Dr Lego on Jan 24, 2013 twenty five past nine pm

Just want to say, this is one of the best games I have played in a long time!!
Great concept!  I love the interaction of 3 characters at a time!
Very refreshing and well thought out!!!  Bravo!

Posted by Antonio Silvestre Granados on Jan 25, 2013 quarter to two am

Mr Gilbert, you opened a river on a mountain, with this... now we can drink, we can fish, we can swim, we were all waiting to taste this old fluids, running river down slaying all those AAA on the way and giving us a new hope that you are back, with your games, that i will enjoy them like if i were at Disneyland. Thanks.

Posted by Fuz on Jan 25, 2013 twenty five to three am

Please, please, PLEASE release it on another platform other than steam. I'm personally boycotting steam but I want to give you my money and play this game.

Posted by Peter on Jan 27, 2013 quarter to two pm

Hoping for a Mac AppStore release myself.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jan 27, 2013 ten to two pm

Unlike Steam, Apple has crazy long approval times for the Mac App Store, but it will be there.

Posted by Peter on Jan 28, 2013 quarter past midnight

Awesome, thank you Ron. I don't mind waiting a few more days.

Posted by Jonathan on Jan 29, 2013 half past two pm

I'm also holding out for the Mac App Store release, don't want to install that STEAMing piece of crap (called Steam).

Posted by Chris on Feb 14, 2013 quarter past four am

If Steam is as you describe, than the Mac Crap Store is a vat of diarrhea. Child's humor is FUN!!

Steam works great on my Mac, so I have no idea where you're coming from, so I don't agree with your opinion, which in my opinion is just weird.

Are you one of those super early adopters I've heard rumors about, or just an employee from a competing/failing services? Or prior to your Mac, did you have a super crapy PC with hardware components made out of cheese, and you wrongfully blamed Steam for the constant crashes you encountered when playing any game that remotely stressed your system?

Anyways, happy user of Steam, as they cater to my Mac and my PC side, so I'm not locked into any one platform.

Posted by Chris on Jan 28, 2013 half past four am

Since you're boycotting it on Steam, I'll just have to buy an extra copy and gift it to a friend. :)

I'm personally boycotting the Mac App store and any equivalent abomination that comes out of Microsoft's camp.

Posted by Johnny on Jan 31, 2013 quarter past eight am

And what's so much better about Steam? Care to elaborate?

Posted by another on Feb 10, 2013 quarter to eight am

best way would be if you get a system running, where you can sell the game directly through your website for all games you develop. this way you save the cut all the distributors take.

of course it is clever to have the games listed at steam and the app store as well, cause this is how a lot of players will see the game, even if they have never heard about it.

given the lack of current mac games, i guess the cave will be a big hit on the mac  this way, cause as soon as it hits the bestseller list it will self promote itself.

good luck :-)

Posted by Chris on Feb 14, 2013 half past three am

Easy.  When I buy a game on Steam, like the Cave, it works on "ANY" of my computers that meet the requirements; so my Macs and my PCs.

When I buy a game on Steam, they will store it guaranteed at no additional cost for easy access from any computer I'm on -- even if it's no my comp.

When I buy a game on steam, it offers additional services at no charge, which allow me to easily connect with my firends; I only had to buy 'one' game to make this happiness happen.

When I buy a game on Steam, I know by my experience, that I can trust them not to leave me hanging, if I'm not on the newest version of whatever OS/hardware; I especially can not trust Apple in this area these days.

When I buy a game on Steam, I'm saving a kitten!

Vavle has always treated me as a customer at no extra cost, where as the other guys see me as a commodity; even when their hooves are in my wallet.

For me, I only buy my games from Steam or GOG -- or boxed retail with SteamWorks support if a DRM is required; GFWL and Origins can suck-it!

Posted by Narcogen on Jan 25, 2013 quarter past four am

I'm going to download that Commodore version, just as soon as I can find a TCP/IP stack for GEOS...

Posted by ReverendGumby on Mar 12, 2013 nine pm

I've got a stack for PC-GEOS. Perhaps we could backport it. But what to use for packet hardware? 1200 baud modem?

Posted by Someone on Jan 25, 2013 twenty five past nine am

Bought it for the Wii-U.  Excellent game so far!  Nice work, Ron and all the others at Double Fine

Posted by CommodoreOldFu-k on Jan 25, 2013 two pm

C'mon guys... The Commodore link is just a joke.
This makes me remember when I played Zak McKracken in my old C64... What a wonderful game...

Posted by Sam jones on Jan 25, 2013 twenty five to eleven pm

Played the game, was a piece of shit, what a fucking letdown. Guess i have to wait for tim Schafers game now.

Posted by Richard J. on Jan 25, 2013 twenty to midnight

Wow. What an asshole. I guess the only thing that makes you feel good is being a prick to other people.  You're a sad sad person. I feel sorry for you.

Posted by Someone on Jan 26, 2013 ten to three am

Don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for the game :)

Posted by Sam jones on Jan 26, 2013 five past three am

maybe I overreacted and a bit impressed that Ron didn't remove the comments, so Ron u can remove the comennts I said, I'd try myself but doesn't allow me

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Jan 26, 2013 twenty past seven am

I don't delete comments unless they are personal attacks on people or filled with profanity.  Everyone is entitled to their option and I have a thick skin.

Posted by Mauricio E. Silva on Jan 26, 2013 twenty five to six pm

Mmm... i have thick skin too. Well, is actually a thick layer of fat under my skin. But let´s call it thick skin and i feel thinner that way.

Posted by The Insulter on Jan 31, 2013 quarter past eight am

Fake and gay.

Posted by Leo The Insatiable on Jan 26, 2013 twenty five to noon

Superb adventure so far. Nice puzzles and humor. The hole game feels very cozy and probably is the most beautiful game in years for me. Not technologically but in design and overall style. The ONLY drawback so far is the Adventurer's face. It's kinda fall's out from the level of design of other characters.
Peace, love and best wishes from freezing Russia! Yes, Ron, WE know you too. :P

Posted by Ignacio on Jan 26, 2013 quarter past two pm

I have played the 50% of the game, the 7 bad finals, and i think
it's a little repetitive, but it's a great game. I have enjoyed a lot the story of
the Castle and the Circus, they are very sarcastic.

Gratz to all Double Fine guys. Ron, i hope to see you creating more games with
these guys, i think that you make an excelent team. Love from Spain.

Posted by Tim on Jan 27, 2013 twenty to five am

Hey Ron, congrats on the release. About a year ago you posted how this was a game you've been wanting to make for a long time. Could you explain a bit what the fundamental idea was? And perhaps, now that it's done share some insights about how challenging it is to start off with a great idea and getting it to work the way you envisioned it in a final product (e.g. what worked out exactly as you hoped it would be, what turned out to be too ambitious).

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Jan 27, 2013 five past nine am

Hi Ron,
Congrats on another great game. I see a lot of potential with expansion characters and new cave levels. Already finished it with all characters and run through each level. Great gameplay, some small glitches here and there but nevertheless the game is really nice. I also love a lot the small hints from Monkey Island :) hope that is your next game (yes good wishing). I thought the game would be bigger to play. I think you should have added some more basic levels and perhaps some levels where you need 2 of the characters to pass that would expand a bit the game as well. So besides the 3 character levels depending on which characters you choose another 3 levels would open and also another master level depending on which 3 characters you are playing. That would add a lot of gameplay as well! Congratulations and hope all the best in the future

P.S: What does the damn can of corn do!!! :p

Posted by Nephilim on Jan 27, 2013 twenty past nine am

Wow, it's finally out ! Thanks for the great game...

I've only played it for an hour or two, but it's better than I thought it would be. I didn't think the choice of characters would influence the game that much, just like Maniac Mansion which played nearly identical, no matter what characters you chose. But when playing the cave it seems that the labyrinth was designed exactly with the three chosen characters in mind. I don't know how Ron managed to do that. I guess it gets clearer when replaying the game with other characters.

Great Job, Ron... I'm looking forward to more new games. Maybe there'll be Monkey Island 3a hint hint ;) I had already lost all hope to see it one day, until Telltale released "Tales of Monkey Island", so why not create a new sequel with Double Fine ? :)

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Jan 27, 2013 five to noon

Perhaps because Ron does not hold the rights but Lucasarts does (here is the place where the angry angrier angriest smiley oxymoron should be placed)

Posted by Nephilim on Jan 28, 2013 five past nine am

Of course I'm aware of this problem ;) I'm also not sure if the fact that Disney bought LucasArts makes a new sequel more or less probable. That's why I mentioned the Telltale game "Tales of Monkey Island". It's a real Monkey Island game with Guybrush & co. even though LucasArts held the rights to the franchise. So since Telltale could license the franchise and work together with LucasArts to release a sequel, why shouldn't Double Fine be able to do the same?

I'm still dreaming of Dave Grossman, Tim Schafer and Ron getting back together to create a new Monkey Island. Maybe Telltale and Double Fine could work together. Of course I may not be aware of a bunch of problems, but dreaming isn't forbidden :)

And to get back on-topic:

I still need to get used to the platforming elements of the cave and the missing inventories. It's a bit frustrating to have walked and jumped and dived and climbed up ropes for a while just to be at the right place with the wrong item and then having to walk back all the way in order to exchange the crowbar with a fuse. I kinda miss this "Oh, a fusebox - didn't I pick up a fuse just 5 minutes ago?"-feeling. This is often replaced by a "Why didn't I take the other item with me?"-feeling :) Other than that it's a very forgiving and accessible game though.

Posted by Fuz on Jan 31, 2013 twenty past four am

Let's give them all our money so they can buy the rights to Monkey Island and release the third chapter.
I hope The Cave and the Double Fine Adventure (can't wait, btw) sell a lot.

Posted by Mighty Monkey Pirate on Jan 27, 2013 five to two pm

One of the best birthday gift ever! THANK YOU, Ron! =)
(from Italy)

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Jan 28, 2013 twenty five past eleven am

Ok so after multiple speedruns (2 days and already finished the games more or less 7 times! :D ) I tried some things to see if something would come out. One thing I tried is to take the postcard from the beginning and travel it all the way throughout the cave to the end. The only thing I succeeded was to place it back on the post stand and was dissapointed that the Cave did not make a smirky remark how pointless my whole effort was! :( One other thing for Ron.... I noticed that you used throughout the game a very interesting music entry/exit system seeming like the iMuse system in a more modern form. Can you please expain WHY Lucasarts was not able to do the same with the MI2 Special Edition please!!
Great Game Ron with lot of potential for expansion.

Posted by Chester on Jan 28, 2013 ten to two pm

Hi Ron,

I am working on my fourth play through of The Cave. I loved experiencing the world. It was really fun to see the artwork and creativity in the puzzle design for each character. And I was a little sad to see it end.

I know you've said there probably won't be any DLC for the game, but I would buy it if you made some additional characters. And I totally agree with your thoughts on DLC. And I appreciate it.

If you don't end up releasing the "cut" characters as DLC, I hope you guys consider releasing an art book or a digital post to show them off. Because I want to experience more Cave.

Thanks to you and your team for making this excellent game. I really enjoyed it.

Looking forward to Double Fine Adventure later this year.

Posted by Rympal on Jan 28, 2013 five past four pm

Great game. Thank you for it. I recommend to all :).

Posted by TomTom on Jan 28, 2013 quarter past five pm

Ok, so I pirated this thing and first 20 minutes felt awesome, I laughed so much and was supposed to be in a good mood. But I wasn't. Something wasn't quite right. So I started my Steam and  send those hackers an access to my personal account and in the meantime acquired a copy. And now it feels just as it's supposed to be and only thing pirated is the New Grog. Anyways, it's quite short (first playthrough 4 hours+-30 minutes), but it's a hell of a ride and I gladly pay for more such experience. Thanks guys. ;)

Posted by Romi de Paris on Jan 29, 2013 twenty five past two am

Starting playing it yesterday with my girlfriend. The character and level design are fantastic and really feel like one of your game (Much more than Deathpank, even though I really enjoyed it too).

The enigma are just the right level of difficulty. I understand some of the critics I read on the many back and forth you need to make on the biggest area. Maybe a little option to auto teleport another character next to you would have been a plus. But it's not such a drag in the end.

Thanx Ron, you remain one of the best out there and a constant source of fun (and grumpiness).



Posted by Chuck the plant on Jan 29, 2013 five to noon

Ron, such a masterpiece of game. It's marvellous: graphic, gameplay, screenplay, puzzle design. I've really enjoyed it! Like the old-good times, playing Maniac, Monkey... of course they were really tough compared to The Cave, but it's the same great fun :)

You are the greatest genius of the adventure games

I hope to see other sequel, this platform-adventure style is really, really cool.

All the best

Gabriele from Italy

Posted by Benja on Jan 29, 2013 quarter to one pm

Just great. It is just great.

I loved, but my girlfriend.... she didnt like to play anything, since the comodore64. She didnt know about the monkey island and just spent some time with crappy minigames, and never replaying them.
But this game did her stay as crazy until the end and did her want to try the monkey island I and II and finish both of them, everything in just some days . crazy

Sorry for my crappy English!

Congratulations from Spain.

Posted by David Thomsen on Jan 30, 2013 twenty five to four am

You know you've played too many Ron Gilbert games when you come across a 'slippery floor' sign and instinctively know that it is the sign itself that is making the floor slippery.

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Feb 2, 2013 quarter to one am

Ron you HAVE to give us a date for these news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Krugos on Feb 5, 2013 five to five pm

The Cave has become one of my favorite games ever, I will be playing this from time to time probably for the rest of my life (I still play Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island 1 & 2, and I think this will be no different). I loved the art, characters and level design, music, voice acting, sound effects, writing, puzzles, etc. All characters and their dark stories are fun, and I enjoyed each of their unique levels. The humor was great, as it was expected. I loved the concept, and the mood of the game is terrific. I hope the game sells well and we can get to see a sequel or some sort of expansion.

The Cave character was the best, the voice actor did a wonderful work! Everything he said made me laugh, but the reference to the Ya Got Trouble song was the one that made me laugh the most, haha. I wished the Cave had more lines.

My top three favorite playable characters, and also the first team I used, were:
1. The Adventurer: She's a cool character with a cool story. Her special ability is the one I used the most, she made it faster and easier to travel around some areas.
2. The Knight: His ability was also useful to climb down quickly from high areas without dying. His unique level was my favorite from all characters, although the Twins' house comes very close.
3. The Twins: What's not to like about them?

I loved to see Maniac Mansion's pool in the game. Maniac Mansion is at the top of my favorite games, I like it even more than Monkey Island. Playing the game in the old Commodore 64 turned out being my first english lessons (my main language is spanish). Maniac Mansion was also the first adventure game I completed, so I have fond memories of it.

Thank you Ron Gilbert for another great game, you are the best!

Posted by Joshua Witt on Feb 5, 2013 half past six pm

Well at least the cave is only $15, I've heard it's wise never to pay more than twenty bucks for an adventure game ;)

Posted by Neil B on Feb 8, 2013 twenty five past seven am

Playing this with my wife and we're about three hours or so in, just having completed the Twins' mansion.

Very, very good, especially for a tenner. Looks great, sounds great, the puzzles are just on the right side of tough enough. We're having a great time.

Some small issues:
* We've had one issue with a character getting trapped in the scenery.
* The opening is a little unclear in that you have to take three characters into the cave.
* Could've done with a mini-map or off-screen indicators for where the other characters and/or inventory objects have been dropped.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Feb 8, 2013 half past seven am

If the characters get trapped, you can pull both triggers or press the 0 or 9 key to force them to respawn.  Glad you're enjoying it.

Posted by Neil B on Feb 20, 2013 twenty to six am

Hasn't happened since then, but good to know!

Posted by justathing on Feb 10, 2013 ten past five am


I would like you guys to rethink your website for "The Cave". It is pretty unpractical to have to scroll down for hours, till you get to the content. Maybe you can use an autoscroller to fake some kind of animation, but like this, I guess at least 10% of the visitors will visit and go away immediately, cause they think the page is just not working.

I am designing websites myself and thought the site was not working the first time I visited, so it is really not self explaining...

Haven't tried the game yet, but the videos looked nice so far :-)

Have a nice day!

Posted by Rodrigo Roesler on Feb 10, 2013 ten to six am

Ok, all 14 endings done. I was kind of hoping after this that would be a way to play with the miner, the hermit and the hunter. Maybe a sequel? Huh? Maybe a sequel including the backstories of the guitar, the skull and the prize? Huh?

C'mon, Ron, you know you want to do it. :)

Posted by Rodrigo Roesler on Feb 10, 2013 five to six am

By the way, have anyone noticed you can start the game picking the time traveller, use her to get the crowbar and then PHASE through the "keep out" warnings at the entrance of the cave? When that happens, you can't phase back out of the cave or give the crowbar to anyone, so no other characters can get in.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Feb 10, 2013 ten to nine am

Sure you can.  I've done it many times.

Posted by Dave Robertson on Feb 11, 2013 ten to eight am

Played the demo from PSN last night.  Loved it.  Can't wait to get home and download the full game.

Posted by Ted on Feb 11, 2013 twenty to one pm

Just got the game a few days ago. I've been playing your games since they came out on floppy disc. I even stuck with the point and click adventure with lucasarts even after you left. Still fun, but it was not as great. To play another gen-u-ine Gilbert is ssssoooooooo satisfying! I've missed that unique humor of yours more than I knew. Also, amazingly unique game overall. I love it. Great job Ron. Keep em coming. I'd love to see lots-o-games coming out from you soon.

Posted by Guybrush Threepwood on Feb 12, 2013 twenty to eleven am

Kudos on the Cave and it's awesome replay value!  Spent many hours this weekend beating it twice with Elaine chugging cans of Grog and eating three headed monkeys.  Also, this is my arm:

Posted by Ted on Feb 12, 2013 ten past five pm

Your arm is awesome.

Posted by Tommy Doyle on Feb 13, 2013 twenty five past seven am

It's amazing how fast the Commodore version loads with my Epyx Fastload cartridge! Picked it up on Steam, loved every second of it. Maniac Mansion meets platformer meets ecstasy. Thank you Ron!

Posted by John Chandagnac on Feb 18, 2013 twenty five to nine am

Hey Ron,

when you created Guybrush, did you only imagine something diffuse or did your idea have something in common with the high-res artworks in the original game?

I didn't like the way he looked in MI§, but am pretty confident with the special editions.

Posted by John Chandagnac on Feb 18, 2013 twenty to nine am

I didn't like the way he looked in MI3....but am pretty confident with the special editions.

Posted by John Chandagnac on Feb 19, 2013 three am

Hey Ron, sorry to bug you, but i'm really interested, if my imagination was "the right one".

Did you at least agree with the  cover- and cutscene-artworks in the old games?

Posted by FL on Mar 5, 2013 twenty past four am

I have finally purchased The Cave for Xbox and let me say I deeply love every bit of it.
I have to say that I have also really appreciated Death Spank but The Cave it is on another and higher level.
Many many compliment Ron, it is a really great game, that feel as a perfect bridge, the missing step between the past and today (future) games.
I really hope the game will sold millions of units so that we can have more and more from you.
Thanks for all your masterpieces!

Ps. Do you believe that an Ipad version could be doable?

Posted by Carlo on Mar 6, 2013 half past four am

Not yet bought.. Sorry, I'm doing too many things related to work right now.
But I will play it. I'll love it for sure, watching trailers and reading about the development I know it's a great game. It reminds me maniac mansion, and also the lost vikings.

Thank you Ron, with your art you make me happy since 1990 (I was 5).

Posted by JamesN on Apr 24, 2013 twenty past six pm

Ron, I've played all of your games growing up in the 80's/90's and I honestly believe they helped make me a better (smarter?) person.

I want to personally thank you for this game.  My 5 1/2 YR old STILL plays it everyday after watching me beat it.  He has memorized the puzzles and amazes me how he zips through it on my PC.  He didn't even know what arrow keys were 3months ago, so thank you for teaching my kid how to do more than swipe on an iPAD.

Please continue to make more content so my kids will know what real video games are.

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