Deep Inside The Cave - Part 1

Mar 14, 2013 quarter past one pm

As promised, here are some behind the scene images from designing The Cave.  J.P. LeBreton, Dave Gardner and I spent several months in a back room designing all the area and puzzles of the game.  I have to say, it was the most fun I've had designing in a long time.  J.P and Dave where amazing to work with.

This is an early layout for the Intro section.  It's much bigger than we ended up with and you will notice we had areas where players would be required to use each character's special ability.  This was also back when The CIA agent and The Mobster were still in the game.  This didn't make it past the greybox stage.  After running around, it was clear it was way too big.  We also felt requiring the training of the special abilities was not really needed.

This was an entire section that we cut.  The original game was about twice the size of what we ended up with and this was one of the sections that didn't make the cut.  It never made it out of the paper stage.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Ian on Mar 14, 2013 twenty past one pm

Is it possible to render the entire cave, with art? I would love a poster of that.

Posted by Jesse on Mar 14, 2013 five past two pm

I want to play the rest of the game too!

Posted by Paul on Mar 14, 2013 quarter past two pm

It's interesting to know that there was originally an intro section that allowed players to test powers - I often wondered why there wasn't anything for that. I didn't run into a lot of problems but there were points in the game where I had no idea what all my characters' powers were, and so I missed an obvious way of solving a puzzle - I figured it out though so it didn't matter too much.

I wonder if a little room for each character requiring a power test to progress would have worked, right after getting past the gift shop? Might've smashed through the fourth wall a bit I suppose.

I'm guessing that since you've left Double Fine, an expansion with this cut content/characters probably isn't in the works! Alas.

Posted by Benoit FOULETIER on Mar 15, 2013 half past three am

I'd be interested to know more about the tech; did you have tools to quickly carve a 3D mesh from a 2D layout like this (at least in the prototype phase), or was it all modeled manually in Maya or other?

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