Awesome Awesome Monday

Aug 28, 2009 twenty five to ten am

Monday's going to be a pretty awesome day on the internet thingy.  You know it's going to be awesome because I don't use the word awesome very awesome!  I mean often!  Often.  Often.  Often.

Other people's comments:

Posted by bumfrog on Aug 28, 2009 twenty to ten am

awesome :)

Posted by Thomas on Aug 28, 2009 half past eleven am

Dude, that�s awesome.

Posted by Mario on Aug 28, 2009 five past noon

I don't use the word, sorry, letter 'f' very oten...

Posted by Alfonso Maruccia on Aug 28, 2009 five past noon

Awesome man, awesome... oh wait, what? Damn...

Posted by agus on Aug 28, 2009 quarter past noon

Awesome is me nervously waiting for Monday

Posted by Fuz on Aug 28, 2009 twenty five past noon

Now you're ruining my saturday/sunday!

Posted by eloj on Aug 28, 2009 twenty five to one pm

I don't care what monday brings; pirates are way awesomer than mondays.

Posted by andyh on Aug 28, 2009 twenty to one pm

Sounds often.

Posted by carny on Aug 28, 2009 one pm

i don`t know about monday, just wish i could be on that pax thing instead of being here at underdeveloped southamerica.  just read their schedule and it`s every gamer dream

Posted by Ralph on Aug 28, 2009 twenty five past two pm

Awesome! There goes the weekend, now I wish it was monday.

Posted by Fatih Coskun on Aug 28, 2009 twenty past three pm

What is so awesome about this monday? Does Death Spank finally arrive?

Posted by Kalmarcos on Aug 28, 2009 quarter past four pm

Now, this is AWESOME.

Sadly, this is "Journalism" from my country.

Posted by DRK on Aug 28, 2009 half past four pm

A little help for non-Spanish speakers about the video above:
That TV reporter is actually explaining authorities' concern about teenagers drinking a new cocktail. Namely "Grog XD" which receipt they've found posted on a blog. Then, this moron says this drink is created by mixing:

Artificial sweeteners
Sulfuric acid
Rhum with acetone
Red colorant N�2
Battery acid

Posted by Johnny W on Aug 30, 2009 three am

Just to clarify things further: This is an example of the worst journalism of all time. According to the REPORTER this drink is the drink that teenagers drink for "fun", as PROMOTED by social networking sites (like Facebook).

He's basically expounding the evils of the internet and the damaging effect it's having on Argentina's teenagers...

"Who can ever thing of drinking KEROSENE to have fun... But this is a FACT, it's only a matter of talking about it with the teenagers, who take it completely naturally. And that's the reason why this afternoon, starting at 6pm, the city government will meet with the nightclub managers, in order to try and reach a solution to such an alarming issue."

See it with CC/subtitles here:

The gentlemen in the video should be locked up for spreading such idiot misinformation (why is kerosene highlighted, I wonder? what about sulphuric acid?!). Plus anyone who thinks this is a serious and alarming issue should also be taken away and given some sanity tablets.

Any bets we'll see this on Fox News sometime soon? I wouldn't be surprised!

Posted by G on Aug 28, 2009 quarter to five pm

I saw it yesterday, i still cant belive it.

Not much because they thought that drink was real, but because he forgot the SCUMM and pepperoni.

Posted by fred arrr on Aug 28, 2009 five past five pm

Yeah, thanks for ruining our saturday and sunday!

Posted by Toms on Aug 28, 2009 twenty five past eight pm

Hey Ron. This has nothing to do with the post, but I don't care because you need to watch this. And I didn't wanna bother you with the Contact form. So, anyways.

Watch this . It's a real, serious-talking Argentinian news programme. Here's what it says:

"... and social networks, that are many times used for contacting friends from high school, childhood, for working... and in this case, teenagers that gather in pre-parties share drinks recipes. There's a drink called, specifically, "Grog XD". This drink contains, what the kids suggest, to blend: (here he says the complete Grog ingredient list said in MI1. When he points to the grease he says "so you gotta go to the local mechanist") . These is frankly surprising information, because who would think of drinking kerosene to have fun. But this happens, and the only thing to do is to talk it with teenagers, who take it with total naturality and that's why this afternoon, from six, the authorities of..."

Yay for journalism!

Posted by tronguy on Aug 29, 2009 five past four am


These f*ing morons.... that's hella f*cking balls to the wall awesome!!

Posted by machete on Aug 29, 2009 ten past four am

I love how they even copied the "XD" as part of the name.... LOL

Posted by Guy on Aug 30, 2009 twenty five past eight am

So it's not GTA that's corrupting our children's minds. It's Ron and his diabolical hidden messages in games.

It will not surprise me if Deathspank will be contain hidden messages to recruit  young children and train them to be Al-Kaida agents.

Posted by gaybrush on Aug 30, 2009 twenty five to five pm

WTF?!! That's weird even by Ron's standard.

Posted by Miguel on Aug 29, 2009 twenty to eight am

Monday? Really? The day after tomorrow?

Posted by Demian on Aug 30, 2009 twenty five to ten am

Posted by Esteban on Aug 30, 2009 ten past seven pm

Please! Everybody watch the youtube link posted by Demian!!
Grog XD

Posted by cos on Aug 31, 2009 quarter past one am

My new girlfriend does awesome things too and the video from argentinian TV is the best thing I've seen this week.

Posted by grunt on Aug 31, 2009 six am

Yes she does.

Posted by MagicalDude on Aug 31, 2009 twenty to eleven am

Yes I know, we all know...

Posted by shane on Aug 31, 2009 quarter to three pm

Your girlfriend is great too.... mmmm...

Posted by sheesh on Aug 31, 2009 twenty to three pm

It's almost Tuesday here... but I guess Canada is always a bit behind... in everything.

Posted by Someone on Aug 31, 2009 quarter to three pm

What a dissapointing Monday.

Posted by Kelgrim on Aug 31, 2009 twenty five to four pm

You should have thought about your fans from europe. Monday was very awful here. I hope there is something awesome waiting for me in the morning... :(

Posted by Fatih Coskun on Sep 1, 2009 twenty five to seven am

It really was Death Spank. Awesome. I guess.

Posted by gordo on Sep 5, 2009 twenty to eleven am

puto chupa pija

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