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Feb 23, 2012 quarter past noon

Well, I think it's "time" to "leak" some more concept "art" for the amazing game I've been working on at Double Fine for the past 9 months.

After posting the previous concept art of The Scientist and The Mobster, I started reading all the adventure game forums and other gaming sites and I noticed a common reaction along the lines of "Hey Ron, those are great and all, but what we really want to know is if the game will have an old carnival ticket booth and a ceiling mounted laser cannon!"

Well, I'm happy to officially confirm that the game has both an old carnival ticket booth and a ceiling mounted laser cannon in it.  I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but one of them is going to hurt like hell.

Other people's comments:

Posted by chrisis on Feb 23, 2012 five past one pm

Ah, any chance you can reveal what genre the game will be?

Posted by Josh on Feb 23, 2012 ten past one pm

That carnival ticket Booth DOES look like it would smart something awful.  Now the speculation comes down to whether it drops on you Wizard of Oz style, or you end up with one WICKED splinter.

Posted by Noah Falstein on Feb 23, 2012 ten past one pm

Ceiling-mounted laser cannon - just the thing for when the bad guy starts monologuing.  "Goldfinger, do you expect me to talk?"  "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to combine these 3 inventory items to create a device that lets you escape!"  Or something like that.

Posted by Pedro on Feb 23, 2012 twenty five past one pm

So, you buy a ticket to be shot by a laser.
Can't wait to play that part of the game.

Posted by Gianni on Feb 23, 2012 quarter to two pm

I want to play whit the laser >D

Posted by bottlerocketee on Feb 23, 2012 quarter to two pm

Love the style!

But what could it be? An adventure game? I don't think so, since you started this game 9 months ago, when adventure games were still in their middle ages long before the renaissance of adventure games 15 days ago.

But you love adventure games too much to do a totally different genre (or did you pull a scorsese and this is your personal Hugo Cabret? Nooo...)

So it is sth like an adventure adventure game with lots of quick time events a la heavy rain? No...too trivial.

Then it must be an action-adventure! This will be your personal psychonauts aiming at the crowd longing for psychonauts 2! That's it! I better write this down before I forget it.

Posted by George on Feb 23, 2012 five to two pm

That carnival ticket booth looks very, very dangerous.

Posted by MoralFibre on Feb 24, 2012 ten past three am

And I wonder why the ceiling mounted laser cannon has 'Prize' and '5 Tix' signs on it? Intriguing!

Posted by Ed on Feb 23, 2012 five past two pm

I'm loving the art-style. Will the game itself be 2D or are these precursors to assets endowed with an extra dimension?

Posted by Nokill on Feb 23, 2012 ten past two pm

Looking great, catches that old style of adventure, or any game you worked on, very nicely!

And I'm wondering how a carnival ticket booth can hurt like hell!? o.O'

@boottlerocketee, you should look more closely, as there have been more and more adventure games released every year. There just not by this grumpy old man, but they are certainly far from dead. :)

Posted by bottlerocketee on Feb 23, 2012 quarter past two pm

I admit I exaggerated a bit.

Posted by gos on Feb 24, 2012 twenty to one am

Well these concept arts doesn't quench our thirst !
we need more !

Posted by Ch. Kalogirou on Feb 24, 2012 five past five am

So there is going to be a ceiling... I hate spoilers!

Posted by MrHoatzin on Feb 24, 2012 ten to eight am

Man, who do I have to kill to just sit around and work on my own stuff for NINE MONTHS? I would rule the world if I had a solid 9 months of time that I don't have to dedicate to whoring myself out for sustenance.

It must be difficult having all that time to yourself. Share the load, Grumpy Gamer.

Posted by David T. Marchand on Feb 24, 2012 twenty to one pm

The guy who named the JPGs must be pissed right now.

Posted by lulu on Feb 25, 2012 twenty to five am

Pleease ron answer mee! Is there a chance to see your monkey island 3 in the stores someday? What are the problems that you have?

Posted by bottlerocketee on Feb 25, 2012 twenty five past noon


Ron Gilbert would love to do "his" monkey island 3, but the monkey island franchise is owned by lucasarts not ron gilbert.
Apparantly Ron has talked to lucasarts about monkey island but whenever they get more serious, lucasarts fires their chairman and discussions begin from scratch.
I'd suggest you enjoy ron's upcoming game, which this post is all about and just keep wishing and wishing that Ron did at least write down the secret of monkey island in his testament.

Posted by Lulu on Feb 28, 2012 quarter to one pm

Yes,i cant wait to see the new Ron gilbert,�s game,but its pretty sad that the boy who gave birth Monkey Island dont have at least his right to make his MI3.

I hope one day we all can joing again to play a Ron Gilberts MI

Posted by suppafoxe on Feb 26, 2012 twenty five past two am

I'm just so very curious! hope the game is announced soon ^_^

Posted by Stoic on Feb 26, 2012 twenty past nine am

Ron isn't kidding, you know. I've been to a few carnivals in my time and the price of admission can sting like hell.

Posted by you know on Feb 27, 2012 five past three am

Then it's something along the lines of a doctor working at a carnival, or a gangster with a laser protection system, or a doctor performing laser surgery, or a gangster carnival, or a gangster doctor from a laser carnival. Yes... they all make sense...!

Posted by Someone on Feb 27, 2012 twenty five past seven am

psssst... I bet it's the booth..

Posted by Martijn on Feb 27, 2012 half past three pm

"Use laser with ticket booth"

Posted by Blergh on Mar 12, 2012 ten past three pm

Meat Circus Reloaded!

Posted by jannar85 on Mar 13, 2012 twenty five past two am

All these concept arts reminds me a lot of Sam & Max. These two from the first S&M game. That laser, that reminds me of the laser in the intro of S&M, and that booth, it reminds me a lot of that one from the carnival... :)

Posted by Anti on Mar 13, 2012 five to seven pm

Hope you burn youself with that laser if we, PC users, have to start playing this game when console guys are already spoiling the end all over the internet. Seriously.

PS: Love you still.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Mar 13, 2012 seven pm

I can't confirm or deny that the game will be out on PC at the same time as Console, but I can confirm that I won't be getting burned by that laser.  If you get my drift.  Hint hint.  Wink wink.

Posted by Anti on Mar 14, 2012 nine pm

I can't confirm or deny someone has already built that laser in case of delays. Remember the hell raised here back in Death Spank's release days.

Btw, just kidding, It feels great just to hear you are working in a game. Cheers!

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