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Jul 15, 2004 twenty five to five pm

I've always said, the Web is the sum of all human knowledge plus porn.

I did an online interview a few days ago for an Austrian website.  My interview was translated into German and posted on the web.  A few hours later it started to show up on adventure game sites, translated back to English using Google or some other online translator.

I found the translated versions to be much more coherent and insightful than my original one.

Here are some highlights:

Grim fan-hired, without doubt. Tim Schafer is an ingenious author.

Merrily, condemns merrily.

And my favorite:

As long as I do not pull the computer to you over the carrot, not.

Can someone explain what that means?  Anyone?  Best answer gets a gmail invite.

Here is the entire interview, translated by some anonymous computer in the back of a server closet in Texas, no doubt.

Do you develop again plays for adults?

Yes, I lock straight of these days a Deal with a Publisher.

Your first plays are a curse for you -  you will be always the Maniac Mansion Ron.

The only curse is that I am linked very closely with the category Adventure. When I presented my new  play Publishern, everyone assumed, I again a Adventure would make simple. The first 30 minutes had I this expectation attitude to cancel.

Does Myst have partial responsibility at the death of the Adventures?

No, Adventures killed themselves. There they did not have an assistance of someone else necessarily. Old one Murray has a exzellente explanation.

What has to offer a good Adventures?

A Story and mental challenges. Everyone likes Storys, we already tells itself since thousands of years  stories. Nowadays plays refrained practically no stories, times from it, which they state to have. They have scenarios. A simple Plot, but they does not have genuine stories. A history is a complex thing, a journey, which makes possible for the listener/spectator/player  to find something out over itself. Most Storys  in plays is simply only thin apologies for the Action, for killing, which  will take place later. The "Story" is shown in boring 5 minutes  a Cutscene at the beginning.

The best dialogue in a Adventure?

Grim fan-hired, without doubt. Tim Schafer is an ingenious author.

Why Tentakel?

Because they are so phallisch.

Play developer: Craftsman or artist?

Both. Who wants to develop a play, both needs, but enough are often  brought also in disorder the two points.

Do play developers have a kind ethical responsibility? And do they take over it also?

Everyone, which does something, which causes something with one, has an  ethical responsibility. Plays can affect millions humans and have Gamedesigner that to understand. In a play you may not have simply the possibility of flogging a prostitute without seeing  that an effect on humans has. And I legend not that plays should not  offer such a thing - however designers must understand, with which they  play there.

Is play force genuine force?

As long as I do not pull the computer to you over the carrot, not. But  force in plays affects people, particularly young children. Everyone does  not say that a six-year one is not affected by the force, which he sees,  ever longer with a six-year one to do had. Which  makes a quantity of concerns for me is blunting in relation to force, which we can already feel. We should be repelled in the genuine world by  force. I fear that senseless act of violence leads to the fact that it  constitutes us nothing at all more.

Do you feel as revolutionary?

Not really. Which I lately made: -)

Were you, are you or ever again a revolutionary will be?

I believe, my first Adventures was very revolutionary. Maniac Mansion and Monkey Iceland walked on a quantity new ways.

From whom does the joke come around the chain saw gasoline?

Are not safe me. A quantity of people works together on a good play. As a  designer I had never the feeling to have had all the good ideas. For Monkey Iceland a quantity on the shoulder one knocks to me, but Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman earn at least exactly the same much acknowledgment for it. We  had many long bulletin hit sessions in which we simply only sat around and Bloedsinn to have made.

Times at the edge, how would be your  version of Monkey Iceland 3 been?

Merrily, condemns merrily.

At most underestimated joke in a play?

Probably which from Leisure Suit Larry.

Internetgaming - Hype or really cool?

Really cool, if the people would begin first times to take to the knowledge.

Computer games are differently  than films or books - however why exact?

With plays one interacts. That is a rather important thing, which was not  explored correctly yet times ansatzweise. Stories  can mean so many more for us, if we can interact first times with them. We  must still rausfinden stop, as one tells them  correctly.

Computer game Shows on the television?

I still none saw, which would have pleased me - at least not in the United  States.

Does the play industry hero, star need?  Are developers, play characters or the embodiments of play heroes in the  genuine world of star? Glamour and plays?

Yes, I believe that have her necessarily. It would make the whole thing a  little more personal. If you look at a book, the name of the author is  printed often more largely than the title of the book. And the star or  director in films becomes often stronger promoted, than the actual Story. Naturally that has everything a disadvantage Egos.

If you develop plays, with whom you "talk, communicate" then? Is the play medium or message?

Interactivity is the medium, which is message all what people put into  play. Naturally the question reads: Do plays have a Message? Do they have something, which as brainless fun (mindless fun) continues to go? I assume times that it is exactly that, which differentiates art from all different one.

We can also more profanely: Computer games and Sex - why seems to be so impossible?

For computer geeks? It is.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Falko on Jul 18, 2004 quarter to midnight

Obviously the machines are taking over ...

Just a quick explanation:

"Merrily, condemned merrily". The translated text "Lustig, verdammt lustig" probably was "Funny, damn funny". So the words themselves are translated kinda right. A little. I must say I even prefer the merrily version. :)

"As long as I do not pull the computer to you over the carrot, not." Original translation: "Solange ich Dir den Rechner nicht �ber die R�be ziehe, nicht." Must have been something like: "Not as long as I don't strike the computer on your head." First, the "r�be" is a colloquial synonym for head and translates as "carrot". Futhermore the translating robot seems to have had a problem with the double negation at the end of the German sentence.

I have no idea why "Grim fan-hired" came up. In the German text there's a little misspelling: "Grim Fandang". So obviously "dang" means "hired" nowadays. At least in some closet in texas. These dang hired machines, nicht wahr?

Posted by Benjamin on Jan 18, 2005 half past five pm

I can explain this "dang" thing, but although I actually AM German, it took me quite a while to figure it out. It is the past tense form of the verb "dingen", which is a VERY dated word meaning "to hire someone" (usually someone bad, a henchman, for example). You would typically find this in fairy-tales or stories from medieval times. I really have no idea why modern computer translating programs would know this word, but not far more common ones like "tentacle" and "phallic"...

So, we are dealing with a grim hired henchman fan with great dialogues. Sounds like a nice plot idea to me.

Posted by Someone on Jul 20, 2004 five to two am

"Is play force genuine force?
As long as I do not pull the computer to you over the carrot, not."

I can explain this to you, Ron...
Falko is wrong, this is highly metaphorical.

One must take Ron's answer apart one metaphor by one are so symbolic, Ron...
We'll begin with the question: "Is play force genuine force?" What is being asked here is that if when people imagine themselves having force, in imaginary situations, is this force also apparent in their non imaginary lives? I think in Ron's answer the role of 'computer' is a high, intelligent lifeform, and the carrot is an unaccepted, low, however not exactly unintelligent, lifeform; a lifeform already without force. True force can be acquired through imagination, Ron is saying, however not when arrogance, elitism, and hatred is involved! How deep, Ron!
Here, have a carrot.

Posted by Wrrb D Hton on Jul 20, 2004 two am

Funny, I left that comment and forgot to even specify who I was! Silly me. So much less silly than Ron. How awesome you are Ron. Ron, you are awesome.

Posted by Falko on Jul 20, 2004 quarter past two am

I'm impressed, but you're contradicting yourself somehow, Someone. :)

Your explanation would mean that the powerless carrot would have to bestroyed by the high, intelligent lifeform. Though this happens imaginary it also affects reality ergo the carrot is not real ergo the force is not apparent in real life. Having force in play MEANS being arrogant, elitest and full of hatred - I think that's what Ron is trying to communicate.

At first glance I really didnt realize how deep this is. :)

Posted by Gabez on Jul 20, 2004 half past seven am

Oh man! That translation! I did that! I started this! It's all ME!

Great site btw.

Posted by Yufster on Jul 21, 2004 five past eight pm

No it's not. It's a crappy site. Man, I hate you!!!

...What? I just wanted to be different...

Posted by ^NoPiNtA^ on Jul 22, 2004 five past eight am

HeY! I'm ^NoPiNtA^ of Catalonian Countries (between Spain and France); Monkey Island games are the best of its class! I'm working in some projects of non official MI games at (enter! it is fantastic! hehehee..)  You are the best
PD: the 2nd game is the best hehheheh..

Posted by Someone on Jul 22, 2004 ten past three pm

Tentakel? Yes, they ARE phallisch. I'm glad that was sorted out.

Posted by Dave on Jul 25, 2004 quarter to two pm

Hmm, GCSE German not helping, anyone know whether there are either English transcripts or a properly translated version? Heh, teachers somehow manage to realise when your piece of coursework is courtesy of Babelfish

Posted by Werner on Jul 27, 2004 quarter to seven am

Ok, since I'm a german guy, I can explain everything to you. It's quite easy anyway.

1. Merrily, condemns merrily

An old german myth, actually. Merrily is a young Princess sitting on a Throne of Ice, condemning everyone with great joy. One day she condemns herself and dies.

Poor ending - and no conclusion can be made out of this at all. Even so, the story is told to every german child in its early ages. Now, tell us Ron, why would you use this story as a base for Monkey Iceland 3 ?

2. Grim fan-hired

The best insult fight dialogue ever ! Absolutely my favourtite. Why ? See for yourself:

- Nobody's ever seen me with a grim face and nobody ever will !
- Did you hire THAT many fans to cheer you up ?

3. As long as I do not pull the computer to you over the carrot, not

These words were correctly translated from German, but their order has been confused. So here I give you the correct order:

I do not long to pull the computer over you, not as the carrot (h)as

Now it makes sense. However, Ron, you have to tell us the truth about your split personality: why do you speak of your evil side as "the carrot" ?

Have fun !

Posted by Someone on Aug 5, 2004 ten past three pm

hmmm. I thought all that talk of the force and six year olds was a veiled reference to Phantom Menace. Or Michel Foucault and the invisible hegemony that courses through our society. The whole interview makes about as much sense as both of them...

Posted by Sebastian on Feb 1, 2006 ten past three am

Damn, I am impressed! Mostly of that guy who found out the connection to "dingen".

Posted by thomas fahr on Feb 2, 2006 one pm

As long as I do not pull the computer to you over the carrot, not => means accidently:

As long you do not slam a computer over my head, not.

In the german language the word "carrot" sometime means "head".

So why not a new Charakter like "Carr Ott" in Monkey Island 3b ?

Thomas from Germany, a guy who went nut because he couldn�t save Guybrush from getting out of the water because I was to stupid to "pick rock" !

Posted by sami on Jun 13, 2006 quarter past two am

"a guy who went nut because he couldn�t save Guybrush from getting out of the water because I was to stupid to "pick rock" !"

dude, that was quicksand

"In the german language the word "carrot" sometime means "head". "

and i wonder if WWII was'nt started by a german to english translation of "chef: 'mein fuhrer, i'll slice churchill's carrot for his dinner tomorrow at your house"

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