Monkey Island 2: SE

Mar 11, 2010 twenty five past nine am

Last night I went to a swanky party held at the Farimont hotel in the Tonga room, and place that looks like a ballroom that a pirate ship crashed into, where LucasArts announced Monkey Island 2: Special Edition featuring all new Guybrush hair.

It's hard to believe that twenty years later so many people would sill love and play Monkey Island.  I would not have believed it if you told me back then.  We were just making a game and hoping we didn't get fired for having so much fun.

Here is a picture of Tim suitable for framing or carry around in your wallet.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Ken on Mar 11, 2010 five past ten am

Mr. Gilbert,
You have fans all over this earth, for your Monkey IslandTM games have brought us all so much joy! One day I would like to meet you, shake your hand, and thank you in person.

Posted by Korpil on Mar 11, 2010 five past ten am

It was such great news!

I'm glad that SOMI:SE was such a great success that it's prompting LucasArts to redo the sequel!

Here's hoping that in 2011 there might be a Sam & Max or Full Throttle Special Edition... (and if it's The Dig... even better!)

Posted by Joe on Apr 20, 2010 five past two pm

The Sam & Max Special Edition was created years ago. It's called "Hit the Road".

I believe they also already made a Special Edition of Full Throttle, too. They called it "Full Throttle".

Posted by Albo on Mar 11, 2010 twenty past ten am

Long life to MI.
Respect and devotion.

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Mar 11, 2010 twenty past eleven am

Monkey Island is... um words can't describe it! You're a genius!

Posted by Someone on Mar 11, 2010 five past noon

I'm soooo looking forward to this, just started replaying mi2 days ago, now I'm going to wait to play the SE!

Posted by So glad! on Mar 11, 2010 twenty five past noon

Finally! A great game to play! BTW: I'll put Tim's photo next to my son's in my wallet.

Posted by sebastian on Mar 11, 2010 five past one pm

if any game needs to be preserved for future generations, monkey island is the one! dear grumpy gamer, you are a genius!

Posted by Stig on Mar 11, 2010 twenty to four pm

By having fun and not getting fired, you tim and the rest of the people behind Monkey Island 1 and 2 initiated my love for videogames.

Thank you from Norway

Posted by Juan Ferreyra on Mar 11, 2010 ten past five pm

Wow! that is great!!!!!!! this will make the waiting for DeathPank a little bit more bearable...

Posted by Metro on Mar 11, 2010 twenty five to six pm

Please tell them not to use the same horrible art direction they used for the Secret remake... it's not worth it for the sake of the 'seamless transition' -- it looks like garbage.

Posted by Juan Ferreyra on Mar 11, 2010 twenty five to eight pm

kind of late for that, seems like the thing is almost complete, but it looks waaaaaaaaaay better than the secret remake.

Posted by Steban on Mar 11, 2010 five past eight pm

Great! hope they make special Editions of all the classics!

Maniac Masion Perhaps? XD

Posted by Vivi on Mar 11, 2010 quarter past nine pm

Of course people still love MI. And what really makes it so good is exactly that players feel you had so much fun creating it.
Although the other side of the coin is - the adventure genre didn't move more than a hand away from MI because many devs seem to think that nobody wants anything else than the same basic structure. Stagnation of evolution lead to extinction, and thus we have only few p&c adventures these days. And eight of ten games that did come out after MI3 ruin the experience by including tons of references to other games.
The classic MI games were the pinnacle of humorous adventure games, and I wholeheartedly salute you guys for creating them. ^_^

Posted by Pissed off Elaine Marley XD on Mar 11, 2010 ten to ten pm

Blah blah blah bbba...

Deathspank PC Edition or not?

I'm not buying any stupid xbox console or whatever <stupid-name>console required.

And Guybrush never gonna be better that the 90's version, why nobody get it? grrrrrrrrr

Posted by I'm a PC on Mar 12, 2010 one am

I'm with Elaine. And she should know, right?


Posted by Chris on Mar 14, 2010 half past ten pm

Me too!  I want a PC version of Death Spank!

Why would you allow them to abandon your biggest fans Ron? :(

Posted by Mario on Mar 11, 2010 half past eleven pm

Yay, new hair! That's got to be the greatest feature ever. That blonde mohawk style sucked big time in SOMI:SE1.

Posted by Fred on Mar 12, 2010 ten past midnight

Are you going to do another one of there "Here's why we did these things" feature like you did for TSOMI? Because that was awesome.

Posted by Demian on Mar 12, 2010 five past one am

Well... Mr. Schafer doesn't look THAT happy 20 years later.

Posted by I'm a PC on Mar 12, 2010 five to two am

That's because Br�tal Legend is not out for the PC.

Posted by LichiMan on Mar 14, 2010 ten past noon

I think it's beacuse of the new stylized monkey island look.
I prefer the original one!
Please! Leave Guybrush alone! I mean it!

Posted by Robert Johnson on Mar 12, 2010 quarter past two am

Well there goes another 15 dollars....It will give my wife something she can get me for my birthday.

But seriously, everyone including yourselves knows that with MI 1 and 2 you guys hit a home run. Those games were like the Revolver or maybe Sgt. Pepper's of the genre.

I am curious. Would the three of you ever work on anything together again?

Posted by Ruzom on Mar 12, 2010 quarter past two am

Dear Ron, please, if you would ever been proposed by LucasArts to do the real third Monkey Island game, don't accept such a lame art direction as the insipid, childish, hollow and "flash game like"(in the bad meaning of the expression) new one. I beg you. Yours truly - Ruzom

P.s. -I'm eagerly waiting for DeathSpank.

Posted by fred arrr on Mar 12, 2010 twenty five to three am

Where's the BEARRRRRRD? (I mean on the MI2 SE screenshots, not Tim)

Apropos Tim, are you guys still dudes? Or does he always have this face on when he sees you? :P

Posted by Fuz on Mar 12, 2010 twenty five to six am

The first Monkey Island remake was quite awful. They didn't really get how the style of the game was supposed to be, and the interface was awful (SCUMM is still the best interface for point and click adventures).
But this one seems a lot better.  I find it convincing, and I'm an old Monkey Island-fundamentalist.

Oh, and by the way:
"We were just making a game and hoping we didn't get fired for having so much fun."
The fact that you were having so much fun is the real answer to the question "why people love it so much after twenty years".

Posted by AidanM on Mar 12, 2010 twenty five past six am

Ron, why won't you take us step by step explanations with pictures about the game like you did when SMI:SE came out?

Posted by joe on Mar 12, 2010 ten past eight am

May the Monkey Force be with you.

Posted by CouriusBeing on Mar 12, 2010 ten past eight am

Hi Ron,

just a serious question.
Considering that you have stated many times that you and Tim (and Dave) have a great time working togheter on MI 1&2 and considering also that you are still good friends (at least it seems)...
You and Tim (and Dave), have you ever consider to make another game togheter during all these years?
I am not speacking about another Monkey title, just another game togheter!
I am very courious about that, I mean, why on earth this is not happend?!?

Posted by Fulvio Minichini on Mar 12, 2010 ten to nine am

Hi CouriousBeing,

the answer to your question is in the post itself.

"We were just making a game and hoping we didn't get fired for having so much fun."

Now who would fire Ron and Tim?! Without trasgression there is no sprint usually.

Posted by Steven on Mar 12, 2010 twenty past nine am

Thank god I was waiting for this, and to be able to switch back and forth. Hey Ron I know in the last 10 years you were probably fed up of Hearing about Monkey Island but I know, as you grow older, you are coming to appreciate what it has brought for you and your fans. Sort of like a humble, Harrison ford referenced all the time as Indy sort of thing.

P.S: I'm framing Tim and putting him by my bed side.

Posted by fedexior on Mar 12, 2010 five past three pm

Monkey Island will live forever!! And all beacouse of you! Thanx Ron, for make a game so brilliant!!

Posted by bangbang! on Mar 12, 2010 half past five pm

Well, my heart tells me Ron & Tim are starting to feel they NEED to do MI3, so Lucas does.
btw: Im not thinking about buying a nonsense-ultra-expensive console neither.

Posted by Dan on Mar 12, 2010 quarter past six pm


Yeah I'm happy about the SE edition and all that, Don't get me wrong, But is just a up-to-date standards "upgrade" of the original, I'd rather see MORE NEWS about DeathSpank from the developers...

October 21st, 2009 <- Last Update we had on the OFFICIAL website, The last trailer there goes back to the same time, No need to say we don't even have a cute Forum linked up to the Official website to chit-chat about D.S or anything...

Plus the fact of all those rumors of "DeathSpank on PC, Yes or No?" that they don't go out and clear up for us, I been following development for sometime, mostly visiting this fun blog for news about it but all this is getting way frustating, And I don't think it's good for the game itself.

Posted by Yoni on Mar 12, 2010 quarter to nine pm

are you going to SXSW by any chance?

Posted by Martijn on Mar 13, 2010 ten past midnight

Ron, is there any chance we can meet for a Grog sometime? Monkey Island is one of the games that inspired me to do what I do today (and why I am currently in Vancouver), so I think it's only fair to offer you a drink and thank you in person. I promise that I won't ask what the secret is.

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Mar 13, 2010 twenty to one am

You Fools...
I told you this was going to happen months ago when MI1SE was announced. Prepare for the Ron Gilbert saga conclusion after a year!!! :)))))))))  YESSSSSSS

Posted by Iskbob on Mar 13, 2010 ten past five am


I'm Mancomb Seepgood and I'm selling these fine leather jackets,
Guybrush is on holidays....any questions?

Monkey Island 3 (Ron G Version) would be fun....but what a pipe dream.

Besides aren't you all waiting on Deathspank?

and yes MI 2 SE will no doubt be awesome...but not the haircut! :o

Posted by Someone on Mar 13, 2010 twenty five past ten am


Posted by Anique on Mar 14, 2010 twenty five past five am

Pls Ron, we want another monkey island :'(

Posted by German Pat on Mar 14, 2010 five to five pm

As in the SE of the first part, I don't like the character- graphic of Guybrush.
It's a bit better than in MI1-SE, but still vexes my a bit, cos the rest looks really nice.

And my forever-fav-games are still the original versions of MI1 and 2. Forever! ;)

Posted by jni on Mar 14, 2010 twenty five past seven pm

To be honest, I was disappointed with the SE for the first game. I felt it was a great idea to do it, but somehow, I found the animation had a more static feel than in the original game. Another weird thing : because they were low pixel probably, the characters in the old game seemed cartoonish and realistic at the same time (I'm not speaking of the big face close-ups, which were a bit weird I suppose), 2D and 3D at the same time ; I don't know if I'm making a lot of sense here (sorry I'm French !), what I mean is that they kind of merged with the background, and that the constrained minimalism of the graphics actually helped your imagination along (although I'm pretty sure the graphics were tops at the time). Speaking of MI2, I don't even think the graphics have aged that much at all -well, I guess I'm being a little prejudiced because that game poisonned me in my childhood. Generally speaking, I find 2d to age much better than 3d (just try to look at warcraft 3 for christ's sake !). The other thing that turned me off was the voice-acting, not that it was bad ; it's just that the thing that would make me laugh to tears in Monkey Island (and still does) was the contrast between the very over-the-top/absurd situations that were depicted and the careless way in which some characters seemed to deliver the lines, I expected something more offbeat, Monty Pythonish. Then again, that's my personal impression ; I remember reading a letter some kid once sent to Herg� to complain about Haddock's voice "not being the same as in the books" in Tintin's TV adaptation :) .

Forget the economic crisis, I'll probably buy MI2 SE anyway just to show my appreciation ; MI2 is one of the best things that ever happened to my imagination ; it is my Star Wars and Lord of the Rings ; Peter McConnell did an amazing job with the music, it was just so bizarre and emotion bringing (especially for MIDI). Despite the humor (most of which I enjoyed replaying the game as a teen ager and young adult), that game had a very dark, epic, hell, even oniric feel. One of the very first comic books I drawed as a child shamefully plagiarised MI2 (not as much as those Pirates of the Caribbean films though). The imaginary soundtrack to that comic book was an operatic version of the soundtrack from MI2. The only other gaming experience I've had that lived up to that is Grim Fandango, for pretty similar reasons actually : story, music (still Peter Mc), humor, onirism (what's with that word ?).

My point of course was to thank Ron for the Monkey Island games rather than pointlessly express my mixed feelings about the SE. Looking forward to play Deathspank.


Posted by Chalito on Mar 15, 2010 five to seven am

Hey, Ron!  You know how whenever there's a new spiderman or ironman movie, or a remake of some old classic, you always get hints like, they start playing reruns of the related series on tv, or a new edition of the action figures comes out, videogames about it get published, etc.

MI has been gathering quite a bit of attention lately in the industry, what with the new episodic from the guys at TT, and the SE version too.. So I wonder, what are the odds that some exec somewhere thought something along the lines of "If there was a perfect time to bring Guybrush back big time, and launch MI:5/Real3, that's NOW". Of course such a person would know that the only way that a project like that would possibly work would be if they hired you to do it.

Oh well, one can always dream ;)

P.D.: and yeah, we definitely DO need a PC version of DeathSpank. Not being able to play Brutal Legend is hard enough. To be left out of DS would be too much, and I can't afford a console right now :(

Posted by Ariel on Mar 15, 2010 half past noon

I might understand that you wouldn't believe what you and your team achieve in these almost 20 years, but I guess you really understand how deep your game got in the players' hearts. It might sound corny, but how can someone not love those graphic adventures released by LucasFilms and LucasArts in the 90s?  How?

I play all again at least once a year.

Videogame companies can release all the FPS they want, with all the details they want, even when soldiers step into shit, but they'd never make a videogame as funny and smart as the ones where Guybrush, Bernard, Indiana Jones and the others are.

And with only 256 colors!

Posted by Chalito on Mar 16, 2010 ten to eight am

256 colors?!? Luxury!!

I had to play on an hercules adapter with an amber screen ;)
Then one day at a mall I saw it on an Amiga 500 in all its 64-color-out-of-4096 glory. I think some drooling was involved..

Posted by Someone on Mar 15, 2010 twenty to one pm

come on Ron and plzzzzz make the real MI3 a reality i will love u 4eva, and NO April fools jokes next month plz i cant bear it

Posted by pananag on Mar 15, 2010 ten past one pm

I don't think that there'll ever be a Ron Gilbert's MI3.

From what I remember Ron wouldn't  have Guybrush and Elaine marry.

But they are married since MI3 and continued to be in MI4 and TOMI.

Ron's version requires Guybrush and Elaine not married and it's not easy to alter a notion already formed in the minds of many gamers.

Sincerely, I hope I'm totally wrong...

Posted by GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK on Mar 16, 2010 five to four am

Dear Ron

MI2 special edition is an abortion just like MI1 special edition. Why? Well, artwork is horrible, and voice acting is below cheap sitcom quality. In fact the only good thing is that you can still play on retro mode, which I was already able to do perfectly on SCUMMVM and dosbox. So screw you and go to hell. I hope deathspank fails horribly.


Posted by Johnny W on Jun 14, 2010 twenty five to four pm

Poor Ron, it's as if he has any control whatsoever with what LucasArts wants to do with their intellectual property. Why don't you go and get angry with them, and instead THANK Ron for making them in the first place!

Posted by German Pat on Mar 17, 2010 five past two pm

Well, I'd appreciate a new version of LOOM very much. :D

And by the way:
I demand free-to-download- versions of the both MI- Special Editions!

Posted by Mally on Mar 18, 2010 twenty past six am

An update on loom would be awesome, such a great concept for gameplay

Posted by Ds on Mar 18, 2010 quarter to ten am

Hey Mr. Gilbert, Im from Peru and i played MI when i was 8, i still play MI 1 and 2, so yes, the best damn game for me

Posted by Joe on Mar 20, 2010 quarter to two pm

So I'm kind of only grabbing the SE because I know there's voice in the classic mode. I'm still not very happy with the new style.

Considering Monkey Island was literally (and I mean that with no exaggeration at all) the first program I ever ran on a computer (with, of course, the exception of the OS), having the new style is just kind of uncomfortable. And having been accustomed to audio because of these funky things we call 'speakers', Monkey Island is just weird without voice.

This is why I started the Speech Project all those years ago...

Posted by Rasputin on Mar 23, 2010 twenty past midnight

ah, the series which totally changed the face of adventure gaming!
the charm of the original art design simply can't be recaptured with todays graphics, but i'm happy to see them keep it alive.
you say the team had so much fun making the series and i think the games really captured that fun

Posted by Rasputin on Mar 23, 2010 half past midnight

oh i forgot to mention the music! 20 years on and i genuinely can't think of a game that has a better score. the SCUMM bar theme has made repeated appearances as my ring tone more times than i care to admit...
"i am rubber, you are glue"

Posted by Wren on Mar 26, 2010 twenty to four am

Thanks! Moments like this make me glad I've been a gamer since the '80s :P

Posted by Animatick on Apr 2, 2010 twenty five past noon

Mr. Gilbert, you're the reason I am an animator, writer and director in my country right now. While playing Monkey Island series, I realized what I want to be.
Thank you...

Posted by Snugglepuss on Apr 7, 2010 five to three am

thank you thank you thank you! i've always wanted to play the original monkey island games and with the first two coming to psn i just can't stop jumping with excitement. it's hard to jump while typing on a laptop. in keeping with this trend, will you also bring back curs of monkey island? i'd ask for escape but since that also came out on the ps2, i don't think it's likely. oooh i can't wait!

Posted by FanFromIndo on Apr 13, 2010 twenty five to two pm

Mr. Gilbert, I would like to thank you for creating Monkey Island series.
I played MI 1 and 2 when I was around 12 years old. And those games really got me interested to learn English more.
Not only they helped me to improve my English but my problem-solving skill as well.
Please keep on using your talent to make kid-friendly adventure.

Please consider to use MI2 artstyle. I love MI2 pixelated art :)

Posted by Jonas Eriksson on Apr 24, 2010 quarter to five pm


My all time favorite game!

Posted by Guy@Brush on May 7, 2010 quarter past ten am

Great man !

Thanks for all the cool tima on amiga with this nice adventures !

cya :D

Posted by Joe on Jun 23, 2010 twenty five past four pm

Are you an Tim related?

Posted by Adam Bruneau on Jun 25, 2010 five past eleven am

Please please PLEASE do a retro version of your original Monkey Island 3 story! Those games were such a huge part of my childhood and while Curse was good, it wasn't nearly as satisfying as the ending of the 2nd game suggested it would be!

Or at the very least, just blog your story and we can let our imaginations do the rest ;-)

Posted by Tyler on Jun 26, 2010 twenty past two am

Mr. Gilbert,
I just bought the MI remakes (& MI Tales btw - Hope they are good).
I played these games on C64, amiga, pc, nintendo ds, ... this saga can't disapear (it's my pacman).
A least one time, I had to thank you for your work, sir (especially MI2, Indy3 & Maniac Mansion).
I do hope we'll get another MI from you.

Posted by Tobi on Jul 11, 2010 twenty to four am

I bought MI2SE 4 iPad and I just love this game. MI are the best games ever!!!!


Posted by John on Apr 4, 2011 half past five pm

Pleeease force the REAL Mi3 - The Truth about Monkey Island?!!

it would be so great to play a game with the real spirit of ron gilbert - harhar

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