The Scientist

May 20, 2012 ten to ten am

And you thought Sunday was going to be a day of rest and reflection.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Shinetop on May 20, 2012 ten past ten am

I hope we won't go through all NPCs after these! :P

Posted by Yanko on May 20, 2012 ten past eleven am

So this is what what I've got so far

Posted by Damian on May 20, 2012 five to three pm

The mobster is missing...

Posted by BigWhoop on May 20, 2012 half past two pm

I'm starting to worry this really is a puzzle game.

Posted by Damian on May 20, 2012 five to three pm

She dyed her hair?

Posted by omla on May 20, 2012 five past five pm

The new color is hawter. It might just be because she's next to a fire, though.

Posted by Mookah on May 21, 2012 ten past five am

oh my god I love her I love her so much

Posted by Pantu on May 23, 2012 half past seven am

mmh The School Teacher?

Posted by James on Jun 12, 2012 ten past four am

I love these characters :) this one especially, kinda reminds me of the librarian in Monkey Island 2!

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