An Excerpt

Sep 1, 2013 nine am

An excerpt from the novel I'm not writing

Sand and dust blew down from the low hills and in from the desert and across the cracked and broken road the old and beaten pickup truck followed obediently without much care or concern. The odometer rolled to seven and a small dirt road appeared as if commanded to do so and I pulled hard to the left and took the long since traveled path and followed it up into the dead and brown hills and towards the old and weathered and forgotten house in the far distance, a house filled with a hundred years of life and death and pain and sorrow and forgiving and betrayal.

Other people's comments:

Posted by David Thomsen on Sep 2, 2013 half past two am

Pretty sure that could be 'forgival and betrayal'. I'm just saying.

Posted by iPadCary on Sep 2, 2013 half past nine am

Hey, Ronnie!
Any ETA on "The Cave" for iPad ?

Posted by David Thomsen on Sep 3, 2013 ten past one am

Pretty sure that should be '"The Cave" for Commodore 64'.

Posted by blombo on Sep 3, 2013 twenty five to one pm

Pretty sure your name should be David Thomson. Just saying.

Posted by iPadCary on Sep 4, 2013 quarter past eight am

Pretty sure I wish Ron'd just answer the goddamned question ....

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Sep 4, 2013 quarter past eleven am

I have no idea. I'm as much in the dark as you are.

Posted by Leonard on Sep 3, 2013 quarter past ten pm

Whose woods these are I think I know.

Posted by CrankyCritic on Sep 5, 2013 five past eleven am

Would it really kill you to throw in a comma every now and then?

At first I thought that was the point, but then you went ahead and threw one in at the end there. Now I can't decide.

Maybe it's just to save on bandwidth.

Posted by Demetris Thoupis on Sep 17, 2013 five to two am

Ron. What are you currently working on?

Posted by George32027 on Sep 17, 2013 ten to five pm

You're implying he's working on something.

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