The Last Temptation of Watchmen

Apr 3, 2009 twenty five past five pm

I just saw the Watchmen and that, ladies and gentlemen was a damn good superhero movie.  They were flawed, broken and damaged.  Watchmen is the Last Temptation of Christ of superhero movies.

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Posted by BluePenis on Apr 3, 2009 quarter past eight pm


Posted by Vault Dweller on Apr 7, 2009 quarter past two pm

I hope you're a woman, and that you enjoyed the scene ... cause if you are not (or hadn't), you're probably mentally (or sexually) disturbed... in a two hours movie you've noticed only THAT?!?!?!? What a concentration!!!!

Posted by Solas on Apr 9, 2009 four pm

Maybe its because they are not usually shown in movies :)

Posted by Wormsie on Apr 13, 2009 twenty to seven am

I did enjoy the penis (and I'm male). Thankfully you're not responsible for sex legislation in my country, so I'm saved conversion "therapy" and/or imprisonment...

Posted by Vault Dweller on Apr 16, 2009 ten to one pm

I hope you're a woman, and that you enjoyed the scene ... cause if you are not (or hadn't) ...

This set various options if you read it as i wrote it: (woman,enjoyed);(woman, not enjoyed); (man, enjoyed).

P.S. || isn't &&

Posted by Hennessy on Apr 18, 2009 three pm

What a nerd. Reciting elementary logic in a way only nerds with big glasses and Dungeon and Drageons t-shirts would.

Posted by Wintermute on Apr 28, 2009 twenty five to five pm

Arrrright, we just found our first homophobe on this nice Site. I'm male,, not gay, and yes, i also noticed a penis. But because i am from germany, we see dongs and slots all the time. No really! they even print them on buses, just to remind us, how these things look like, in case we forget to look inside our pants.

Posted by The Bishop on Apr 8, 2009 quarter past eight am

You're a little bit obsessed huh ?

Two hours and fourty minutes of film an the only thing you've noticed is Dr.Manhattan's penis !!!

Posted by Whup on Apr 10, 2009 twenty five to three am

Some kids kept blurting out 'PENIS' every time it appeared in the session I watched.  Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the glowing blue lego guy in all his naked glory...

Posted by Someone on Apr 10, 2009 three am

- Some kids kept blurting out 'PENIS' every time it appeared in the session I watched.

That's a good reason to don't forget your flamethrower when you're going to the cinema. :P

Posted by Henry the Fifth on Apr 18, 2009 ten past seven pm

The penis should have been flopping around more as Dr. Manhattan moved about. Like when he's flying, the penis should move like a candle in the wind. Elton John would be proud that I snuck a song title into a penis comment.

Posted by Kay Parker on Apr 18, 2009 quarter past seven pm

I guess Ron wants to keep this site PG-13, with all the kids visiting this site and whatnot.

Posted by Mario on Apr 4, 2009 twenty to eleven am

What if I'm buddhist? Do I qualify to see Watchmen?

Posted by Jim on Apr 18, 2009 five past seven pm

If you like penis: yes.

Posted by Francis on Apr 4, 2009 one pm

What's with all the Lego ?

Posted by Meathook on Apr 8, 2009 five to nine am


Some jerks have made a 2-episode series on Monkey Island in stop-motion with Lego.

Hey Ron, have you heard ??
Another Monkey Island Unofficial home-made parody ?
Now go and kill them with your trusted Voodoo Doll !!!

(you'll win a lousy T-shirt for this)

Posted by Elaine Marley on Apr 4, 2009 quarter to six pm

The idea and characters are real good, but the result is a little boring.
Few jokes.

Like "The Dig" :P

Posted by Edward Blake on Apr 8, 2009 ten to nine am

The Comedian know the Joke...

...but only in the novel...

Posted by G on Apr 6, 2009 twenty past six pm

I thought this site was, and i quote, 100% April Fools' Day Joke Free.

Posted by G on Apr 6, 2009 ten to seven pm

Ok, serius now, it was a good movie, but just because the comic was great. An excellent original story + a regular adaptation= a good movie

Dont give so much credit to the movie. You and Moore have both suffer from similar mischiefs. Have some consideration to him, from one creator to another.

Posted by Mr. Serious on Apr 7, 2009 ten to ten am

Well, how many movies did you like and recommend without actually knowing or reading the novel it was based on?

Posted by The Bishop on Apr 8, 2009 ten to nine am

Usually, if I read a good book, comic or graphic novel, I don't recommend ANY movie based upon it.

But there are few cases where the movie is really good and/or catches the original work's climax and, only in this cases, I recommend a movie based upon a novel I've read.

Posted by Jubanka on Apr 6, 2009 quarter to eleven pm

"They were flawed, broken and damaged."

That is shocking, and especially true for the graphic novel version at least.

Watchmen is the tombstone of the superhero folklore.

Posted by jory on Apr 9, 2009 five past ten am

Exactly. Any superhero comic or movie since 1986 (including Snyder's Watchmen) is a waste of time given the sucesses of the book. Though, that's certainly not to say the book is flawless. Quite the contrary.

Posted by BryanM on Apr 18, 2009 twenty to five pm

I disagree. Invincible is worth reading, and anyone who hasn't been reading along is an incomplete human being.

It's a love letter to the entire genre, save unfettered by the constraints of needing to be stuck in an infinite status quo. Summarized, the premise is the Superman story told correctly. A main character that's a blend of Superboy and Spidie Man; though it is his father who is the heart of the series.

A book that's about the characters, and not the punches.

Posted by hyperslug on Apr 6, 2009 twenty past eleven pm

*I also thought the movie was very good and i can't wait for the directors cut :)

Posted by hyperslug on Apr 6, 2009 twenty past eleven pm

By the way... isn't the last tempation of christ just some dumb religious movie? should i watch it?

Posted by suny2000 on Apr 8, 2009 twenty five to six am

Don't watch it if you think Martin Scorsese is some dumb religious filmmaker, or if you don't know who he is.

Posted by M0jo on Apr 7, 2009 five to eleven am

watchmen sucked im sorry

Posted by BigBear on Apr 7, 2009 quarter past one pm

m0jo you suck.

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Apr 7, 2009 half past one pm

That Lego man is insanely creepy.

Posted by The Watcher on Apr 7, 2009 quarter past four pm

ok Ron... time to scratch off The Hobbit from your reading list and add Watchmen.

Posted by Van on Apr 8, 2009 twenty to six am

When he release gameplay footage from DeathSpank he'll scratch off The Hobbit... ;)

Posted by BigDog on Apr 7, 2009 quarter past five pm

BigBear you suck.

Finally we agree on something Ron.

Posted by DogCatcher on Apr 7, 2009 twenty five past five pm

you suck big dog.

Posted by The Bishop on Apr 8, 2009 ten to eight am

If you enjoyed the movie, you MUST read the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

I was afraid that mr.300 would ruin and jeopardize Alan Moore's story, but he have made a good job so the movie is good and almost faithful to the novel.

However the original graphic novel contains more details about the history of many characters resulting a deeper view of all the scene.

The style of the narration (a comic interleaved by excerpts from the Hollis Mason's biography and Rorschach police records).

So my advice to you is: if you've seen the movie, read the graphic novel.

And, of course, for those who have read the novel, I suggest to watch the movie without too many prejudices.

Posted by Superman on Apr 8, 2009 quarter past eight am

I dont like the movie... the story is so... unimportant. and for that it was way to long too.
I also think the movie sucked.

Posted by Spaceship789 on Apr 8, 2009 ten to one pm

I agree, the story built up the dramatic stakes very poorly. Never before have I been so less interested whether there is a world war, or not.

It definitely doesn't lend itself to repeat viewings.

Posted by Not a Canadian on Apr 8, 2009 five past one pm

I guess topics such as whether or not the ends justify the means, the value of life, and moral responsibility don't appeal to you guys eh?

Posted by FloridaLottoNumbers on Apr 8, 2009 ten past two pm

Is only me, or the lego figure also have a blue penis?

Posted by arvenius on Apr 9, 2009 twenty five past four am

and now to something completely different:

be sure to check out The Book of unwritten Tales Website.
The Adventure got just released (in german) and i have to say its really big fckn good. It even has several references to MI, for example i can tell a guard that my name is "guyron gilbertwood" :o).
But its not only that, the characters and story are very very well written, that game tops "ceville" in every aspect (and ceville wasnt that bad...).
I have no idea when its going to be available in english but im sure it will be. so stay tuned and support a great german studio (which happens to be in my home town as well :).

but hey, you probably all knew, didnt ya?

Posted by Jeremy on Apr 9, 2009 quarter past seven am

DeathSpank is slated for a release in June. Source:

Posted by Duncan on Apr 10, 2009 four am

On an unrelated note - did you know the RSS feed for GrumpyGamer seems to have broken since the server went down?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 10, 2009 ten to five am

Good catch.  Thanks.

Posted by Alfonso Maruccia on Apr 10, 2009 twenty five past six am

Well, it's a "blue" penis, but definitely not "giant" imho :-P

Anyway I enjoyed the movie too, so much that I've bought the graphic novel definitive edition in Italian (35 Euros, not a cheap one :P). And I must say they seem to be two completely different experiences (not read the comic yet). As expectable.....

Posted by The Bishop on Apr 10, 2009 twenty past eight am

I've bought the graphic novel definitive edition in Italian (35 Euros, not a cheap one :P)

Bad news for you: the new italian edition of Watchmen (DeAgostini) is evil.

This new edition has a different italian translation, full of typos and with some sentences that seems to have been traslated with some automatic software.

I suggest you to retreive an old Playpress edition (ok, the binding is horrible and the pages are easily detachable, but the translation is quite good).

See you on PI.

Posted by Alfonso Maruccia on Apr 13, 2009 three am

The new Italian edition of Watchmen (DeAgostini) is evil

Yeah I know, but I was tempted by the cover, the format and the extras :-P In future I will probably buy the original, English version to cope with the Planeta DeA one...

Posted by Andy on Apr 10, 2009 ten past eleven am

Bought the Novel (in German, good translation anyway) and watched the movie and I agree: good adaptation, althought in the middel it dragged on a bit.

Since you've been watching watchmen by now, a hint: there's another good movie out there about the ship Titanic, featuring Leo!

Posted by Richard on Apr 11, 2009 two am

how can that be a superhero movie, with only one "superhero"?  

I don't care that they were flawed, I care that they were boring.

Posted by Nao on Apr 11, 2009 twenty five to five am

What an interesting remark.
Amusingly, TLTOC is my favorite movie -- and Watchmen is my favorite superhero movie (and my favorite superhero book, of course).

I never even realized I could establish a connection between the two and just say, "I love when super-humans are depicted as flawed and unsure of themselves."


Posted by Doug on Apr 12, 2009 twenty past eleven pm


Posted by Suro on Apr 14, 2009 twenty five to seven am

And it still is a comic. Not a "graphic novel". Freakin geeks.

Posted by Frank on Apr 15, 2009 twenty past four pm

Hey Ron, can't you just set up a newsletter where I can sign up so I know when DeathSpank is released? I don't want to check the pointless blog for news anymore, the entries are quite frankly boring. Thanks.

Posted by janet on Apr 15, 2009 half past five pm

i'd rather ron spent his time working on deathspank.

Posted by Franz on Apr 15, 2009 quarter past ten pm

Ja, pointless Blog. Can you find any Blog that`s not a waste of time? senselessness is what Blogs are all about.

Posted by murk on Apr 17, 2009 twenty five past eleven am

Second that.

Posted by jke4 on Apr 18, 2009 five to five am


Posted by Hennessy on Apr 18, 2009 ten to three pm

If you want to read an interesting blog, go to
He actually writes funny and interesting stuff, and frequently.

Ron's blog entries are mostly of the type "I like X, because Z". Or "I don't like Y, because Q". Very repetitive and no entertainment value whatsoever. And not very frequent, as well.

I mean, come on, for a guy that wrote lines for Monkey Island, this is just not funny. It's like the diary of Karl Pilkington. "Had eggs for breakfast, then went for a walk." "Went to a caf� with Suzanne. Had coffee."

Let's revive the petition called "Make Ron funny again".

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Apr 24, 2009 twenty past eleven am

Can't we just go back to quiet appreciation?

Posted by potrosposkos on Apr 16, 2009 quarter past one am

i just lost respect for ron. unless he is joking, i never know. but watchmen sucks! :)

just kidding though, ron still rules... but the watchmen movie still sucks :)

Posted by Joe on Apr 16, 2009 half past three pm


Posted by spaceship789 on Apr 16, 2009 ten to eleven pm

Monkey Island got a mention in the Guardian football weekly Pod Cast today.

Its just a name drop, courtesy of a listener comment, but still beneficial for propogating the Monkey Island legend!

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Apr 18, 2009 twenty five past one pm

Just around the 25 minute mark for those who don't want to listen to the whole thing.

Posted by Rick on Apr 18, 2009 twenty five to three pm

Let's spread the word on Monkey Island and Guybrush everywhere we can! Every time you can, just casually mention Guybrush or Monkey Island (or both, if you can) as a comparison or metaphor, or just say you've noticed XY just after you've played Monkey Island.

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Apr 20, 2009 ten past ten am

Already do that! Constantly.

Posted by Nurse Wilmore on Apr 18, 2009 five to three pm

"Bananas skim the mind craving purple, not because it's new, but because it reminds us of when caterpillars sleep. I know you understand."

Ron is going mental. I guess working behind a desk for so long can do this to a man.

Posted by Someone on Apr 18, 2009 four pm

I am your son,
surch your feelings,you know,that it's trough

Posted by Jeremy on Apr 18, 2009 five past seven pm

Fanboys gone wild.

Posted by Francis on Apr 19, 2009 half past eleven am

Hi Ron,

You seem to be busy on deathspank and stuff, so much that you even let your blog down.

I found these two pirates on and I thought it might cheer you up.

Arrrrrrghhhhh to you.

Posted by Ron's blog entry translated into the essence on Apr 23, 2009 ten past one pm

Bla blabla bla bla Blablabla bla blabla, blabla bla blablabla bla bla blabla blabla blablablabla blabla.  Blabla bla blabla, blabla bla blablabla.  Blablabla bla bla Blabla Blablabla bla Blabla bla blablablabla blabla.

Posted by Pantufla on Apr 24, 2009 twenty five to eight am

bla bl� blablabla?
blaaaa bla!
blablabla FORERVER!

Posted by G pissed off on Apr 24, 2009 twenty past three pm

April 24 at 19:21 (GMT -03:00),  i oficially hate all germans for what they have done to Simon the Sorcerer.
Over and out.

Posted by Tony Scoot on Apr 24, 2009 twenty past four pm

I hate Germans for their Germanness.

And Ron: please stop being boring.

Posted by Oh yeah on Apr 25, 2009 twenty five to nine am

Stupid useless trolls alert!

Posted by nemesis on Apr 25, 2009 ten am

what's with the fucking lego?

Posted by Rotator on Apr 28, 2009 quarter to five am

The movie wasn't bad, just insanely boring.
I don't want to read the graphic novel anymore though some people expect me to do that, at least in my business

Posted by Stewie on Apr 30, 2009 five to nine am

And what business is that? Comic book shops?

Posted by Transmission on Apr 29, 2009 quarter to five pm

Will DeathSpank blend? That is the question.

Posted by Ben Howse on Apr 29, 2009 ten to ten pm

I also saw this movie, the day it c ame out infact.
Not having read the graphic novel I found that it was quite disappointing.
It seemed to me that throughout the movie, I was consistently missing a vital part of the story. It was this very reason that I have a negative view towards it.
As a whole, I still enjoyed the theory behind the film, but the characters seemed dull (maybe me not fully understanding them, or just not looking deep enough into it).

All in all, I found that this movie is really catered towards people who have read the graphic novel, which may have impacted on it's potential further success

Posted by Jay on May 2, 2009 half past two pm

How a game is made in a nutshell. It doesn't cover how to tighten up the graphics, but it's a good howto nevertheless:

Posted by Jeremy on May 4, 2009 half past two pm

It's kind of ironic that Ron's blog has a link via google ads to a site, where "Lazy Video Game Players With No College Education Make $150 a DAY Playing Video Games And Drinking Soda." Ron must love this job ad...

Posted by The Joker on May 6, 2009 twenty to two pm

Ron doesn't know how to tell opinion from facts. How else could he say Star Trek is the greatest film of all time? It's called opinion, man, and yours is as biased as everyone elses. And as a computer scientist yours is very prone to favoring Star Trek.

Fun fact: did you know they used a remix of The Dark Knight Soundtrack in the trailer for Star Trek. That's right, suck it through a straw, slowly.

Posted by Klyde on May 12, 2009 twenty five to four pm

Move along people, there's nothing to see here. Just a dusty boring old blog.

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