The New The Cave The Trailer

Nov 30, 2012 ten past noon

I knew The Twins were going to be trouble.  I should have cut them.

Other people's comments:

Posted by chrisis on Nov 30, 2012 twenty past noon

So excited! Was watching Amnesia Fortnight live stream before, and they talked about "The Cave" coming out early next year, but no release date by SEGA yet. This will be a first day buy.

Posted by fuckowsky on Nov 30, 2012 half past noon

we dont want a trailer, we want the game already.

Posted by k0SH on Nov 30, 2012 twenty past three pm

Or at least: Jump´n´Adventure!

Posted by David Thomsen on Nov 30, 2012 four pm

I hate it when trailers only show cutscenes and none of the actual gameplay.

Posted by David Thomsen on Dec 3, 2012 ten to eleven pm

This was of course a joke BTW. I don't seriously expect them to have gameplay at this stage.

Posted by Andrea on Nov 30, 2012 quarter past five pm

Dude, this is the most exciting trailer I've seen in years. Holy shit, can't wait to play the game!

Posted by Pajolero on Dec 1, 2012 five past midnight

What about price, Ron? I mean I'm buying it first day regardless, but it would be nice to know.

Posted by Vhill on Dec 2, 2012 twenty to one am

Really nice trailer. Can't wait to finally play the game.

Posted by Noah Falstein on Dec 2, 2012 twenty to eleven am

Sorry, Monkey Island is a trademark of Disney and... oh, wait, that trademark's for "The Secret of Monkey Island" TM.  Hmm, I see what you did there, clever!  Of course now they're going to come after me for this post.

Posted by cusman on Dec 3, 2012 quarter to nine am

I guess I will be getting this for my Wii U when it comes out.

Posted by k0SH on Dec 5, 2012 five to two am

Ron in Germany and the adventure fans out there didn´t know a thing.
Too bad, too bad at all :(

Posted by Shad on Dec 5, 2012 five past three am

looks like The lost vikings + some adventure game elements

Posted by Leo on Dec 5, 2012 twenty past noon

Missed the december sales?
Someone will be fired for this... ; )  
(or downgraded to a test-player... or to a game box packer...    or wait... to a guy that puts those stickers on the game boxes named "Supports AdLib and Soundblaser cards"...

Posted by Tramb on Dec 5, 2012 five past one pm

Looks gorgeous.

Posted by art on Dec 5, 2012 twenty five past one pm

It's so nice to see a game trailer with a good sense of humor. A real breath of fresh air.

Posted by Secondheadedmonkey on Dec 18, 2012 quarter past two am

And why this trailer of platformer is available only in 720p?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Dec 18, 2012 ten to eight am

It's not a platformer.  It's an adventure game.

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