The Time Traveler

May 18, 2012 half past eleven am

Three playable characters in three days! When will the madness end!

Other people's comments:

Posted by Flackattack on May 18, 2012 five past noon

Love that blue! It really pops.

Posted by Sam on May 18, 2012 quarter past noon

I need to play this, now!

Posted by Andrea on May 18, 2012 one pm

Haha, incredible variety here! Three characters from such different environments. This has to be a lot of fun.

Posted by Questy on May 19, 2012 quarter past midnight

Let's do the assumption game...

1) it is not a point and click adventure.
2) it is more in the vein of the old PC game Goooblins (and also the old C64 Goonies for the ones that can remember it...)
3) it involves puzzles more than quests. Probably puzzles that must be solved using a multi-character approach.
4) the main location is a cave!

I am right? Which is my score?

Posted by Dreab on May 19, 2012 ten past one am

You have a good graphics designer! It's very easy to see that the time traveler is female.

Posted by you know on May 19, 2012 ten to nine am

Three characters, time travelling... it looks a lot like Day of the Tentacle, without all the other stuff not related to having three characters and time travelling. Alright it's not a remake, fine.

Posted by ScreamingFalcon on May 20, 2012 five to eleven pm

So, if this is a Time Traveller, where's her bowtie?

SORRY! Couldn't resist!

Posted by Darkhawk on May 22, 2012 ten past nine pm

Is that Samus?

Posted by Pantu on May 23, 2012 half past seven am

mmmh quake 3?

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