Time To Stop Being A Bum And Get A Job.

Sep 27, 2010 ten past ten am

According to Kotaku I've gone to work for Double Fine.  I don't even know where to begin with this completely unsubstantiated fact-less slanderous rumor... oh wait... my mistake... it's totally true.

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Posted by Ruzom on Sep 27, 2010 twenty past ten am

Great great great! Congratulations!

Posted by Stevo on Sep 27, 2010 twenty to eleven am

You can get me a job there too, right? :)

Posted by on Sep 27, 2010 twenty to eleven am

First: Congrats. It was about time.

Second:  "Fans of those old adventure games will like it."

Im a PC gamer. Ergo i'll like it. Right? RIGHT??

Posted by j. on Sep 27, 2010 twenty past eleven am

That's flipping awesome, man. Congratulations!

Posted by Dago on Sep 27, 2010 half past eleven am

I always knew you and Mom would get back together! HUGS

Posted by edu on Sep 27, 2010 twenty five to noon

double genius

what does it mean?

so intense

Posted by Metro on Sep 27, 2010 five to noon

Well, this time I hope that when you signed the contract you demanded a 'We will make a PC version' clause to be included.  Best of luck.

Posted by Chris on Sep 27, 2010 twenty to one pm

I second this!

Everyday I can't have a Ron or Tim game on my PC, a little bit of me dies. :(

Posted by polo on Sep 27, 2010 noon

So basically, now Tim is your boss right?  :P

Congratulations, its really happy news, ive read it before in 1UP and now in IGZ, good marketing for your next project.

Posted by Nando on Sep 27, 2010 twenty past noon

Is Tim gonna be your boss this time?

Posted by Joshi on Sep 27, 2010 five past one pm

You're working for Double Fine? Hmm, I'm trying to think of a phrase that expresses how that is twice as much awesome as normal. Like Double Awesome, or Extra Fine...

Posted by MIK0 on Sep 27, 2010 twenty past one pm

I'd love to see you two work together.

Posted by Someone on Sep 27, 2010 quarter to two pm

This means Monkey Island 3a right? RIGHT?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Sep 27, 2010 ten to two pm

Yep, I just need to wrap up this one puzzle with Guybrush and the iceberg and it's "in the can".

Posted by Chris on Sep 27, 2010 twenty five past three pm

Now that that's finally finished, I was wondering when if we'll ever have the option to buy action figures for the various Monkeys Island characters and DeathSpank?  I'm a man-child and my cluttered desk needs more toys.

I would buy them in an instance if they were the classic versions of the characters, so when Guybrush didn't look like someone I wanted to punch.  I'm OK with the Telltale version though.

I found this collectible, but it contains "that" version of Guybrush;

Posted by BangBang on Sep 29, 2010 ten to eight pm

Please, this time include a chainsaw... and fuel of course!!

Posted by Jumpy on Sep 27, 2010 twenty five to three pm

Yeeehaaaa :)

Thanks and Good Luck.

Posted by Fuz on Sep 27, 2010 five past three pm

It's great to see you and Tim Schafer work together again.
Can't wait to see what you will pull up from your magic hat!

Posted by Fuz on Sep 27, 2010 ten past three pm

And yes, please don't forget the PC. Don't own a console and I don't have any plan to buy one... still waiting for Deathspank and very sad for not being able to play Brutal Legend.

Posted by Bum2 on Sep 27, 2010 four pm

I need a job, too!

Actually, are there any in getting some Next-Gen Scummlets to bring those games to life? I wish I could come work with you and your boss! Sometimes I feel I was born 20 years too late.

Posted by Rubber Boby on Sep 27, 2010 five pm

Ron i was always a big fan of tim and you since the 90's with the monkey island and maniac mansion series. Internet at that time was not as popular as today. I never imagined that i could write you so easily now, but i deeply regret that the first time i do it is to say that im very disappointed. You born on PC, also Tim and now i see that exclusive games gonna be released for xbox live and psn only. I think you owe too much to the PC where both of you did the best games and.... although it hurts to admit it but if not for those games, instead of making games for xbox live and PSN would be doing java games for mobile phones. People who follow you and Tim from that time and continues to do it today are pure PC gamers and in all this time, 20 years, we still remain with you unconditionally.

Posted by Pisser on Sep 28, 2010 twenty past two am

Yeah, iam so pissed off by that, that i wont buy this game and any future games of Mister Gilbert.
I don't need them, they need me... well, my money.

Posted by Ezequiel on Sep 27, 2010 five past five pm


Btw, did that C64 of yours finally worked with Maniac Mansion?


Posted by Underdark on Sep 27, 2010 twenty past five pm

Today, Pc fans are like trash... Who will imagine that i cannot play games done by Tim and Ron because they dont do it for PC... Total Irony, right?... well... what can i say?..

How much the xbox???

Posted by 3-Headed-Monkey on Sep 27, 2010 twenty five to six pm

Ron! This news story is ALL OVER the Internet.  

You're bigger than LINDSAY LOHAN!

Take that Lindsay!

Seriously -- can't wait to see what happens when you and Tim put your brains together again.  I'm slightly scared, too.

Posted by No name whatsoever on Sep 27, 2010 twenty to six pm

Gee, Dave Grossman must be feeling lonely without you guys!

Posted by Hoffmann on Sep 27, 2010 five past seven pm

So the only people still alive (all the others have been either executed or eaten by three-headed monkeys) that knows THE Secret of Monkey Island are now working together again?

This can only be explained in a words using a alien language. Unfortunately I'm the only earthling who knows said language, the closest translation I can come up with is: AWESOME!

Posted by Hoffmann on Sep 27, 2010 quarter past seven pm

Best part of the interview:

... Gilbert's new game.
What is it?

They won't say."

Either they don't have a clue or they plan to make a sandbox GTA wannabe (you are about 4 years late mate) with fetch quests (please don't) and silly humor with the most improbable protagonist who talks with a lot of people he just met.

Posted by Ed on Sep 27, 2010 five to ten pm

Great news! Double Fine seems the perfect place for you.

/me awaits eruption of creative awesomeness

Posted by CheNeSo on Sep 28, 2010 one am

Great News!!!

I really hope it will be your next great FPS!!!
I really love your multiplayer games!

Posted by Barditude on Sep 28, 2010 five past one am

That's just an awesome news.
Simply... A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Posted by Kolzig on Sep 28, 2010 quarter to three am

Congratulations Ron!

It will be amazing to play a Doublefine certified Ron & Tim PC game in the future!

Now just go to Telltale's office and steal Dave Grossman from there to get the A-Team back together. ;-)

Posted by Chalito on Sep 28, 2010 five past five am

Congrats man!
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

Posted by Ole on Sep 28, 2010 twenty five past seven am

Great news!

I really really really hope it's a 2D-Adventure - and not 3D, not RPG, not MMORPG, not episodes, not Action, not Action-Adventure. Just another mindblowing 2D adventure like the ones we both know what I'm talking about :)

Posted by Johnny99 on Sep 28, 2010 quarter past eleven pm

Right! And in VGA 256 colours. No SVGA, no 12.435x9.345 solution, no 20 trillion colours.
I`m serious!

Posted by SteveT on Sep 28, 2010 five past nine am

woohoo, here's to decent storytelling in games.

Posted by Metro on Sep 28, 2010 twenty five to five pm

The more I look the more I realize that Double Fine doesn't produce games for the PC... oh well... if any of you don't own a console like me I wouldn't get excited about this news.  Tell you what, Ron, maybe you and Tim can chip in, buy an Xbox and mail it to me.  I can't justify buying a console just to play two or three games.

Posted by FishyBob on Sep 28, 2010 twenty to five pm

Great news... unless... the PC gamers are left out in the cold again. We're still out here, waiting to hand over our hard earned cash, just not to the likes of Microsoft and Sony.

Posted by Metro on Sep 28, 2010 ten to seven pm

Time for Ron to change the name of his blog to the Grumpy Console Gamer.

Posted by Marraciao on Sep 29, 2010 ten past nine am

Oh my god... Nooo, Not again !!!

I really start to hate you PC gamers.. you are soooo nerd !!!
You hate Sony & Microsoft but probably you love Apple, Iphone, Nvidia, Ati, Intel isn't you! N!E!R!D!


"Yes but PC... redacted bla bla bla... VGA fi fi, 2d bla bla, my money gne gne gne..." STOP IT!!! DEATSPANK WON'T BE RELEASED ON PC!!!

Ron, at this point I really really really hope that your next game will NOT be relased on PC!!!

Ah by the way DS was great (I have already bought DS:ToV too on XBL, but I still have to play it)!

And Ron congratulation for you next job and say hello to Tim!

Great news!!!

Posted by Fishy Bob on Sep 29, 2010 twenty to noon

I think you just summed up why PC gamers aren't very happy. Knuckle draggers such as yourself who obviously struggle to string together coherent sentences, get to play a game that, if comparable to previous Ron Gilbert games, has levels of depth you just wont appreciate.

Why exactly do you get to enjoy this game and we don't?

It's simple really. You, being the aforementioned knuckle dragger, don't have the faculties to operate a PC and instead saved up your allowance for an inferior, simplistic gaming system. That system happens to be produced by a huge corporation which has so much money to throw around that they can influence smaller game developers to release on their systems first/only, so they can overcharge you for a low def version and begin the cycle again.

P.S.  Hate Apple. Woulda thought they'd be more up your alley what with selling shiny overly expensive toys.

Posted by blombo on Sep 29, 2010 ten to two pm

OK, OK, we will never see DEATSPANK on PC. Who cares though. I bet DEATSPANK was a bad game. Rotten game. You know what? I've never even heard of DEATSPANK. DEATwhat? Nope. Wouldn't know. Sorry.

DEATHSPANK though, I've heard wonderful things about it. Good game. Marvellous game. With it could run on PC.

Yep, I think I'm speaking for pretty much everyone here: we all want DEATHSPANK for PC.

I'm gonna say it again, DEATHSPANK.


With an emphasis on the H.

Posted by Corvyn on Sep 30, 2010 quarter past four am


some serious nerd rage there

Posted by hunter on Oct 7, 2010 twenty past ten am

NEWS: deathspank for p.c.

result: you are an idiot.


Posted by Marraciao on Sep 30, 2010 twenty past two am

You wonderful PC gamers!!!

I see you close in your dark bedroom, with your super expensive PC that you have assembled by yourself... Window closed... Putrid air...
Your desk & drawer full of old VGA, EGA, Soundblaster, Adlib...
Your shelves filled with WoW & D&D puppets, C+ manuals, ancient DrDos package... Rest of rotten food everywere from your last super week-end session of WoW...
I see you intent to try all the possible higher screen resolutions of starcraft 2....

BUT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE DEATSPANK (without the H... eh eh!!!)

The point is that you are ridicolous!!!
Ron has CLEARLY stated that he does't have nothing to do with the delay (or the suppression) of the PC version!!!
Never the less you, wonderfull little nerdies, still write countless silly posts....:
"Why Ron?!?!" "When the redacted..." "You betrayal us..." "....but the origin of gaming..." "...but the end of gaming..." "ahhh the good old days"... "I am too miser to buy a console..."....


DS has been developed with console gaming in mind. Accept it!
What if the next game from Ron will be an Iphone exclusive ?!?!?

Boys wake up! War is over, '80 are long gone, life change.
Gaming now has become a form of entertainment.
Leave your niche. Or live it there happy! But please understand that you are an out-dated niche... and live happy with it!

You know little nerdies that if you want to buy the next to be released version of your Star Wars saga on bluray you have to give some money to Sony?!? yes SONY... NOOooooooo.....

Posted by Metro on Sep 30, 2010 nine pm

Seek help.

Posted by Fishy Bob on Oct 12, 2010 quarter to three pm

You were saying?

Posted by Corvyn on Sep 30, 2010 quarter past four am

If Lucas Arts doesn't want you to make a new Mokey Island just make a "Chimp Island" with "Dudebrush" and "LeChick"

Posted by Ivar on Sep 30, 2010 twenty to nine am

Nooooooo, why?

I was 100% sure that Lucasarts was going to hire you to make the real Monkey Island 3 after the sucsess with MI1&2:SE, but now I guess that dream is over:(
This was the perfect moment for MI3, I can`t see a better timing for it.

Sure, it's cool to see you guys togetter again, but damn...not now!

Still, I wish you all the best Ron, hope you will have a great time with Tim over at Double Fine.

Posted by Abel Oroz on Sep 30, 2010 ten to nine am

I was really happy with Double Fine's decission of taking a step back on AAA budgets and keeping their creative freedom; now more awesome news with you joining them. Damn, Double Fine must be like the most awesome place on Earth (let alone working there).

Posted by TomasSK on Sep 30, 2010 twenty five to ten am

I feel like these two could... they could... TAKE ON THE WORLD!

Posted by TomasSK on Sep 30, 2010 twenty five to ten am

Seriously. This is the second best news I've ever heard.

Posted by Jon N/A on Sep 30, 2010 ten to noon

+looks at his monitor with his jaw as open as an alligator's jaw+
+cries for extreme happiness inside himself+
+dreams about the awesome games that can be made by this collaboration+
+can't say anything because of his extreme happiness so he writes his feelings and actions between plus signs+


Posted by Ariel on Oct 1, 2010 quarter to eight am

I can't take out of my head "Finally we'll know the secret of Monkey Island". :)

Posted by WTF on Oct 1, 2010 twenty past eleven am

What a fuck!

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Oct 1, 2010 ten past one pm

I'm more than happy to leave your comments on my site, no matter how critical they are of me, but please don't spew profanity and hate.

Posted by AMIGrAve on Oct 1, 2010 half past two pm

But ... what is this monkey island everyone seems to be talking about here ?

Posted by Someone on Oct 2, 2010 five to four am

it's an island with about two monkeys on it

Posted by Telltale fan on Oct 2, 2010 quarter to two pm

If i spewed profanity and hate on you, im sorry. But all i just wanted to say is that double fine is shit because it is part of EA. You are become part of double fine and that makes you know what. Better be a part of Telltale because telltale makes great episodic games.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Oct 2, 2010 ten to two pm

I'm not sure why you think Double Fine is part of EA.  Double Fine is owned by no one else and is 100% independent.  EA published one of their games, but the ones they are doing now are being published by THQ and others.

I love TellTale, but I also like Double Fine.  You can like both.

Posted by Telltale fan on Oct 2, 2010 five past two pm

100% independent )) Ive heard from a tim shuffer that he cant do one thing in his game (i don't tell what) because EA his publisher don't let him. It was interview. I like Double Fine but they should take experience from Telltale and become truly independent.

Posted by Kenji on Oct 2, 2010 six pm

Where's Guybrush?

Posted by Metro on Oct 3, 2010 twenty past seven pm

I'm guessing the 'one thing' Tim can't do is publish on the PC.

Posted by Double Fine Fan on Oct 11, 2010 five to four pm

this is the best thing that has ever happened to the gaming industry. this is like mickey mantle and babe ruth in the yankees. I check out doublefine from time to time but now i am an official full-fledged doublefine fan.

Posted by jharken on Oct 15, 2010 twenty five past noon

Well just be thankful that we can continue with these games, I just read an article about Activision joining a coalition pleading for the rejection of U.S. Supreme Court of California's flawed restrictions on video game purchases.


Posted by Jonathan on Oct 21, 2010 twenty to seven am

where can I apply for trainee Ron Gilbert?

Posted by Dr. Hugo Strangelovecraft on Oct 21, 2010 five past two pm

That is F#$ing great news!
I'm so happy for you guys and for the gaming world. Now you only need to merge with telltale (or steal Dave) and you're all set to conquer the world one laugh at a time.

Of course you could make your job easier by hiring me cuz I've always wanted to be the Junior affiliated senior vice president of whoever is in charge, but I doubt you can afford me.

Posted by Phil on Oct 25, 2010 five past one pm

Funny thing would be if it was world of warcraft not apple :P

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