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Apr 6, 2010 twenty five past two pm

I wanted to let all the Premium Gold Level Grumpy Gamer subscribers know that I left Hothead.  When I started working there two years ago, my goal was to make DeathSpank the most awesome game ever made and have it win a Nobel Prize and the early word out of Stockholm is that DeathSpank is neck-in-neck with some string theory dweeb (eleven dimensions my ass).

As DeathSpank ends the creative and production phases and start down that long and winding road of certification and testing of the XBox and PS3 and [REDACTED] versions, it's looking quite amazing and is damn funny.  So, to quote my childhood hero George W. Bush: Mission Accomplished.

I will be working closely with EA and Hothead on the PR for DeathSpank as the release date of [REDACTED] draws closer.

I have also vowed to blog more and try and remember my twitter password.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Steven on Apr 6, 2010 half past two pm

Make a limited edition version with an authentic 'hand signed!' Ron Gilbert autograph included. Come on Ron... do it.

Posted by Bangbang! on Apr 6, 2010 quarter to three pm

I'll be waiting for the [REDACTED] version!

Posted by Someone on Apr 6, 2010 ten to five pm

Samer here. :D  Day one purchase for me so that I can gloat, brag, and showoff while in show and tell! O.O

Posted by weaboo on Apr 7, 2010 quarter past four am

Day -1 pirate here. I'll be waiting for the [RELOADED] version.

Posted by arvenius on Apr 15, 2010 five past eight pm


Posted by TheBearPaw on Apr 6, 2010 ten to three pm

We love you, Ron, whatever you'll work on, you got our support! Can't wait for "Deathspank"!

Posted by I'm a PC on Apr 6, 2010 four pm

Soooo... now that you've left, will you be able to effing tell us if it's going to be released for PC?.

Way to ignore your readers, Ron!

Posted by Chris on Apr 6, 2010 ten to five pm

Read what Ron said again, but this time with TONS of optimism and a little bit of guesswork. :)

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Apr 6, 2010 twenty to ten pm

Mmm... I will trust you on this one Chris guy
Your optimism will be on my mind when the times comes.... for better or worse ��

Posted by Luke S. Walker on Apr 6, 2010 ten to five pm

Dude!  You have to be the [REDEACTEDIST] person I know.

Posted by Jenni on Apr 6, 2010 half past four pm

Thanks for all the hard work, Ron!  I can't wait to play it... as soon as I buy a PS3.  :)

Posted by Juan Ferreyra on Apr 6, 2010 twenty to five pm

You gonna make me buy a Console for the second time! (first one was an Atari, I didn't understood superman game ver well)
anyway hope the games comes out just as you wanted and that is does well!

Posted by Someone on Apr 6, 2010 five to five pm

Just buy the [REDACTED] version and you won't need to buy a console. :)

Posted by panos on Jul 23, 2010 five past ten pm

err.. you guys do realize that redacted in this context actually means that it was once on the table but now has been withdrawn?  so yes, he was talking about the pc version.. which they are no longer developing. sad but true.

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Apr 6, 2010 quarter to ten pm

Jaaja, me parece que necesitabas cualquier excusita para la xbox :P
A m� me va a obligar a usar el twitter pff

Posted by Dan on Apr 8, 2010 five past nine pm

Espero que no haga falta una consola para jugar a este juego =), desde mi punto de vista, perderia muchisimo su encanto.

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Apr 9, 2010 half past two am

Ser�a un horror.
Como mirar el Mundial siendo de Serbia & Montenegro o algo as� :P

Posted by Dan on Apr 9, 2010 twenty to five pm

Exactamente, ademas, si es cierto que una gran porcion de la trama esta ligada a la saga Diablo o a los A-RPG en general... digamos que los Action RPG nunca fueron muy bien acogidos en consolas de sobremesa.

Pero bueno, que se yo!, ultimamente la industria esta dando tantas vueltas de tuerca que nunca se sabe...

Posted by Seth on Apr 6, 2010 five to five pm

Does this mean you're leaving Vancouver? :(

Posted by Billy Bob on Apr 6, 2010 twenty five to six pm

Does this mean you've been hired by Telltale Games to form an unholy alliance of awesomeness?

Posted by Toryn Farr on Apr 6, 2010 twenty to six pm

It was the olympics wasn't it? "F' this... I'm leaving Hothead. Back to the states for me!"

Posted by Hooray for Sodomy on Apr 6, 2010 five past six pm

I can only assume you left Hothead so that you can finally start work on Monkey Island 3a: The Secret Revealed or Your Money Back.  Wait, was that supposed to be redacted?

Posted by Joe on Apr 11, 2010 ten to four pm

I briefly read that as "Or your Monkey Back", which works too.

Posted by V_Ben on Apr 6, 2010 ten past six pm

Whoa, leaving already? Best of luck to you wherever you choose to go to next! :-)

Posted by Fealiks on Apr 6, 2010 twenty to seven pm

Ron "integrity" Gilbert. Good man!!

Posted by Andre Nekoi on Apr 6, 2010 twenty to eight pm

I hope you are joining Telltale Games!

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Apr 6, 2010 ten to ten pm

Thanks, Ron :)

Posted by leonard hermens on Apr 6, 2010 twenty five past ten pm

Us Diamond Ultra-Level Grumpy Gamers are disappointed that we weren't notified first. But perhaps I'm thinking metric or something...

Posted by Turmoil23 on Apr 8, 2010 ten to noon

metric is the way to go

Posted by Kroms on Apr 6, 2010 eleven pm

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Ron. Deathspank looks great; very excited to play it!

But I hope you don't mind me saying: Although I've always enjoyed your blog posts, I wouldn't mind less of them if it meant you were making more games. I hope this doesn't mean we'll have to wait x > 3 more years for your next one.

Posted by Metro on Apr 6, 2010 twenty past eleven pm

Monkey Island meets Diablo meets Duke Nuke'em Forever -- wonder if this game will come out prior to the 2012 end of the world.  Even assuming the console version comes out this year... I'm guessing another year for a PC release?  I'm a big fan of yours but color me disappointed at the industry or whatever factors are causing this to putter along at a sloth like pace.

Posted by Mike on Apr 7, 2010 twenty to one am

I'm gonna have to agree with Hooray for Sodomy (never thought I'd type that) but when will we see MI3, the real version? Fingers crossed.

Posted by Auron on Apr 7, 2010 one am

I've noted the release date of [REDACTED] in my agenda, so I won't miss it :P

Posted by Ian on Apr 7, 2010 quarter past one am

left jumped or left pushed from a penthouse window by armed goons?

Posted by Harald B on Apr 7, 2010 twenty five to two am

Lookie here, Telltale has an open position for Senior Game Designer. Go for it!

Posted by Abel Oroz on Apr 7, 2010 five to two am

Sad to hear. Well, if you start any other studio on your own, I hope you announce it with enough time for me to be able to apply as an artist! I missed the chance in Hothead. What could be better than working with your childhood hero? (not Mr. Bush really)

Posted by Vivi on Apr 7, 2010 quarter to five am

Wherever you go next, best of luck to ya.
Oh, yeah, and it's probably the [REDACTED] one for me too, I guess.

Posted by Dr. Fred Edison on Apr 7, 2010 five to five am

Come on, Mr. Gilbert spill the beans. You are making a new Monkey Island Game, aren't you? You can tell us! We're your freinds! Really! Honest! No kidding! :-)

Posted by ChrisM on Apr 7, 2010 five am

If it's not beeing release for the GameBoy, I won't be buying it!

Naaah, I can't wait ;-)

Posted by Eclipse on Apr 7, 2010 half past five am

damn it, is the PC version canceled or will be released after console ones? This totally sucks hairy balls, If it happens I'll gladly not buy the game at all as I did with Assassin's Creed 2.
And this one was my most waited game of the year, damn it.
I have an xbox 360 but no fucking way I'm going to play a roguelike (Diablo-like?) on a console

Posted by Romi Braman on Apr 7, 2010 twenty to six am

As we're getting closer to the release of DeathSpank, I think Mr Gilbert just entered the "monkey" time.

Posted by Maj on Apr 7, 2010 quarter past six am

good luck to you Ron, im definitely looking forward to DeathSpank and i really wish you the best on your next move (hopefully it will be at telltale's, they definitely a fun and talented person like you)

Posted by Rojasono on Apr 7, 2010 twenty past six am

It's curling, isn't it? You're going to 'graduate' from game design and development to your one true passion: curling. Godspeed, Ron.

Some of these other guys got my hopes (for a true MI3) up again. Damn.

Posted by Ariel on Apr 7, 2010 twenty to nine am

Hope the future brings more surprises from you :)

Posted by Jubanka on Apr 7, 2010 twenty past ten am

Bet that Mission Accomplished text is the end screen for level 1 for that great game that is Deathspank.

Posted by giggino on Apr 7, 2010 twenty past ten am

Good luck for everything Ron!!!!

And please, give us some freash info about your future decision asap!!!

Mmmm... that means ...No DeathSpank 2 !?!?!?!!?
But maybe a Monkey 3......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by pananag on Apr 7, 2010 twenty five past eleven am

I'm from Greece.

What does REDACTED mean?

Is it always written in capital letters?

Will someone be so kind as to  shed light on my questions?

Posted by Samuel Abram on Apr 12, 2010 twenty past three pm

"Redacted" means the text was censored due to secrecy concerns.

Posted by me on Apr 7, 2010 quarter past one pm

is there a pc version

Posted by SlimG on Apr 7, 2010 twenty five to two pm

Sounds like the timing is perfect for you to start working with LEC straight away, then you'll be able to publish "Proper Monkey Island 3: VGA Edition" after they've released "LeChuck's Revenge 3$ Graphics Edition".

Then you'll be filthy stinking rich and you'll run for president, pretty straightforward.

Ps. If I'm right, I estimate that we'll get a "Proper Monkey Island 3: 3$ Graphics Edition" by 2029 :)

Posted by Vivi on Apr 7, 2010 five to three pm

Something just crossed my mind.... Wasn't DeathSpank supposed to be a trilogy? What happened to that?

Posted by Someone on Apr 8, 2010 five past eight am

Obviously the Secret of DeathSpank will be introduced in this game and never revealed because Ron left before he could reveal it.

Posted by Ivy on Apr 9, 2010 half past two am

Ron merged the three parts into this DeathSpank version. Episodic is too dangerous for publishers, like, say EA.

All hail EA!

Posted by fedexior on Apr 7, 2010 three pm

What a heck is a [REDACTED] version???

I want to have a [REDACTED] version of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. I want to be a [REDACTED] college student. I have a [REDACTED] dog called... [REDACTED]. And I can go on and on...

Posted by Abel Oroz on Apr 8, 2010 five past one am

You should be punished for that name to your dog!

Posted by fedexior on Apr 14, 2010 ten past nine am

Oh, yeah? Well, let me tell you, my friend, my hamster's name is Choclito. Get it? Choclito L�pez Ca�onero. And he loves it!!  X-D

Posted by Ruzom on Apr 7, 2010 half past three pm

Good luck for anything Ron. ANYTHING. GOOD LUCK. Yes.

Posted by David on Apr 7, 2010 twenty past four pm

I will pirate DeathSpank unless Ron makes an authograph signed version. Then I'll feel forced to buy the game. And after that a dozen more. I'm sure these will revalue over time. :)
Go Ron!

Posted by Eclipse on Apr 7, 2010 twenty past five pm

pc version at day one = instabuy
no pc version at day one = epic fail & we will pirate it when it's out

Posted by Kroms on Apr 7, 2010 quarter to ten pm

I don't know what's sadder, your threat or your attitude. What happened to politeness and courtest? (And yes, I'm aware of the irony of this post.)

Posted by Abel Oroz on Apr 8, 2010 five past one am

What's the point on pirating it just because it is released later? Some kind of vengeance? Yeah, that would do a lot of good to the future of PC gaming, everyone would be striving to publish their games in PC asap.

Posted by Thrakhath on Apr 7, 2010 quarter past ten pm

Oh shit, I didn't realize DS was going to be published by EA.  Shame, I was really looking forward to playing it.  Looks like Mr. Gilbert is just gonna have to settle for a personal check and an angry letter begging for MI3

Posted by Cedge on Apr 7, 2010 twenty five to midnight

What's so bad about EA? They're just a distribution partner, anyways.

Posted by Turmoil23 on Apr 8, 2010 five to noon

is it going to be protected by the "by online 24/7 or you cant play the game" BS? that new... lets call it protection system, sucks bad, please dont do that

Posted by Thrakhath on Apr 9, 2010 twenty past six pm

My username might give you a hint.  I started a one-man boycott on EA sixteen years ago when they used their practice of buying a good studio and running their license into the ground for a quick buck on three of my favorite studios.  Magic Carpet, Ultima, Privateer, and to a lesser extent the Command and Conquer series for example.

Posted by jalf on Apr 10, 2010 ten am

and this boycott achieves what, exactly? Generally, the point in a boycott is to pressure a company into changing for the better. So what is EA doing today that warrants your boycott?

All I know is that they're publishing a game you want, they're no longer running studios into the account (unlike, say, Activision), and they've even loosened up on DRM.

Of course they're not perfect, but it seems absurd to never ever buy anything from them because of something that happened 16 years ago.

Or to put it simply: they're willing to publish Deathspank. Why should they be punished for that?

Posted by Dan on Apr 13, 2010 twenty five to eleven am

Wow what a lame reason for a boycott Thrakhath when you knew nothing of the actual business at the time.

Origin were on the verge of bankruptcy they were pleading with companies to buy them but everyone knew they were a terribly managed company & wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. Despite publicly dissing EA before the sale, they still saved Origin from closure and Origin took EA's money. You would have not gotten any more Origin games like your treasured Privateer had EA not saved them.

Bullfrog sold themselves to EA, Bullfrog didn't fall apart as a unit Peter Molyneux was the liaison between EA management and Bullfrog team, when Peter got bored and left no-one filled his shoes. The Bullfrog team weren't able to pitch the games as good as Peter did and they eventually went their separate ways some are still at EA.

Westwood was the same Bullfrog, when the talent got bored or decided to move on elsewhere the studio was no longer effective as it once was, Westwood were the foundation for what is EA LA today.

It really is astonishing to see someone who has wasted 16 years on a pointless boycott. Did you boycott all the developers too who took EA's cash then setup a new studio after leaving EA ?

Posted by Abel Oroz on Apr 8, 2010 quarter past one am

Even myself being a fan of MI1&2 over what LEC did later, very few people who have known the saga since 1997 would accept a MI3 wiping the storyline, having played the later ones.

MI3, and what Monkey Island and its secret should have been, should be elegantly done an animation movie spanning the whole trilogy plot IMO (not that the two first ones have a lot of plot between puzzles really).

Posted by Ralph on Apr 8, 2010 ten past three am

Job well done, I hope, and looking forward to playing it. Good luck in any future endeavours. :)

Posted by Someone on Apr 8, 2010 five to six am

>George W. Bush: Mission Accomplished.
>working closely with EA

Why do these words leave me with a feeling of dread?

Posted by Rusty Broomhandle on Apr 9, 2010 twenty five past midnight

Because they are minions of Hades.

Posted by Rodrigo Silveira on Apr 8, 2010 quarter to ten pm

those are big issues in our world today - blogging often and remembering passwords... really, it was on cnn a few nights ago...

Posted by Steven on Apr 9, 2010 ten to six pm

Hey Ron, I think you went on a date with my sister. She says she didn't find the Pirate jokes funny :(

Posted by Elaine Marley XD on Apr 10, 2010 half past eight pm

That's not true! That's IMPPP--OSSSIBLEE!!

Can I replace her? :P

Posted by Johnny W on Apr 10, 2010 ten to one pm

Confoozed. I thought you were the new big whig of creative everything at Hothead? If not, does that mean you're free to move over to Tell Tale and help shape more Monkey Island Tales? (OMG.)

Posted by Bernat on Apr 11, 2010 five past two pm

EA??????? Worst publisher you have choosen...
Well at least the game will be awesome.

Posted by Luke S. Walker on Apr 11, 2010 ten past two pm

I don't think Ron choose the publisher.  Blame Hothead.

Posted by Dan on Jul 17, 2010 five to five pm

EA has more than one wing of publication.  Hothead is using "EA Partners", which is a subdivision that MANY "indie" companies are going to because they offer the best deal in terms of distribution, control over their IP and development processes.  Mr. Gilbert's previous collaborator is partnered with them (Tim Shafer/Double Fine Studios), and Id was publishing with them before their acquisition by Bethesda.

Those of you whining about how unholy EA is do not understand how the company works and how new/different management affects a company's culture.

Posted by Guido on Apr 12, 2010 quarter to five am

PS3 and Xbox? what are those funny names you write?
what about us premium "Platinum" Level Grumpy Gamer subscribers?

Posted by Dan on Apr 12, 2010 quarter past five pm

Ron has nothing to do with the EA publishing deals, infact I people seem to run short on memory, so to clear things up, the plataforms DeathSpank was comming to was never confirmed to start with.

The first "confirmation" we had was when the game was shown to public, since they used Xbox360 to show it off, and the Menus and so on used the key scheme of the mentioned plataform.

Then, it was confirmed they had a deal with EA to publish it on the PS3 and Xbox360 Plataform, the reason? expansion so more players could play the title on their "favorite plataform", it was NEVER SAID IT WASN'T COMMING TO PC.

I'm not sure what kind of Deal they have with EA, but I'll show you people the possible scenarios:

A) It comes out on XBL and PS3 published by EA like it was confirmed, and, published by Hothead itself on the PC as a digital download paying [REDACTED], which I assume will be between 20$ to 30$.

B) It comes out on XBL and PS3, and depending on the Deal they made with EA, it could came X months later to PC published by Hothead or another publisher.

C) It doesn't come out to PC, YET this would be improbable, Why? Because of the post made by Ron itself, useless hes speaking of: Wii, PSP and/or iPhone/Ipod Touch, It is CLEAR he is speaking about the PC.

Hope this clears it up.

Posted by Steven on Apr 13, 2010 quarter to seven am

How appropriate, you fight like a cow.

Posted by Dan on Apr 13, 2010 twenty five to eleven am

Congrats Ron on Deathspank, very much looking forward to this and always admired your work in the games industry.

I just hope you stay as involved in the games business the industry needs more people like you.

Posted by Steven on Apr 13, 2010 twenty past seven pm

Haven't you heard? He's moved in with Alice... yeah I know stole her right from under Atlas' feet.

Posted by Anique on Apr 18, 2010 half past eleven pm

Yay more blog posts

Posted by gregsoldo on Apr 23, 2010 twenty five past midnight

mmmmmm....I can smell some kind of return of Ron to Lucas or perhaps he'll join Telltale games. Both are attractive possibilities.

Posted by Enrico on May 2, 2010 ten to eight am

Posted by rosetta stone on May 14, 2010 twenty to six pm

You write good articles, I will always be concerned about

Posted by CWRiedler on Aug 14, 2010 quarter to three pm

What does this mean for the cliffhanger that is Deathspank? NO SEQUEL? WHY?????????

Posted by magusat999 on Sep 29, 2010 ten past four pm

I'd like to thank Ron Gilbert for finally making a game that breaks out of the PC roots of the past projects - like games at Greehouse, a PC GAME DOWNLOAD SITE - utilizing money made from profits of PC GAMES, and then "redacting" the PC gamers with one of the best games they have ever made - not to mention a top 5 game! It's like Square using the money from Chrono Trigger to finance Final Fantasy 6 and 7 - and giving Chrono Trigger players the middle finger. No better than Fable making almost all of it's money from PC players and then dissing them with Fable II. You, and or whomever is responsible for the slap in the PC player's face by canceling the Deathspank series for the PC is the lowest form of ingrate in this industry. You a fucking parasite and I hope you choke on your profits and drown in Microsoft red tape. You said screw you to all of us - well right back at you, asshole.

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