April Fools' Day #5

Apr 1, 2009 five to eleven am

Five years running.  
100% April Fools' Day Joke Free.  
Join the crusade.  
Spread the word.
Resist the temptation.
Be strong.

Other people's comments:

Posted by Lolo on Apr 1, 2009 ten past eleven am

And still you could fool us every year by announcing a true sequel to Monkey Island 2...

Posted by AMIGrAve on Apr 3, 2009 twenty past eleven am

"... a true sequel to Monkey Island 2" ... pffff

I can't understand why you guys/girlz don't recognize MI3 to be a good sequel, even if Ron was not behind it. I know Ron don't like MI > 2 but personally I enjoyed the 3rd one as much as the others. ( Not at the beginning, I had the feeling that Guybrush was replaced by a thin wire, but after a while I got used to it and liked it).

MI4 is really awful. Besides being unplayable with the keys, the humor was not as good as the others MI, and worst of all : they removed the Scumm for the Lua bar !! Aarrrgh, even if the game scripts were written in python or ruby, I wouldn't accept the Scumm bar to be removed from Melee Island.

BTW, IIRC MI4 was released on the 1st of april for macs.

Posted by Toryn on Apr 3, 2009 five to noon

Dude, I don't think Ron ever bad mouthed Monkey Island 3 (CMI). It's not the story he had for the 3rd game, but I'm pretty certain he gave it and the team that developed it a fair amount of praise.

I have to agree with you on Monkey Island 4. It's the lesser of all of the games. The Monkey Kombat stuff was dumb, the humor was lacking... and ugh.. like you said.. the controls!

Posted by LazyAndroid on Apr 21, 2009 quarter past six pm

Nobody says, or at least not many people say, that MI3 is a bad sequel. But it just doesn't fit. At the end of MI2 you get the feeling there is a Master Plan behind all this, and on MI3 this is lost. It has nothing to do with the original series.
It's a good game buy itself, but it doesn't blend in with the other two. Like how Godfather Part 3 isn't a bad movie, but when you watch it for the first time after having seen and loved Godfather 1&2 you will inevitably hate it (and later on you might get used to it, like you said).

Posted by ulmoo on Apr 1, 2009 half past eleven am

i saw that coming.

Posted by on Apr 1, 2009 quarter past noon

Nice :)

interesting news about an xp bar in deathspank as well, thats at least how i understood it...

Posted by Joshi on Apr 1, 2009 twenty five past noon

Hmm, 5 years... so I guess it'll be around the 10 year mark that you up and tell us you were never the real Ron Gilbert.

Posted by Papa on Apr 1, 2009 twenty past one pm

Here is 28 of december

Posted by Alfonso Maruccia on Apr 1, 2009 twenty five to two pm

No Jokes on April 1st? On teh Internet?!? C'mon, Ron, you must be joking XD

Posted by Random on Apr 1, 2009 quarter past ten pm

No joke is the joke :)

Posted by Franz on Apr 1, 2009 ten to two pm

``The evil of Ron cannot compare to the evil of April Fools' jokes because Ron is a jerk who never revealed the Secret Of Monkey Island (enough enfoolment as it is)``- some fool

Posted by LeChuckie on Apr 1, 2009 ten to four pm

Do you think these years of no April Fools are somehow part of an extremely elaborate April Fools next year? I think almost certainly yes! Ron Won't let us down.

Posted by fhqwhgads on Apr 2, 2009 twenty past four am

I think you shouldn't even mention the existence of April fools. Talking about it, is accepting it as a valid alternative theory.

No, wait, thats Intelligent Design.

My bad.

Posted by Duffadash on Apr 3, 2009 ten to five am

Well... I for once didn't make a single April fools prank; or fall for one... And I'm pretty proud of it too.

Posted by Mario on Apr 3, 2009 twenty past ten am

April fools is getting weaker every year, just like Windows ;) I'm not trying to establish a controversy here... well, maybe I am...

Posted by kraps on Apr 4, 2009 five to four am

um.... Ron... I'm a bit confused. Could you elaborate on that Watchmen-are-the-Last-Temptation twitter thing... please?... pretty please?

Posted by Sezrah on Apr 15, 2009 half past two pm

Wow... am I completely ignorant or is this for real. I got sent this in Facebook from a Monkey Island fan group who are hosting a memorial to Monkey Island type of party thing... look they even have a website ...
..and the link to the event in Facebook

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