Monkey Island Shoes

Mar 19, 2009 nine am

One of the many people I pay to surf the web looking for stuff about Monkey Island forwarded me a link to these ultra-cool shoes.

I'd run down the store and try and buy a pair, but I'm sure something this cool is sold out.

Maybe Kohl's has them.

Other people's comments:

Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 twenty past nine am

I want thoose!

anyway im slightly dissapointed, every time grumpygamer shows up in my rss reader im expecting deathspank info :)

Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 five to noon

You and me both. Quit twittering in your blog, Ron!

j/k, cool shoes, have seen them before but forgot where.
Which clearly proves my superiority in finding Monkey Island-related internet-stuff, so where shall I send my resum� to?

Posted by turmoil23 on Mar 19, 2009 quarter to ten am

Sweet shoes, a girl from Marid made them as it seems

Posted by AlfredJ on Mar 19, 2009 ten am

Jesus, I mean, I love Monkey Island as much as the next guy, but what is it with Spain and Guybrush? Get a room already, sheesh...

Posted by Important-looking pirate on Mar 19, 2009 quarter to eleven am

Very nice!

Although they don't look like the kind of shoes a flooring inspector would wear.

Posted by JB on Mar 19, 2009 five to eleven am

I'd buy them for 1000 pieces of eight.

Posted by kei on Mar 19, 2009 ten past eleven am

How appropriate, you fight like a cow!

Posted by Ben Paddon on Mar 19, 2009 quarter to one pm

I need, and I mean medically need, these shoes.

Posted by Joe Wasserman on Mar 19, 2009 ten to one pm

Oh my. I would wear those. To my own wedding.

Posted by Van on Mar 19, 2009 five to one pm

What next? DeathSpank thongs?

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Mar 19, 2009 quarter to three pm

Can I pre-order?

Posted by Van on Mar 19, 2009 five to one pm

Did she get them when she found the Treasure of Melee Island?

Posted by Fuz on Mar 19, 2009 quarter to two pm

I want them.

Posted by CaliforniaSuperLotto on Mar 19, 2009 five to two pm

That is so cool! now i need one pair!! let ask for two, better.

Posted by Clone2727 on Mar 19, 2009 five past two pm

It's obvious Kohl's has them! They use the Monkey Island theme song after all!

It must be a LucasArts/Kohl's conspiracy....

Posted by Retodon8 on Mar 19, 2009 twenty past two pm

Ooh, I definitely want a pair of those!
I like the colours, and they actually have scenes from Monkey Island to boo...
Oops, almost made a terrible pun by accident.

Did I mention I want those shoes.

Posted by aA on Mar 19, 2009 twenty past four pm

Wonderful shoes, I too - would like a pair.

Posted by MaaS on Mar 19, 2009 ten past five pm

yep, Spain is full of MI fans, myself included (two days ago my sister bought me one of those Swordmaster tshirt P_^ aaarr!!) ...

Anyway... It would be cool to have those great great shoes... Maya?... pretty pleasee? porrrfaaa!! ;)

Posted by Matrinka on Mar 19, 2009 twenty past six pm

I could swear I saw someone make a comment on one of your blog posts about making those shoes.  He'll (she'll?) probably show up soon enough in the comments and discuss making the shoes.

But holy cripes on toast.  I need a pair of those shoes.  I would be willing to pay.  :D

Posted by mockasin on Mar 20, 2009 twenty past four pm

Yeah I saw that too! I think it was a she. Don't remember which post though...

Posted by Sie on Mar 21, 2009 five to four am

In the comments section of the "LeKohl's" post back in January.

I'd wear 'em.

Posted by mockasin on Mar 22, 2009 twenty to midnight

Aw she was actually addressing Ron directly about the shoes two months back and he didn't even notice! This is embarrassing Ron, I think you owe Maya an apology. :|

Posted by santerisulo on Mar 24, 2009 ten to one pm

interesting conversation

Posted by Seth on Mar 24, 2009 quarter past four pm

It is indeed. It points out that Ron doesn't read every comment, as he claims. Otherwise he would have read her message to him about these shoes. I read that too.

Posted by bjoern on Mar 20, 2009 quarter past three am

Ah, so those are the famous Converse "LeChuck's".

Posted by slx on Mar 20, 2009 eleven am

i like this game! but this shoe business is a littlebit too much for me.
i'd like a monkey island kilt much more. :D

Posted by Lush Fish on Mar 20, 2009 half past noon

Sorry Ron, but that particular pair was just painted by a girl as a gift for her friend! One of a kind!


'Twould've been cool to be able to buy one, though. Converse, there's a market for this, y'hear?

Posted by Mario on Mar 20, 2009 twenty past two pm

My stinky feet don't deserve'em!

Posted by LazyAndroid on Mar 21, 2009 twenty past ten am

Ah, that girl lives somewhere here in Madrid, I HAVE to find her.

Posted by LazyAndroid on Mar 21, 2009 half past ten am

Aparently you can see the process of making in this picture gallery

Posted by Dave on Mar 21, 2009 nine pm

The guy who painted those shoes is the champ of all champs... wow...

Posted by AndyBundy on Mar 22, 2009 eight am

someday you'll get a nice pic of my car. But first thing I need is money. I really thought of making my car an MI-car with integrated SCUMMVM-console. I don't know if anyone in Germany could be able to do this. But it lacks of money first.^^

Posted by Rinblee on Mar 22, 2009 half past eight am

I've never seen such cool shoes in this country :(

Posted by Maya on Mar 23, 2009 nine am

Hi! I'm the shoe maker  ^^

And I still can't believe I'm seeing my All Stars in Ron Gilbert's website... :^O  Really, thank you so much for the nice words I'm reading in these comments, it means a lot to me!

Actually, I was happy enough that last year Ron posted a YouTube link to a Monkey Island guitar I had painted ( This site may be the only place where my Monkey Island home-made merchandise obsession doesn't sound creepy! xD

Thanks again, really! And lots of love from a spanish fan!

Posted by Johnny W on Mar 24, 2009 half past four pm

Loved the guitar and love the shoes! You're very talented!

Posted by Greg on Mar 23, 2009 twenty to noon

waiiiiiit don't go make me some shoes!

Posted by Maya on Mar 23, 2009 ten to noon

LOL  I'm still around!

Posted by Matrinka on Mar 23, 2009 half past five pm

Which begs the point... how much would you charge to paint a pair of shoes for those of us with insane Monkey Island love?

Posted by Maya on Mar 25, 2009 twenty five past one am

Many people are asking me, but it took me so long to paint them (an entire weekend, non-stop) that, calculating the hours of work, I couldn't make another pair for less than 300 euros  :S    So I guess I won't make a living out of this  xD

But I'm painting a Day of the Tentacle pair at the moment, and the design is easier, so it will take me less time. I guess I'll try to sell them on eBay or something, like I did with the MI guitar  :)

Posted by Generator Guy on Mar 26, 2009 twenty to five pm

Bookmarked your blog - a pair of DotT shoes will be neat to see when they're done :D

Posted by Alex on Mar 23, 2009 twenty to eight pm

OMG OMG A month since my last visit and I see THIS!
Y encima hechas por una espa�ola! Si se�ora! :D
Aprovecha aprovecha, oportunidades como estas solo salen una vez en la vida xD
Fabricalas en masa, vendelas, dale la parte de copyright que le toca a Gilbert, el vuelve al mundo de Monkey Island, tu te quedas con una buena pasta y todos contentos!
Ya lo veo: Monkey Island 3: La verdad (dedicado a Maya)

Really great stuff, and... I want those either :B
And sure, Khol owns you

Posted by Maya on Mar 25, 2009 twenty five past one am

�Ay, ojal� fuera tan f�cil...!
Un beso de una fan espa�ola, �somos legi�n!  :P

Posted by neonrebel on Mar 25, 2009 twenty five to six am

�Lo somos!
Maya, you are a genius!
Does your friend actually wear them?

Me quito el sombrero y me quedo sin palabras.

Un abrazo de otra fan espa�ola y mucho �nimo, que es dif�cil pero no imposible ;)


PS: just imagine the honour of Ron Gilbert presented with a pair of those!

Posted by Kimya on Mar 26, 2009 quarter past two pm

Otro abrazo de otra fan espa�ola. �Claro que somos legi�n! :D

I want a pair of those! =)

Posted by Gabs on Mar 27, 2009 twenty five to three pm

y otro saludo de un super fan espa�ol!
si que somos un monton, muy chulas las converse Maya!

Posted by Ricky on Mar 24, 2009 twenty past four pm

I hope the lines in SpankDeath aren't as dull as Ron's recent blog posts. He seems to get out of material.

Posted by Pananag on Mar 25, 2009 twenty five to five am

DeathSpank perhaps?

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Mar 26, 2009 twenty to two pm

Why does everyone keep mentioning SpankDeath? ahhh. oh well.

Posted by Franz on Mar 24, 2009 quarter to nine pm

it`s amazing how we, monkey island fans really resent Gilbert for bailing out on us for so long (we all do, in some level). I think we can`t really love genius until it dies, or until it regains the rights to MI.

Posted by AndyBundy on Mar 25, 2009 half past two pm

well a genius never dies because we'll keep this genius in our hearts where he can live forever. So there's just the second option left (or the second dialogue choice) and I don't think that the master mind ever gets his hands on the rights of MI.

Posted by Franz on Mar 26, 2009 ten past midnight

A man can dream. (of George Lucas disappearing from the face of the universe, or at least the earth around 1999)

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Mar 26, 2009 twenty to two pm

I'd prefer the acquiring the rights to MI option rather than the dying option.
Just personal preference...

Posted by AndyBundy on Mar 28, 2009 twenty five past eleven am

yeah I understand that fact. But remember all those Peter Molyneux- games lately. None of them were a huge success in the gaming industry. So thinking of that I wouldn't push a mastermind to recreate something that he had in his head for several years. I don't know how good the real story of MI will be but I think, Ron Gilbert should write down the story on several pieces of paper, put it in a treasure chest and lock it down. Then he writes some riddles on the treasure chest like "The treasure inside will find its way out much earlier before you ever find out the Secret of Monkey Island." that will help to find the key. I hope he doesn't hide it the "Rapp Scallion"-way. I don't want the key coming out of his mouth... or any other body opening.

Posted by Munchies on Mar 26, 2009 quarter past six pm

I can't believe it takes that long to tighten up the graphics! Free DeathSpank!

Posted by Van on Mar 27, 2009 ten to five am

Wonder when Ron will finish with the Hobbit. It's the one constant you notice every time you visit the website.

Posted by Dioskuros on Mar 27, 2009 half past one pm

Nahhh its easy for her!! Maya can make other thinks much better than this Converse, she has much talent that she knows. Believe me people, i know this girl.
Maya enjoy it, cos it serves you right.

Now u have to draw moreee!!!

Sorry for my spaghetty english :)

Posted by Roderick on Mar 27, 2009 ten to four pm

I'm just really, really concerned, Ron, that you'll pull an April 1st prank on us this year. You've been building up anticipation for years now, denying your practice of the 'prank'. It's the perfect setup. I'm keeping my eye on you and your shallow attempts at misdirection.

Posted by Lennie Melvin on Apr 18, 2009 five to one pm

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