Just To Clarify Point Twelve...

Apr 16, 2013 ten past nine pm

I just wanted to clarify what I wrote in point Twelve because a lot of people have misunderstood it, probably because I did a crappy job of writing it.

Twelve - It would be called Monkey Island 3a.  All the games after Monkey Island 2 don't exist in my Monkey Island universe. My apologies to the all talented people who worked on them and the people who loved them, but I'd want to pick up where I left off.  Free of baggage.  In a carnival.  That doesn't mean I won't steal some good ideas or characters from other games. I'm not above that.

I loved Curse of Monkey Island.  Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern did a masterful job on the game, which is quite a feat given the ending I left them with.  They - and the game - showed nothing but pure respect for the world, and they created some new characters that are just as memorable as the ones in Monkey Island 1 and 2.

When I said "but I'd want to pick up where I left off.  Free of baggage.  In a carnival.",  I meant the very literally.  My story for Monkey Island 3a takes places 2 minutes after the end of Monkey Island 2.  Free of baggage was not meant to imply that I felt Curse of Monkey Island was "baggage", but rather, as I (hypothetically) designed and (hypothetically) wrote Monkey Island 3a, I'd want to be free to take the story where I wanted it to go and not feel compelled to adhere to the games that followed.  If I end up being able to make this game at some point, we all might find that it fits nicely in between Monkey Island 2 and Curse of Monkey Island.

The only thing I objected to in the games that followed was Guybrush and Elaine getting married.  She is too smart for that.

I hope this clarifies what I wrote.

Other people's comments:

Posted by RC on Apr 16, 2013 half past nine pm

That's exactly how I understood it in the first place.

Posted by Dimitri Bitu on Apr 16, 2013 half past nine pm

Man, nothing in the world of Monkey Island than that giant monkey robot on tha fourth game. I hate that so much! It had nothing to do with nothing!
This alone is enough to scratch all the games that followed Monkey Island 2.

Posted by Dimitri Bitu on Apr 16, 2013 half past nine pm

*Man, nothing in the world of Monkey Island is worse than that giant monkey robot on tha fourth game.

Posted by Tim M on Apr 16, 2013 five to ten pm

It'd be fantastic if we ever got to see your Monkey Island 3a, Ron, but doesn't your point eleven (you have to own the IP) mean it'll never happen anyway? I mean, don't get me wrong, I understand why you'd want it, but Disney doesn't just sell off IP, do they? Are there any actual examples of them doing that?

Oh, and just to throw my two cents in, I loved Curse. It's one of my all-time favorite adventure games.

Posted by mogames on Apr 16, 2013 ten pm

That sounds great. I've refused to touch the series since MI2. Bring back the nice high quality pixel art and painted backgrounds. Would Guybrush go back to looking like how he did in the first two games as well?

How would music be handled? That was such an integral component of the games.

Posted by Jules on Apr 20, 2013 quarter to one am

"High quality pixel art and painted backgrounds"? That sounds more like the Special Editions. The originals were certainly pixel art, but I wouldn't say they were particularly high quality.

But the music, yeah. There were still some great pieces in MI3 and MI4, but the original two games just had awesomely memorable tunes everywhere you went.

Posted by joemonsters on Apr 16, 2013 twenty to eleven pm

That's the second biggest idea of a sequel that I've ever seen!

Posted by iDrinkGrogXD on Apr 16, 2013 twenty five to midnight

'If I end up being able to make this game at some point, we all might find that it fits nicely in between Monkey Island 2 and Curse of Monkey Island.'
Yes!! Pretty please with a three-headed monkey on top? :D

P.S. 'The only thing I objected to in the games that followed was Guybrush and Elaine getting married.  She is too smart for that.'
I laughed so hard when I read that

Posted by OzzieMonkey on Apr 16, 2013 quarter to midnight

hahahaha, yes! I've used this analogy before, but the relationship between Elaine and Guybrush gave me a Homer/Marge Simpson vibe from Curse onwards. Personally, I don't think that's a bad thing, but the first 2 games really planted the seed for a Leia/Luke relationship. Monkey Island isn't above blatant Star Wars references, after all :p

Posted by Andrea on Apr 16, 2013 five to midnight

I don'know. Saying it would fit in beetween MI2 and Curse kind of sounds as you would have to adjust the ending you had in mind to fit Curse's beginning. This would compromise the entire freedom it would take to make the sequel you REALLY want. I'm sorry about Chuck Jordan's rant, but if I have to choose between a proper sequel (I won't say "fake" out of respect, let's just say proper) and a sequel made in a way it takes Curse & co. on account to make other developers happy... you know what I mean.

Posted by Andrea on Apr 17, 2013 ten past midnight

Unless you're subtly saying your game was originally meant to start and finish in a carnival. That would be a pretty huge spoiler!

Posted by Miguel G. Viñé on Apr 17, 2013 half past midnight

I suppose the idea of your previous post but with a new IP is not an option for you, isn't it? It would be great :) Even if you get a lot of money from Kickstarter you could release the source code of the engine or release a version for free. Sorry, I'm still dreaming...

Posted by Diduz on Apr 17, 2013 half past midnight

Thanks for the explanation, Ron.
I really didn't feel to take sides this time around: I'm a fond fan of yours, and Chuck did a wonderful job for Curse (and for Sam & Max at Telltale Games, The Devil's Playhouse is absolutely great).

P.S.: Are you sure Disney won't let you do your thing with the franchise, through a classic license deed?
You just said you don't want to disrupt the continuity, after all.

Posted by Anders k on Apr 17, 2013 ten to one am

Wouldn't 3a suggest that the story takes place after 3? Why not 2a, 2b, 2z, 2.5 or similar? :)

Posted by Gom on Apr 17, 2013 one am

hum nope, "3" is the number of the game, like in "monkey island 3" wich is the third game so "3a" means an alternative "3" so it's correct to me.

Posted by Anders k on Apr 17, 2013 twenty past one am

All right :)

Posted by Gom on Apr 17, 2013 one am

IF you make this game... please make this game

Posted by Alex on Apr 17, 2013 ten to two am

Classic Amiga version or STFU already! ;)

Posted by JC on Apr 17, 2013 ten to two am

I'm hoping that Ron has 'the secret' written into his will so that upon his death it is revealed.

...and thus the bounty on Ron's head has started.

Posted by Iron Curtain on Apr 19, 2013 quarter past five pm

I asked Ron this question at PAX 2009: If he will eventually reveal the secret or take it to his grave. His answer back then was (Nota Bene: this is strictly from my memory): "Unless I make Monkey Island 3a, I will eventually reveal the secret of Monkey Island."

I don't know if Ron changed his position on that (Did you Ron?), but that is what I heard.

Posted by Truth on Apr 17, 2013 five past two am

Hey Ron,

everything you said here is the only right way to do a hypothetical MI3a.

You're a good man, Ron Gilbert.

Posted by Professor Professorson on Apr 17, 2013 five past two am

Guybrush and Elaine's marriage really grossed me out considering they
are related.

Posted by JamesS on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past two am

It's perfectly understandable, it's a world you created, you wrote Island 2's mysterious ending with a resolution in mind, if you're imagining a hypothetical game you should be allowed to continue your story

Please add my name to the long list of people who really would want this to happen, if it could. And then add it to the (also long) list of people who would pay far above any retail price, just for something like this to exist.

And go verbs-people need as many written words as possible these days

Posted by Stupidasker on Apr 17, 2013 twenty past two am

Do you have any idea of the cost to buy MI license?

Posted by taumel on Apr 17, 2013 twenty past two am

Uhm, it's quite common that smart women marry less intelligent men. At least i have seen this more than once, twice, ...

Posted by Att on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five past two am

Hi there, Ron. Not much to say about this, I would really love to see that MI3a become a reality, but reading about all these ideas while knowing that's not going to happen at least in the near future is quite frustrating :)

Anyway, I see you take some time to read these comments, so I just wanted to seize this opportunity and thank you so much for Monkey Island. You probably already know, but you created something that will always be in the hearts of lots of people.

Thanks :)

Posted by EeK on Apr 17, 2013 half past two am

Just made this gif in honor of Ron and his amazing games:


Guybrush sure does give some good advice.

Posted by Three Headed Monkey on Apr 17, 2013 half past two am

Ron, a lot of people want you to make a new Monkey Island. You should talk to Disney and make an agreement. Everyone wins and you know it.

Do you really want to get old and regret that you could have made it but you didn't?

I'm sure you want to try it. And after Monkey Island 3a, Day of the tentacle 2! : D

Posted by Andrea on Apr 17, 2013 twenty to three am

DOTT 2 is Maniac Mansion 3. So he has to do two 3s.

Posted by oznerol on Apr 17, 2013 ten to three am

In a previous comment I stated that a new Monkey Island game would be just nostalgic. I'm writing just to say that I was wrong. Reading your post re-lighted my curiosity on the ending of MI2. WTF was that? seriously. We need to know. Please put MI3a in your to-do list. I know fans have been asking this for the last 20 years (20! oh god we ARE old :D) and you are probably bored to death. Probably...

By the way: VERBS, we need them. They don't need to take two thirds of the screen, but we need them...

Posted by George32027 on Apr 17, 2013 five to three am

I'm already in love with your ideas for MI3a. Playing 2 minutes right after MI2 would be perfect. Although I loved CoMI, the beginning never fully convinced me. Too bad this is another tease. Chinese water torture is probably less painful.

Posted by finbar on Apr 17, 2013 three am

Here Ron,
firstly, I think you just found out how much people really want your monkey island 3a,
secondly i think verbs are the way to go, id nearly go so far as to say use the same version of scumm that was used for day of the tentacle,
thirdly, will you get your people to talk to disneys people.. give us a number for the Intellectual Property, and a kickstarter will see what it can do for you,
forth, do or do not; there is no try....well thats not true is it, but yeah try

Posted by Damian on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five to four am

I do not believe online petitions are useful, but I created one just to see how many of us fans want to see this happening. If by chance you are curious too, you can sign it here:


Personally I think is almost impossible to see this happening, but who knows? We lose nothing by trying.
If you see something weird in the text (English is not my native language), let me know.

Posted by Adam on Apr 17, 2013 twenty past seven am

Is that Spanish? Here is an English URL for that:
You also misspelled 'selling' on your second bullet point near the bottom.
My only concern is that with such a petition, Disney may realize that there is a market, albeit a small market, for the Monkey Island franchise, and refuse to sell it to Ron because they think they might be able to squeeze some more money out of it. It also may harm or impede any of Ron's current or future negotiations with Disney in some way. You would also need A LOT more than a hundred signatures.
My last thought about it, I really feel like it would need Ron's blessing before it would really be able to be legitimate.

Posted by Andrea on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past eleven am

The problem is Ron never asked Disney anything. So, basically, the petition could sound like "Hey, Disney, try to persuade Ron Gilbert to buy your IP!". Wouldn't happen even in our wildest dreams.
A petition is a good idea to at the very least letting the voices be heard, but, as the current situation is, it's just too early for it. My two cents.

Posted by Damian on Apr 18, 2013 twenty past two am

Thanks a lot Adam, all really valid points.

About the link: change.org is a really weird site technically (I know what I'm saying, I'm a web designer), so even when I set the language to English, it still displayed the Spanish link. :P Thanks for putting it.

I think Ron's been pretty clear he wants this franchise, and I think that showing he has the backing of their fans might be important, and help him.

What I think it needs to be clearer is that we want Monkey Island games from him, and not from another company.

I don't think creating something other than games could work for Monkey Island (and Disney was very clear they're not making any more games).
They also have Pirates of the Caribbean, which is a very strong franchise, and more suitable for any pirate products they'd like to launch (though I'm speculating here).

I'll modify the text to state we want MI only from Ron.
(Typos were corrected, thanks!)

Posted by Grahamon on Apr 17, 2013 five to one pm

Online petitions have proven to work on many occasions! One stopped a plan to sell off forests in my country for example.

Posted by Andrea on Apr 17, 2013 five to two pm

There was this petition with more than 20K+ signatures, which saved a game about a rabbit and a dog. Oh, wait...

Posted by Tiago on Apr 17, 2013 four am

Hello Mr. Gilbert. Thank you for my happiest childhood gamer memories.

Monkey Island 1&2 are my all-time favorite games. Played them both on my trusty Commodore Amiga back in 90/91. MI2 on 11 disks swapping-hell!

I learned many life lessons from Guybrush, like how I can also hold my breath for 10 minutes, how a certain hairstyle and facial hair is very important when you want to be a mighty pirate, or to never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game, except for MI3a.

Pretty please, make another one or soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab! :)

Posted by Mike McP on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past four am

I liked point sixteen.  I'm backing a classic adventure game, but I don't have the time or patience for the goofy video updates.  They have my money, so quit it and get onto the game already...

I wept when I read that it would be brutally challenging.  I would give myself to Zak Efron for Disney to give up the IP and have a classic adventure game.  Really, only evil can come from Disney owning something so pure.  To clarify, the IP, not me.

Posted by Jon Jones on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past four am

I, too, understood Ron's statements the first time.

But I'm glad he clarified this. I loved Curse of Monkey Island, too. In fact, as much as I love Pixel Art, I wish there were more games that had sprites as good as traditional 2D cel animation. I keep a copy of Curse just for that reason, it's one of the few I can think of that will still run on my system.

But let's see a pixel art Monkey Island 3a, please! Maybe the guys who did Organ Trail (The Men Who Wear Many Hats) can help with the pixel art while Ron works on the SCUFFME (Script Creation Utility for Friggen Monkey 3a Engine).

Posted by Another Genius on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five past six am

You may have missed an opportunity to create a fake feud. Those can be great for generating hype. Everyone loves a feud. Consider reactivating it.

Posted by entropy on Apr 17, 2013 seven am

Your recent posts are the greatest things I came across for a very long time on the wide sad internet.

I don't even have anything to add to your points - I simply fully agree!*
Please try to make it happen.

[*] Ok, maybe one thing: Scrap 'Point One' and replace it with something that says
you want Steve Purcell and Michael Land to be on your team again. ;)

Posted by Gom on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past seven am

(Peter Chan two pliiiiiize)

Posted by Mightypirate on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past seven am

Hi Ron, thanks for this article, big fan of Curse here :)

Can I ask you if the ending of MI2 is related to the secret? And MI3A's plot would revolve around finding the secret or there would be another story?


Posted by Jmackley on Apr 17, 2013 half past seven am

Mad respect, Ron.  The tools, techniques and IP you created served as the basis of my career.  Best wishes.  Jonathan

Posted by DHM on Apr 17, 2013 quarter to eight am

This is all very exciting to [not] think about.  Disney has been somewhat chaotic with what IP it does and does not release - let's hope point 14 at least comes to pass and all this becomes a real possibility.

The ONLY thing I don't like is rejecting Elaine and Guybrush getting married.  EFMI was a little clumsy in this regard, but Curse painted the relationship well and TOMI did such an amazing job.  It felt like real love, not storybook love where everything is romantic or video game love where everything is fast and violent and sexy.  Two people who don't always deserve it who for reasons they don't understand are hopelessly committed to each other, and out of that commitment comes something beautiful.  

I wouldn't want to lose that.  But I'd be willing to give it up if that was the price for MI3A.  Without hesitation.  What can I say.

Posted by DHM on Apr 17, 2013 five to eight am

I meant point 11.  About the IP.

Posted by Davide Barbieri on Apr 17, 2013 five past nine am

Meanwhile.. in the fortress of Disney,

Goofy Goof got Wolverine, Luke Skywalker and Guybrush hanging in chains over a pit of acid..

Posted by iPadCary on Apr 17, 2013 ten past nine am

You do realize, Ronnie, that this is going around EVERYWHERE as: Ron Gilbert's Making A New Monkey Island Game!! But He's Couching It In Thinly Veiled Denials.

So, uh, maybe you should kickstart both buying back the IP from you-know-who & creating the game itself.

Once again: TWICE the money/HALF the time as "The Broken Age" ....

Posted by tk421 on Apr 17, 2013 half past nine am

Getting back the IP from Disney seems very unlikely. But what about a workaround?

I don't know if this would be possible:

1.- Rebuild SCUMM engine the way you want. Then you could either license it to other developers (to make some money) or give it for free, so people can build their own adventures.

2.- Make Monkey Island 3a... but changing whatever is needed to avoid being sued by Disney (title, names, music, ...).*
Then include some kind of editing tool to let people rename everything, change the music, dialogues, etc. You can kickstart it as "The new old adventure by Ron Gilbert: Avoid Piracy and Bananas (working title)".

* It might be unfeasible.

3a.- If the IP is still owned by Disney at that point (very likely), try to reach an agreement with them, showing what you've got, or release the game as a new IP.

3b.- If you own the rights at that point (very unlikely), undo the changes and release it as Monkey Island 3a.

4.- Do the same with other IPs or create a new one!!

What do you think?

Posted by Donkerwit on Apr 17, 2013 twenty to ten am

Ahern and Ackley did an excellent job with Curse.

Too bad they didn't do any more adventure games.

Since monkey3a.exe is not going to happen, It would be cool to see a science-fiction themed adventure from Ron Gilbert.

Posted by jmackley on Apr 17, 2013 quarter to eleven am

Well, that's not exactly true.
Come to Walt Disney World and try out, "Agent P's World Showcase Adventure," "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom," and the upcoming "A Pirate's Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas."

Posted by Donkerwit on Apr 18, 2013 one pm

Awesome, just added it to my things-to-do list

Posted by Someone on Apr 17, 2013 twenty past ten am

Ron, have you given any thought to creating a new monkey-island-ish adventure game?  That way you could own the IP and be free of any MI IP baggage.  It would fit well with a Kickstarter, too.

Similar to what the Two Guys are doing with SpaceVenture, and Lori+Cori Cole are doing with Hero-U.

Now would be the time!

Posted by entropy on Apr 17, 2013 five to noon

> Ron, have you given any thought to creating a new monkey-island-ish adventure game?

Let's face it - It wouldn't be the same.
Everyone is waiting for the straight continuation of MI2.
I'm afraid this wouldn't work well. :/
I guess Ron agrees.

Posted by Laura on Apr 17, 2013 five past eleven am

If I would be Ron Gilbert I would:
1. Buy the IP
2. Go funding
3. Make the game
4. In fact conclusion - Stop dreaming and do something ... dreaming may be nice but playing is nicer
5.Note to myself - make an apparatus to steal Ron Gilbert IP/ID whatever (better chances to ever see another Monkey Island)

Posted by Someone on Apr 17, 2013 half past eleven am

If I would be rich I would:
1. Buy Ron Gilbert
2. Lock him in a lab (possibly a "sekret" lab) and force him to implement MI3a
3. Distribute for free :)
4. Release Ron (IF the game will make me feel 14 years old again ;)

Posted by Grahamon on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five past noon

Does anyone know exactly whose inbox at Disney would look better with a few polite links to this blog?

Posted by raven on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five to two pm

To be honest, I didn't like much CMI. I was little more than a kid, and I felt the style didn't fit.

Don't get me wrong; I suspect I would have loved it if I had keep playing. I even have a couple songs from it in my playlist at work. But there's something that really set me back about it, and you just touched the subject.

> Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern did a masterful job on the game, which is quite a feat given the ending I left them with.

I disagree whole-heartedly. The ending you left them with doesn't make their job "masterful" or "a feat", because THEY JUST IGNORED IT.
A masterful job would have been to make an awesome game starting from the MI2 ending. I would say that they took the easy and lazy way. Still, they probably made the right choice; you really let them a hard end to work with.

Mixed feelings.

Ron, I wouldn't like to fall in the fanatism so common around here, but I really hope you manage to acquire your IP some day, if that's what you want. And I want to live to see it.

Good luck.

Posted by Someone on May 7, 2013 twenty five to one pm

I liked it, except the nose :P

Posted by Brian Ruff on Apr 17, 2013 ten to two pm

On an unrelated side note:

Hello Ron,

My name is Brian (spelled just like in the name field above). 20 years ago (today) I literally used to dream that I was a character in Maniac Mansion when I was 10 years old. I live in Sonoma, and Dr. Schaefer is my doctor. I didn't know he was Tim's dad until recently and noticed the Brutal Legend stuff around the office.  Now I can't help but think of him as a kinder version of Dr. Fred. Any luck getting the IP to Maniac Mansion? Do you have any interest in that?

My other questions to you: How's it going? How's stuff? Where did Gary Winnick get the inspiriation for the Mansion and hill design? Can I go hiking there?  Also, Secret of Monkey Island owns my friend's heart. She told me so. If I ever finish my Sonoma based underground adventure game would you check it out?

Thank you for all of the ways you've shaped my childhood and I'm looking forward to playing Unbroken Age when it's released.

Brian Ruff
Sonoma, CA

Posted by Dhex on Apr 17, 2013 two pm

The only thing I'm going to miss in your money island story line (if it happens) is Murray

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five past two pm

1) Money Island is a great title.
2) I never said Murray wouldn't be in it.

Read the post above again.

Posted by Kringel on Apr 17, 2013 twenty to four pm

What about a Kickstarter campaign not for the game, but a (previous) Kickstarter campaign to buy the rights from Disney? Let's remember how Tim Schafer wanted only $400,000 for a then completely unknown adventure game/story and he got over $3,000,000.

You could easily collect, I guess, $10,000,000 or even $15,000,000 or more, Mr. Gilbert.

And then "we" hand this money over to Disney saying: "We want you to give the rights on Monkey Island back to Ron Gilbert. Here are 15,000,000 bucks for your efforts. Thanks."

I like this dream. And I think it really is possible. And it would make a lot of people happy. (Yes, even if they send money to you for buying the rights.) I have no question about that, that it would be morally perfectly fine.

Has anybody thought about that idea? A Kickstarter to buy from Disney?

Posted by Jeff on Apr 17, 2013 five to four pm

I have a lot experience doing biz dev (not in games, but it's all the same).  Doing a Kickstarter to buy back the IP from Disney is a really bad idea. It would put Ron in a weak negotiating position by showing all his cards up front.

If Ron is talking to Disney (and I would be surprised if he isn't) then the worst thing he could do at this point is talk about it.

Business negotiations are all about leverage and you don't want to seem weak.  Talking about the deal and getting fan support is last ditch strategy if things fall apart.

Posted by tk421 on Apr 17, 2013 four pm

I've already thought about that, but dont't think it would be so easy.

First you need to know if Disney wants to sell Monkey Island at all.
I they want, what's its price?
Then, if it seems achievable, we could start thinking about Kickstarter.

Posted by Andrea on Apr 17, 2013 four pm

There are mainly two problems:
1) 15M bucks wouldn't be enough, I guess it would take something near 100M.
2) Tim's campaign for Broken Age (a.k.a. Double Fine Adventure) was clear: backers get a game. A Kickstarter campaign for acquiring the MI rights wouldn't probably be allowed, since it would just mean charity. You can't start a campaign, asking money to pursue your personal aims. We all know that money would be used to acquire the IP, but we the backers wouldn't achieve anything. This would mean anyone could start his own campaign to, say, gaining enough money to buy hisself something he wants. That's not possible (I wish it was, it just isn't).

Posted by Kringel on Apr 17, 2013 ten past five pm

Yes, I agree. It's very likely (and sad) that 15M wouldn't be enough. I guess, that would be the biggest show stopper. In a world where 15M would be enough, a few more thoughts on the matter:

- Disney isn't doing too well at the moment, or at least not as they used to. That's also why they shut down LucasArts, I guess. Around $XX M for pretty useless rights on the MI titles would be something they might would consider or at least think over.

- The second Kickstarter campaign for the game itself wouldn't need that much as the first campaign. In fact: far less. Also because simply of sales by the game itself. Not for the box version, but digital distribution without any publisher in between can make a lot of money for small development teams, even with decent pricing. Example: 2D BOY ("World of Goo"), three people made over a million or even more. With a small indie game and reasonable pricing. For three people that is a decent amount of money, especially when developers have real love for their title. The non-box version of Monkey Island would be easy to distribute and it would collect enough gain for a team of ten people. How much would I pay for a digital non-DRM copy? $30-$40 for a big title like MI3a. How much would I pay for the physical box version? Like in the good old days around $80 or a little more.

- The second Kickstarter campaign could be done around after a year later or later. There's no need to run both campaigns shortly after another. There's room for (financial) breathing.

- Financial thoughts: a.) The love for adventure games in Europe, especially Germany, is HUGE. But we don't have that much credit cards (but in proportion the same amount of debt... - so we should have credit cards, but we don't. I don't know why this is. As I don't know why we love adventure games that much. It's really one of the last big mysteries. Though a nice one.) So... to get all the money from the Germans and Europeans there should be definitely a PayPal option for Kickstarter. If there isn't one, it needs one. E.g. UKash (a way to get prepaid virtual credit cards) has become more and more problematic to use in Europe and UKash is pretty much restricted by some laws in a some European countries (incl. Germany). Not useless, but restricted and not always easy to get or to use. But the interest rate in adventures is high and we (yet) still have enough money.
b.) Just as some trivial example: I'm not American, but I guess development in TX would be a lot cheaper than development in CA. Or maybe I'm joking, I dunno. But yes, even consider a factor like this to some degree. I don't know if there are any state taxes on income through Kickstarter campaigns. Otherwise, it doesn't matter at all because there already IS enough money. Take mine!

Posted by Kringel on Apr 17, 2013 quarter past five pm

If a scenario like the first campaign (buying the IP) is not allowed on Kickstarter, that's a big problem. At least it could be done with another platform. Likely or maybe. Which sort of concludes with another problem of Kickstarter: no PayPal option, only credit cards. To get all the money from the huge European adventure game love market it would be quite crucial to have non-credit card payment option. Something like Ukash is rare and partly restricted by law in some European countries. (For "Broken Age" I became a 'slacker backer', ($30) which had a PayPal option.)

Posted by Kringel on Apr 17, 2013 five past four pm

EDIT: Oops, sorry. I commented here, because I found the comment section in the previous entry has been closed. I'm just reading the comments there and for me it's a bit exciting to see how many people had this idea about "do a Kickstarter to buy IP from Disney". I thought maybe I would be crazy. But I'm not alone. Let's do this!

$15M is $15M. Disney would at least consider an amount of money like this. For Disney the situation is quite simple: useless rights on Monkey Island Vs $15M. And their POTC-movies are very last season now.

Another point: Just in case, (because you're not planning to do this): Please add an option to disable the voice acting. I think voice acting is difficult for an adventure, because everyone has their "own" voices of any character in imagination. Voice Acting for MI3 (which I also loved) was great. But would not fit into the MI universe known from part 1 and part 2. Exceptions from the rule were the serious down-to-earth voice acting in 'Fate of Atlantis', which complemented the game very well, and 'Full Throttle' and especially: 'The Dig'. But altogether I loved the era before voice acting. Otherwise, imagine 'The Cave' without voice acting. I loved it. Maybe I'm not really sure.

Posted by Diduz on Apr 18, 2013 ten to two am

Kringel, that's what Ron said in the comments beneath the "Goodbye Lucasfilm Games" post:

"Doing a Kickstarter to buy the rights back is filled with problems if you think about it.  
Without a firm number from Disney, they could just watch the Kickstarter and no matter what is closed at, they could then ask for $1M more.  I could start the Kickstarter without talking to them and they could get it shut down.  I'm not even sure of buying IP is something Kickstarter allows.
Step one is to get Disney to agree to sell them to me and setting a price.  That is a long long journey. I have dealt with Disney before. They are a good company filled with good people, but they are huge and nothing moves fast.
Kickstarter is not the golden ticket here.  Sorry."

Kickstarter would be great to finance the game itself, though.
But not the IP acquisition.

Posted by Krugos on Apr 17, 2013 twenty past five pm

Wanted to post this in the other thread but comments seem to be dissabled.

I loved the idea for Monkey Island 3a, it is a nice dream.

Now, since probably it isn't going to happen (I really, really, hope I'm wrong), would you still consider applying most of the points to a new IP? Because even if it wasn't a MI3a game, somthing build following those points still sounds like a game I would love to play!

Posted by George32027 on Apr 18, 2013 twenty five to two am

Totally agree on this. Those points are so good that even if applied to a new IP would make a memorable game.

Posted by Kringel on Apr 17, 2013 ten to seven pm

here's one of the best articles around (published yesterday) Love it!
"It’s particularly interesting to watch the way Gilbert’s tone begins to shift as he continues through the post [...]  If Disney would sell him the IP for anything resembling a sane amount, the fans have already made it quite clear that they’d be willing to throw a small mountain of money his way. (What the hell is Disney going to do with the license, anyway? They’ve already got the similarly piratey but way larger Pirates of the Caribbean property. Plus, Disney could use probably some positive PR surrounding the LucasArts acquisition/shutdown right now.)

Back in December, Gilbert mentioned in an interview with PCGamer that he still wanted the property, and that he planned to contact Disney “at some point”.

Could this be his way of getting that ball rolling?"


Posted by Mike McP on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five past seven pm

Really, the IP is of little value.

Tales kinda stunk (IMHO), and the brand is devalued and antiquated.  The only folks who at this point still remember the originals are 35yr old dads.  If they have trouble launching a Halo movie, which had millions of recent sales and a half dozen popular titles and marketing, they're going to have a snowball's chance in hell of thinking of things to do with the Monkey Island franchise.

Disney is a juggernaut, but they're not retarded.  They willl realize this franchise has little value other than involving the original creators, or making something resembling the original series via a non-existent in-house development team.  To be honest, they probably even barely notice they own this.  It's like buying a car and forgetting that it came with a bottle jack under the rear seat.  They'll piss away time trying to decide if they want to make any Star Wars games to launch with the new films, while this depreciates to the point of irrelevance.

Posted by membersheep on Apr 18, 2013 twenty five to one am

OT: Would you do it multiplatform (consoles, tablets etc?) or just pc?

Posted by Gom on Apr 18, 2013 ten to three am

as Kingel says, IF (!) Mr Gilbert want and finally gets the IP back. It means that he certainly has the right to make a MI3a, but it surely means that he can sell again the first 2 games (non ?) (maybe 3 -not EfMi nobody will buy it... again)
This is on a side a good news because we could hope for a new exclusiv collector super limited edition of Monkey island (ok sorry point sixteen...)
But this is probably why the IP might be expensive.

Ok, Step one "knowing how much Disney want"
Step two "find a way, kickstarte based or paypal on this site to finance the amout of the IP"
Step three "get out of my House !"
step four "let make Ron and his dream team the game we wait for since so much"
let's get cracking !

Posted by thebeerdr on Apr 18, 2013 twenty past six am

Please try and sit down with the Mouse and figure out what he wants for the IP and we'll support the Kickstarter. Honest.

What's that saying... something like...
"People never regret anything they did, only things they didn't do"
...hmpf... wisdom doesn't suit me anyway

It may just be a case of tickling the Mouse in the ear with a giant cotton bud! You never know!

Posted by Cayito on Apr 18, 2013 twenty to seven am

I don't want the secret of Monkey Island to be revealed, i think the ending of LeChuck's Revenge is perfect! Of course i'll definitely play the 3a anyway because i'm a big fan of the series. Greetings from Argentina!

Posted by psycho on Apr 18, 2013 twenty to eight am

"I don't want the secret of Monkey Island to be revealed"

That is just a subconcious defence reaction of your brain in order to save you from going crazy thinking about what the secret really is.

Posted by Cayito on Apr 18, 2013 twenty past eight am

No, i just like secrets, i think they are the spice of life. I hate the books/movies/games that need to explain everything.

Posted by dude on Apr 18, 2013 ten past eleven am

I wonder how much of MI 1 & 2 was rather improvised and turned out good and memorable, and how much was planned and went either unnoticed or just plain bad. A lot of people are asking whether this or that would be the same or how else would it be, when the high value those things acquired wasn't even expected while the game was being developed and they probably were considered barely important details then.
My point is, repeating these same things won't make a MI 3a great since they must just happen, and Ron himself has probably not come up with these ideas yet, so picking his brain about them is pointless.

Now pushing him to bargain with Disney until literal, unbearable insanity, that's another story.

Posted by Donkerwit on Apr 18, 2013 twenty past one pm

Image it's 1991. Someone from the future would walk up to you and say: Monkey Island is owned by Disney. By the way Star Wars too. Star Trek and Star Wars movies are directed by the same guy. That guy also made E.T. 2.

Posted by Larry Ahern on Apr 18, 2013 ten to two pm

Sounds good, Ron (and thanks for the compliments). Also, I don't doubt you could make an MI3a that would fit nicely between MI2 and MI3, but would it also work with the new MI1a and 2a that Jonathan and I have planned? :)

Posted by Jmackley on Apr 18, 2013 ten to eight pm

What????  I thought we were working on a Loom prequel fps!  Larry, you have to keep me in the loop on these creative changes.

Posted by Fuz on Apr 18, 2013 half past five pm

Meh, I really didn't like CMI.
It was a nice adventure game, but a terrible Monkey Island game.
They didn't get the style, they didn't get the vibe, they didn't get the humor, they didn't get the story.


Posted by Gaston on Apr 18, 2013 half past eleven pm

I always had mixed feelings about your Monkey Island 3a.  One part of me wanted to happen, but the other part loved Curse too much to just dismiss it of the saga.
But now i read that this Monkey 3a would fit between monkey 2 and 3, is that so? That's wonderful. And all i needed to know to give my approval.

Now that you got it, call Disney and say "Gaston gave the ok" They will mail you back with news.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 19, 2013 ten past eight am

I never said it would fit between MI2 and MI3.  I said, who knows, it might. I would take the story where I wanted it to go.  If it ends up fitting, great! If it ends up obliterating all the other games, great as well.

If I end up being able to do this at some point, no matter what I did, a lot of people are going to hate it, so I might as well do what I want to do.

Posted by Jon N/A on Apr 19, 2013 five to eleven am


Posted by Gaston on Apr 19, 2013 quarter past one pm

A might is close enough.

Posted by Andrea on Apr 22, 2013 twenty five to five pm

W00t! Might sounds a lot better than would to me. That cheered me up!

Posted by Samuel Fonseca on Apr 19, 2013 five to two am

Man, this "'Ifs' posts" are letting me excited. I always wanted to know what do you think about Curse of Monkey Island (the first one I played). I realy love it.

After playing it I discovered that  MI 1 and 2 (the only two with the original creator in command) existed , so, I played it all in order again. Your statement that " If I end up being able to make this game at some point, we all might find that it fits nicely in between Monkey Island 2 and Curse of Monkey Island. " made me happy, haha. Even if it is pure hypothetical. I realy like all Monkey Islands but Curse of Monkey Island, Brazilian Portuguese Edition, being the first I ever played ( and the one that made me love the genre) have a special place in my heart.

And, about inovation - Your other statement that you "can not beat 20 years of Monkey Island Nostalgia..." is very right, to me. I compare that with european heavy metal bands (!) that I like. Some of them are playing the same thing over and over again, with fear of inovation. The result are albuns that are more and more bland, one after another. Same surface but empty concepts. IN other hands, some of the musicians are always trying something different, experimental. Much times the changes are hard to get used to but, sometimes, you find yourself loving it and playing the new stuff all day long.

Well... I missed the point, but... I feel you know what and how to do, whatever it is.
Good luck!

Posted by Gustavo on Apr 19, 2013 twenty five to eleven am

I was looking at the title scree for the original Monkey Island and I found out this is actually all your fault... why did you have to put the words "All rights reserved" there??
If those words weren't there... you could totally do the game, right?

Posted by ekt on Apr 19, 2013 twenty past two pm

Am I the only one thinking that MI3a won't be good?
It won't be good. It will be insipid. It will be mildly-funny.
It's like trying to be back with an ex-girlfriend which is now married and happy. She won't come back, and even if she did things would not work.
Because now you are a different being, and we, the claque, we are different too.

And sure, I'll throw my money on your kickstarter campaign as soon as you'll start it.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 19, 2013 twenty five past two pm

Yeah, you're probably right.  Not worth my time to make.

Posted by Gom on Apr 19, 2013 five to three pm

with all the points you've explain, i'm sure it can't be wrong. Of course we wait 20 years so every one has big hopes and differents hopes, but it will be
awesome because you wanted to do it. The ex girl friend stuff is smart, but you clearly did'nt let Monkey island because you did'nt love it anymore at that time. There is stories of people loving back each other too.

Posted by George32027 on Apr 20, 2013 nine am

I disagree, there will always be someone saying ''it's not worthy, it's not going to be funny''.

But, if we can't get another MI3a, what about making another adventure game based on those points? It would probably be a win-win situation.

Think about it. You'd get it kickstarted in a second. You'd just have to round a small team, like you said. Total freedom of creativity, no restraints, no deadlines. Just a good old fashioned adventure game.

8 years ago you complained (Text) that it's hard to find a publisher to do creative games. Lucky for us, this isn't an issue anymore.

People loved DeathSpank and The Cave, which weren't even classic adventures. This old school adventure would blow everyone away.

Posted by Scurvylviver on Apr 22, 2013 quarter past seven am

"Stick to your vision and auteur it the way you think it should be done" -
Ricky Gervais

Posted by Grahamon on Apr 20, 2013 half past two am

What are these words coming out of your fingers? I'll bet you could look at a Hubble Telescope image and call it an insipid bunch of pixels.

Posted by Someone on Apr 20, 2013 twenty to six am


Posted by Jules on Apr 20, 2013 one am

You guys realise that there would be no Murray?

Murray, people! I couldn't imagine another Monkey Island game without him.

Posted by Gom on Apr 20, 2013 quarter to two am

Posted by Dhex on Apr 17, 2013 two pm
The only thing I'm going to miss in your money island story line (if it happens) is Murray
Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 17, 2013 twenty five past two pm
1) Money Island is a great title.
2) I never said Murray wouldn't be in it.

Read the post above again.

Posted by chewy on Apr 20, 2013 twenty past nine am

spot on i haven't touched the series since MI2 i would pay a lot of money to see the true MI3,  the games were such a big part of my childhood and have imagined MI3 just the way Ron described it. Dont make games like these anymore such a shame ! got my sense of humor i have now from both MI games. If you did make it Ron what would be difference between the version you would have made back then and the version you would make now as in storyline ??? or are you keeping that a secret as well? x

Posted by Annie Larris on Apr 20, 2013 ten to two pm

I read that you were responsible for cranking up the humor level in Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. In relation to the points you mention in this post and the previous, what are your thoughts on this game?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 20, 2013 five to two pm

That would be untrue.  I didn't work on Zak directly. That was all David Fox and Matthew Kane.

Posted by Triftweed on Apr 20, 2013 twenty five to four pm

Loved the "If I Made Another Monkey Island..." post. Great read.
I wouldn't want another MI, though. I think we should remember those 2 games as gems of the past.

Anyway, a pirate themed retro adventure game set in a different world with new characters would be amazing (and cheaper!).

Posted by Poor lil Wally on Apr 21, 2013 five to one am

eyHay onRay,

Ifway ouyay ademay anotherway onkeyMay Islandway, ouldway ouyay avehay ethay igPay atinLay eakingspay annibalscay?

Posted by Annie Larris on Apr 21, 2013 twenty five past one pm

My apoligies. I was misled because the linked website says, "The craziness was increased after a brainstorming session with a group including Ron Gilbert...Although Ron Gilbert (wisely) cranked up the fun aspect, the original idea was for Zak to be more serious and mind-expanding." I would still like to hear your thoughts on the points you raised, in relation to this game; unless, of course, that isn't something you want to do.

Posted by Scurvylviver on Apr 22, 2013 five past seven am

Hi Ron,

Loved your article and agreed with every point. I loved CMI, but I would love to experience your story, ignore the comments of the committee! From the word of Ricky Gervais speaking about The Office(UK):

“The people that get onto focus groups are force-fed big, broad comedies with laughter tracks and guest appearances. They're not going to like 'The Office' the first time they see it because they're not going to know what they're watching exactly. But if you stick to your vision and auteur it the way you think it should be done, there are enough people in the world that are like-minded and they're going to find it and it's going to be their favorite show.”

Posted by lemonhead on Apr 22, 2013 twenty five to nine am

Hi Ron! If you ever go ahead and do it, would you consider using something like iMUSE, modified into the standards of today? To me it was a huge part of the experience of MI2, and no-one have ever come close to it since.

Posted by cftello on Apr 22, 2013 quarter to two pm

I cannot comment on the other post, but i just wanted to say,
Shut up and take my monk... errr money!
Seriously, where do i need to send the money^^!

Posted by Steve on Apr 23, 2013 ten to nine am

I would love to see another Monkey Island. You can always do two endings to the game too. Your true ending and an alternate one going to Curse or something like that. I'm hoping Disney would give up the license to you. I'd like to see all the original writers/designers be a part of a new Monkey Island game.

Posted by Someone on Apr 24, 2013 five to noon

Why would anyone want a new Monkey Island game?  I'm perfectly happy with never knowing what the secret of monkey island is.

.... said no one ever

Posted by Lisa on Apr 26, 2013 half past eight pm

I'm having the biggest heart attack thinking about how epic this game would be if it became a reality... anything's possible? but in order to prevent any disappointment I will pretend it will never happen... (but if it does, and I quote my fellow fans, "shut up, and take my money")

lol on the Elaine part. Personally I liked the stories for the "other" monkey island games but guybrush (and the guybrush/Elaine relationship) was so out of character for me. I played MI2 when I was like 5 or 6 and now I'm 21 so I've always known guybrush as an egotistic, selfish yet lovable jerk with a hint if sweetheart. so when I heard about the other games I was a bit disappointed in his change in character and LACK OF BEARD
though I think Tales of MI was much better. Brought back a lot of things from the first 2 games.. and they make the marriage with Elaine a little more believable

all in all I guess I'll just keep dreaming.. and replaying the first 2 games..

Posted by kringel on Apr 27, 2013 ten past six pm

(this isn't going to work with point #1 "own the IP", but nevertheless...)
Risky idea: Funding Kickstarter for the game with a non-MI non-IP working title. Collecting $5M. Making and finishing the entire game (no screenshots, no leakage, no teaser). Keeping the game locked and fans pressuring Disney to do something, because MI3a would be finished and it would be Disney's fault if it's not going to be released. Also: Disney doesn't need two similiar IPs about pirates.

Another idea:
Releasing MI3a for "free". That could be a semi-workaround for not owning the IP. That is: Collecting $5M through Kickstarter. $3M for development. And $2M for revenue (for Mr. Gilbert, his team, the development studio/team), distribution, press etc. And then pressuring Disney not to sue anyone.

Yes, I'm crazy. Sorry. But let's stay creative.

Posted by Athreeren on Apr 28, 2013 twenty five to five am

I wanted to post this on the previous article, but by the time I could write it, the comments had been disable. I think point 12 is an excellent idea. It wouldn't mean that the games after Lechuck's Revenge wouldn't be canon anymore, rather that they would be a different canon, and it would be interesting to get the ending that Ron Gilbert envisioned.

My beef is with point 4, which makes me wonder if Ron Gilbert really understands the point of games. The option of getting hints has become standard for this kind of games for a reason. The fact that players don't all think like the people who designed the game doesn't mean they should be prevented from enjoying it. Case in point: in Lechuck's Revenge, you have to paralyze a monkey in order to use it as a tool later. Get it? It's a monkey wrench, ha, ha, ha! Except I was playing on the French version, so the joke didn't work, and the only way to advance the game was to try things at random. This is boring and kills all the fun of the game's best jokes. So in the end I played the game with a wakthrough, which killed the point of it. Ron Gilbert says that the puzzle would be hard but fair, but I'm sure the creators of Gabriel Knight 3 thought so too, and that it was perfectly logical to disguise oneself with a fake mustache in order to look like someone who has no facial hair. You have to accept that all players won't find the puzzles fair, and that not including a hint system means you are excluding the players who won't ever be able to figure out your puzzles. Everyone doesn't have the same definition of fun.

Don't get me wrong, the first two Monkey Island were great games, but so was Douglas Adams' H2G2. And yet it was the Lucas Arts games that made the standard that it shouldn't be possible to get stuck in adventure games as it was often the case in H2G2, because it makes the game frustrating, to the point that it's not a game anymore, it's torture. That's exactly the same thing for hints: some players don't want to get stuck in a game for weeks and would like to be able to get unstuck without relying on a walkthrough that would kill the whole point of the game (using a walkthrough means you have to read everything before the point where you are stuck to know what clue you missed, which means getting the answers to questions you didn't want to ask).

Posted by Jade on Apr 30, 2013 ten past two am

Ron.... Please take my money and get your game back.

Posted by Gromber on May 3, 2013 quarter past nine am

Shut up and take my money hehehe

Posted by razath on May 3, 2013 five past two pm

We should do a kickstarter for "lets raise enough money to buy monkey island`s IP for ron gilbert to make a sequel", have to work in the titte, but that´s the idea

Posted by Fidel Zastro on May 3, 2013 ten to four pm

You do have my support. Where are we supposed to send the money again?

I would offer you my Fabergé Egg, but I lost it in a swamp.

Posted by Tommy J on May 4, 2013 quarter to five am

Hey Ron.

If you made MI3a, would you use Dominic Armato as Guybrush? Earl Boen as LeChuck? Are those the voices you pictured it back in the early 90's for your characters? In my opinion LucasArts nailed it with the voices in Curse, and I believe they are perfect.

Posted by JackShandy on May 6, 2013 twenty five to four am

The most importand question: What would the "enhanced low-res" Guybrush look like? Would he fit to the High Res Pictures and Covers Back in the Day?

Posted by JackShandy on May 6, 2013 five past four am

Ron, You once said, you wouldn't have any idea, what your Guybrush looks like, but you probably agreed with steve purcell's artworks in your own games?

You probably wanted to respect Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern's reinterpretation with that statement, right?

Posted by Jack Shandy on May 7, 2013 quarter to two am

Hey Ron, i'm a big fan and have to know your opinion. Please tell me. I'm sure you have one.

Posted by JackShandy on May 7, 2013 twenty five past noon

I really liked the Story and Comicstyle of Curse, btw, so Jonathan and Larry, no offense at all.Ok, i'll reduce the whole issue to one question:

"Would Guybrush have a long nose, like in the newer games or a proportions like back in the day?"

Ron, how did you like the Special Editions?

Posted by Ron Gilbert on May 7, 2013 twenty five to one pm

I am not a huge fan of the special edition art, but I give LucasArts a ton of leeway on it because they went to the effort to rerelease those games and believed in them.  It's not bad, but I'm not a fan of it.

As I've said before, I love the art style of Curse, there is so much about it that I love, but it's not Monkey Island.  To me, the cover of the MI1 and MI2 boxes are Monkey Island.  At it's core, Monkey Island is a serious story wrapped in humor.  It should be treated as such, and not be a cartoon.

Posted by JohnnyW on May 7, 2013 seven pm

This is SO true! It's exactly what I loved about those games, and especially the box art.

I think they did a decent job with the MI2:SE, though. The background artwork was, at times, exactly how you remember the original artwork. MI1:SE... Not so much.

Posted by Voodoo Lord on May 9, 2013 twenty five past four am

To be honest, I always thought MI2 had a different "voice" compared to the first one. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see MI2 having the same tone as Secret: it was darker yet more cartoony (like when Guybrush met fake GP LeChuck or fell down the trap), overall more surreal. So I always imagined it in a less realistic style. That's also why I don't see the problem with Curse's artstyle: it's a style that fits with the tone of the game, which is still a Monkey Island game at its core. Yes it's different, but to me MI2 was different from MI1 too, so I never saw the problem in that. :)

Posted by Ben on May 7, 2013 twenty past seven pm

Hi Ron, I just finished reading through the archives of your blog. Laughed, cried, good times.

I'm guessing you've answered this somewhere I was unable to find, but do you think you could point me to some starting point for becoming an adventure game developer? Maybe just a link, or an ominous warning, or a drawn arrow in the ground, or some novelty plastic compass that has the W printed upside-down? Yes, google searches do exist, but I think the advice market is flooded with people's opinions I don't care much for.

I've got ideas, and it's a life dream of mine, and I would appreciate the slightest of help from such a legend.

Posted by JackShandy on May 8, 2013 quarter past three am

@Ron You nailed it :) Thanks.

Posted by Voodoo Lord on May 9, 2013 quarter past four am

Great post, I wish the people who simply hate on Curse just to show off how much of a "hardcore fan" they are could understand that. And don't worry, you wrote correctly, I understood what you meant right away.
About what you said on the marriage: I always got the impression that, besides Elaine being too smart and those two being more like brother and sister, there was also the implication that Guybrush had become too much of a... "rascal" to be in a stable relationship with someone, nevermind a marriage. Am I correct?

Good luck with your MI3a (which you aren't working on)!

Posted by Geoff on May 12, 2013 twenty past eleven am

Monkey Island 1&2 are my all time favorite game. But I say Ron should just create a new game with new characters that perhaps alludes to M1 and M2. None of this pay Disney for some words on paper(Monkey license)!  Screw that!

Posted by Leandro Pezzente on Jun 1, 2013 ten past six pm

I enjoyed Curse of Monkey Island ... EXCEPT that Part where Lechuck "Explains his evil Masterplan" ... no to taking into account those contradictory points around :
a) If Lechuck became a "godlike" entity after reaching big Whoop ... then how is it posible he even died and became a ghost ?.
b)How is possible then it that Dinky Island is not visible from the shore in Monkey Island 1 and 2 ?
c)If The big Whoop granted "godlike" powers to Lechuck , why didnt it give the same "godlike" powers to Guybrush after he opened that briefcase ?

Posted by Sabrina P on Jun 12, 2013 twenty past one pm

I'd be so excited for you to make a new Monkey Island game with free reign. I loved Curse as well, but I've adored the world and the characters you created since I was a kid and there's nothing in the gaming world I'd love more than for for the rights to them to be back in your hands and to be able to experience more stories with them. Count me in if you do begin a Kickstarter.

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