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Apr 22, 2013 twenty past four pm

Some more screen shots from Scurvy Scallywags in The Voyage to Discover the Ultimate Sea Shanty: A Musical Match-3 Pirate RPG or SSITVTDTUSS:AMMTPRPG for short.  This time from the iPad version.  We now have close to 100 different hats, shirts, pants and heads to collect.  I know what you're thinking: "That's crazy!".  And you'd be right... we are crazy! It's probably from scurvy.

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Other people's comments:

Posted by Andrea on Apr 22, 2013 twenty five past four pm

The characters' style reminds me of Deathspank. Cool, too bad I only use android devices. I guess I'll be waiting for a porting.

Posted by futureman on Apr 23, 2013 five past midnight

Will there be a star wars version?

Posted by Diduz on Apr 23, 2013 two am

It's probably a very stupid question, but are you planning the possibility to play horizontally?
I haven't got a smartphone (yet) so I know I sound naive about these things. :-P

Posted by Someone on Apr 23, 2013 five past five am

Too fantastic, brilliant, colorful... i want to see the end of gorgeous this. :-)

Posted by dude on Apr 23, 2013 ten past two pm

By just looking at this, I have no freaking idea how this game is played.

Posted by Ron Gilbert on Apr 23, 2013 five pm

Me either.

Posted by Gonzalo on Apr 23, 2013 ten to midnight

Sorry to insist, but... what about the Android version? any news on that? you said that MAYBE there would be a port, and the game looks really good...

Posted by Andrea on Apr 24, 2013 half past three am

Ron never answers to this question. I've been pestering him on twitter and here on,  I can't remember how many times I've asked and he just keeps ignoring, guess he just hates Java :P who doesn't btw??

Posted by Gonzalo on Apr 24, 2013 five to four am

Yeah, I know, I hate Java too xD but I do love my Android devices, and would love even more to be able to play Ron's games on them...

Posted by Andrea on Apr 24, 2013 five to five am

Me too! I'd also like to play Double Fine's middle manager of justice :) as far as I know, Double Fine will be supporting Ouya, that's a good new.

Posted by Someone on Apr 25, 2013 twenty to one am

love? hate? we still speak about a prog. language and some chips in a plastic case.. right?

Posted by Andrea on Apr 25, 2013 five past two am

So? One may love a guitar brand more than another because he feels more comfortable playing that brand. I hate Java because everything is a reference and the programmer can't use pointers. I hate Java 'cause the programmer won't be able to use dynamic memory allocation. Just two reasons out of a hundred :) Java is crap. Period.

Posted by raven on Apr 25, 2013 five to ten am

Those are not good reasons for hating a language. First, pointers are nice for a small niche of things but they are too easy to abuse. If you miss them so much, you probably abuse them. Badly.
And second, of course Java has dynamic memory allocation. Each time you write "new" you are allocating memory dynamically.

I'm not a big fan of Java either, but in the last year I have found myself liking it a bit. The lack of automatic, instant, destructors (as in C++) is pretty annoying at first, but garbage collection makes it more than worth it, IMHO.

Anyway, the grandparent is right. I'd rather spend my love and hate in more important things than a damn computer language. E.g. the upcoming (?) MI3a.

Posted by Andrea on Apr 25, 2013 twenty to noon

Beware not to fall into the "Turing tar pit". Every language has its own reasons to exist and to be out there for the programmer. The fact I need pointers and miss them doesn't mean I automatically overuse them. I just love to have everything under control and reason at low level. You should know it all depends on what you're programming. You're doing an OS? Go with C. Want absolute portability? JVM is the way, so consider using Java.
Speaking of the "new" keyword, we both know it results in allocating new memory. I was talking about explicit memory manipulation by the programmer himself. Finally, I'm not saying I lose my sleep thinking about how much I hate Java. What I meant was you may lose interest in a porting if you hate the language you'd be forced to adopt to make it (I know there's some way of writing android apps in C/C++ and that's interesting).

Posted by Someone on Apr 29, 2013 five past ten am

... obviously spoken by someone who knows very little about Java.

Posted by PM on Apr 25, 2013 twenty to seven am

Posted by Krusty Vader on Apr 26, 2013 quarter to seven pm

...and touch the monkey in "Compulsive Roy's" store.

Posted by hunter on Apr 25, 2013 twenty five past noon

That looks great Ron, but why only for pads????? release it on steam too!!!! the more platforms, the better !!!!!

Posted by Fury on Apr 28, 2013 twenty five past eight am

Looks fun.

Posted by isabel marant on May 12, 2013 ten to eight am

Posted by Philips Shavers on Jun 6, 2013 quarter to five am

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