The Adventurer

May 19, 2012 ten am

Only an insane person would reveal another playable character on a weekend!

Other people's comments:

Posted by Seth on May 19, 2012 five past ten am

That was pretty insane.

Posted by Mothhive on May 19, 2012 twenty past ten am

I bet you're not insane enough to reveal two in one day!

Posted by mg on May 19, 2012 twenty five past ten am

This piece goes between the Monk and the Hillbilly! The Time Traveler doesn't fit yet. How many pieces/characters are there??

Posted by Shinetop on May 19, 2012 quarter to eleven am


Posted by Henry on May 19, 2012 quarter to two pm

Pretty cool. She reminds me of Amelia Earhart. Is that who she is suppose to be because I think she is.

Posted by marykate clark on May 20, 2012 ten past ten am

She wears goggles and she works for Double Fine... that's really all I need to know.  thumbs up   =-D  I love her!

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