Hey, guess what day it is...

Apr 01, 2016

That rights, it's the day the entire Internet magically thinks it's funny.

Pro-tip: You're not.

As Grumpy Gamer has been for going on twelve years, we're 100% April Fools' Day joke free.

I realize that's kind of ironic to say, since this blog is pretty-much everything free these days as I'm spending all my time blogging about Thimbleweed Park, the new point & click adventure game I'm working on.

And no, that is not a joke, check it out.

Ron.. you always deliver on the first of April! :)

Quite gentle this year....

Iron Curtain
Last year's (Not) April Fool's Day was better, seeing as you had the John Oliver web exclusive clip. Now, all we have is your curmudgeon attitude.

I can always count on the Grumpy Gamer to provide a great April Fools experience! :)

Here's to another 12 years of Non-Prank April-Fools-Free blog!

Ha! Ha! Ha! (wait, that wasn't a joke.)  :)