Wow! It Is That Time Again

Apr 01, 2017

What is bound to become the longest running gag on the internet, it's time to once again let everyone know that April Fools' Day is stupid.  Although, having April Fools' Day fall on a Saturday seems to keep the stupid to a lower level, or maybe everyone is realizing you and I any sane person knows.

And to show I truly have no shame, I'm going to use this unholy day to "hock my wears".

Thimbleweed Park, the project that has consumed my life for the past two years, and is the reason that the last post I did was exactly one year ago, has shipped.

Please go buy it on Steam or GOG or Xbox.  Please. No, serious, go buy it.

And here are some GIFs to prove how awesome it is.

P.S. April Fools' Day stinks.