Dec 18, 2014

Thimbleweed Park was funded with all stretch goals met, from translations to iOS and Android versions. We can't even begin to thank everyone for all the support and backing.

You can read the backer update here.

Gary and I are going to take a break during the holidays, then we'll start working full time on the Jan 2nd.

There will be a dev blog on where we'll talk about the game's development. Our goal is to post at least once a week going over art, puzzles, characters, design and code.

Once everything has cleared, I'm going to do a detailed blog post about the ups, downs and surprises of running a Kickstarter.

Congratulations Ron & Gary! The Kickstarter was exciting up to the last moment, as I'm sure Thimbleweed Park will be as well.

"...and code."

Yey! I hope you'll talk about the game engine too!


Please use Spoiler Alerts when discussing puzzles and story.

Chris Melby
Hurray for you people and your goals of funding!  And to ask a question I rambled in your other post.

Will the Android version of this game support the Spen( Samsung's Wacom stylus ) like a mouse and also a real mouse( since this is built into Android )?

And $160 for a boxed version... Grumbles!   I'll just make my own....  Don't know we're still in a recession and some of us are starving artists... :(

Derrick R.
It was $150.  Yeah, the price was kind of steep, but the box will be signed by Ron and Gary and it will come with a "feelie" of some kind.

Yep, I recall, but the box option on the new site is now $160 and without signatures!

Accounting for inflation, that's more than double the price of any game I bought back then.  Unless the included surprise is a 50% off coupon, that price can suck-it! GRrrrrRRrrrrrrrrrrr.

Derrick R.
Huh?  The Kickstarter is over.  All I see now is the ability to preorder a digital copy of the game on

The purpose of backing a Kickstarter project is to help fund the game, not get a good deal on merchandise.

Well, that was convenient... They removed the "other" options -- one of which was the option I mentioned -- so that leaves me looking like more of a jackass.

Not for me.  I want a box dammmmmmeet.  My idea of a good deal is less than $50.  So I'll just make my own box.

I'll stick around, but like many others - I'm going to try and avoid seeing all too many spoilers. I really do want this to feel like I have just found this old floppy disk ;).

"Hmm. Thimbleweed Park."



"WOW!" :)

And now, we wait.

delves into deep cesspool of thoughts filled with what to do to a corpse in an adventure game

Will it be possible to change the speed (text) or pause it with "space" if I very slow at reading.