I would love this so much. MI3 was fine and all, but it didn't feel like the first 2, (The Less said about MI4 the better in my opinion, and I haven't played Tales)

I looked at the box art for MI2 today and compared it with MI3, The same theme is there, but I really don't like the "Cartoon" look. I know that with the higher res stuff, creating those nicely rendered semi-realistic (close ups of certain conversations in MI1 were excellent) images is hideously time consuming, but the time taken to make the whole thing a bit less "goofy" would be awesome.

I thought that sword fighting was really great in MI1, but wasn't too keen on it being recycled in the later games. That puzzle was done, that joke was had, and it was time to move on.

MI1 and 2 were great because they were mostly In Setting, and then took the anachronisms and used them as gags, they're everywhere in the later games. I love everything about the first two games.

I don't have much money, but I swear I'd find a way to sink a couple of hundred dollars in if Gilbert did MI3a. Those games were my childhood and I still go back to play them. (admittedly on steam as I no longer have a floppy drive)

I know you're not going to do it. But Do It.