TBH I would love some new IP. I long wanted a proper Star Control sequel, but in past few years and after seeing that a new IP can do succeed in doing similar things (Mass Effect 1) and as a big bonus, be fresh and avoid the need to do direct comparisons.

One such comparison:

A particular pet peeve of mine with modern games is the use of very generic/bland typefaces (even the old favorite MTG just changed their cards typeface to look as if they were shipping labels instead of illustrated fantasy - I'm not the only one who noticed this mismatch), where as old games with bitmap typefaces had custom ones that felt appropriate for the context.

Some old games with many "alien races" like Star Control 2 made their aliens feel unique not just by looks and personal score, but by having unique typeface. That added so much character that when I first heard the voice acted version it felt disappointing in comparison - I've since learned to like some of the voices a lot but I feel that voice acting is often done on budget in these indie adventure games and they might be better off by using variety of typefaces without voice acting.