Edit to previous comment:
" I long wanted a proper Star Control sequel " meant to continue that I think even if the original team was doing it, since they've not done one in a long time, logic tells me that things would go similarly as in a recent kickstarter of old IP - the kickstarter game turned out to get mediocre reviews but the sequel to that got reviewed very well.

So I think it would be less risky to do a practise round with starting up small with new IP (small and effective like Samorost 1) before doing the bigger thing like sequel to old IP with more expectations, or just a bigger game in general (Machinarium). I know there's been a ton of adventure games in past few years but I looked at all of them in YouTube and so far only Amanita Design seem to have the kind of thing going on that opens up my wallet - you can see from just one screenshot that there's true perfectionists working on there. I didn't fund LSL1 remake in Kickstarter since it was plain obvious from a single screenshot that they didn't have what it takes and the reviews were mediocre. And we already had good enough VGA remake of LSL1 so that was not needed either.