I agree with the guy who suggests you to start a Kickstarter. I live in Italy and I can tell you, dear Ron, that in all over the world people are waiting for something like that. Even if you couldn't collect enough money for Monkey's IP, I'm sure everybody, who loves for real MI, would be glad to help you.
You may say: "What if I could not earn enough money from the Kickstarter?".
Well you could use them for a new game, different from MI, but with same ideas you listed above.
Let's be honest here: 90% of videogames nowadays sucks, and I think it's because during last 15 years game developers completely forgot the main goal of a game. Something that, on the other hand, we can find in almost all of the productions from 80's and 90's. I know that you know what I'm talking about. I can't just understand how much you have been "corrupted" by "the ideas of the third millennium", and if you still care for people like me.
By the way, i'm 24 and I grew up not just with Lucas and Sierra games, but with those coming from Nintendo and Sony too; however I can honestly tell you that what I got from you, and from people who have worked with, has been unique.
Making a jump into the past would may change our future. Thanks for reading, and sorry for my not perfect english.