Monkey Business

Ofcourse you are able to buy the rights. "they dont sell" isnt true.

You should own the rights, an entire generation (or two) thinks this is fair and true. And this generation have money now.

Dont forget that!

Make the game, and call it monkey island 3. Not "3a"

Kickstart what?
Kickstart this: "Buy the rights back - Monkey island"

200'000 usd?
500'000 usd?
1'000'000 usd?
Whats their price?

5'000'000 usd?
50'000'000 usd?

If Chris Roberts managed to crownfund 65 MILLION USD by selling spaceships in a game that isnt made yet, need i rant more?

Dont underestimate yourself or the true power of Monkey Island.

When you visit the other side, the rights should be with you!
// Legal council of LeChuck